My Irresistible Mate Book

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My Irresistible Mate


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[Mature Content] ***** "Where do you think you are going, Ariana?" his deep chilling voice, froze her on the spot making her heart beat rapidly inside her chest. Her entire being was scared of him, but she couldn't show her weakness. She had to stand up for herself if she had to escape. "I can't be here with you, not after knowing who you are Lucian" Composing her shivering soul, Ariana managed to speak. Her brown eyes deeply bored into his blue ones as she watched him come closer to her. Ariana was falling weak the more she looked into his eyes and before she could realize it, Lucian was already standing in front of her. She was now caged between the closed door and him. She wanted to push him away, but his intoxicating fragrance blew her thoughts once again and the next second she found herself leaning closer to him. "Why don't you let me go?" she mumbled and felt his hand wrap around her waist. Their face was just inches apart. "You want me to let you go?" he asked with his eyes amusing boring into her irrational ones. "Hmm..." Ariana managed to hum. She just hoped for this one time, her attraction towards him doesn't win and she doesn't fail into his trap. The corner of his lips curled into a mischievous smile and his hand slowly circled her slender waist. "Then let's do it. I dare you to run away from me" His confident voice snapped her foggy thoughts and she looked at him in shock. She slowly found his hands loosening from her waist and with that same sinister smile, he took a step back. "But let me warn you one thing Ari, wherever you'll go, your destination would always be me" Ariana's eyes bulged out from her socket as she watched Lucian leave with a proud smile. 'Was there any way for her to escape him' ***** Ariana grew up in an orphanage under the shelter of her warden named Martha. But one day she had to leave them and move to a place where she didn't know anyone. The man who took her with him happened to be a good person, who provided her with luxurious life and enroll her in a renowned University. His kind and caring nature slowly made her develop feelings for him but then, something unexpected happened which eventually lead her to fear him She thought him to be someone who he wasn't and the realization freaked her to an extent that she wanted to run away leaving everything behind, but she couldn't because the bond they shared didn't allow her to part with him. What was she supposed to do? Her mind told her to leave him but her heart said, he was the one. Whom should she choose? ****** Ps. The cover doesn't belong to me. Credit to the respected owner.