My interracial harem of beautiful queens

In a world where demons and elves coexist, Adam Harris awakens in a strange place, completely without control of his body. His hands are shackled, and sharp spears are pointed at him, ready to pierce him. In a state of shock and panic, he breaks free from his shackles and cries out the question, "What the devil is going on here?" A mysterious and stunning girl, enveloped in a mystical aura, responds to his words. Her eyes glow with bright flame as she turns to Adam, demanding he surrenders. "Surrender, demon!" At that moment, Adam feels a strange warmth inside him and, glancing behind him, discovers soaring black wings. He realizes that he has now become a demon himself and is a prisoner of the elven tribe. However, on the brink of death, when he is about to be executed, a mysterious voice rings out in his head: "'Conquering Queens' system has been successfully activated!" This system offers Adam a chance at survival and the chance to become the lord of a harem where the beautiful elven queens will submit to him. Adam's adventures begin as he plunges into an epic battle for power, love, and freedom. In this world steeped in passion and sexual intrigue, he faces dangerous adversaries and wins the hearts of beauty queens. But at every turn, he is haunted by inner demons and past secrets that could destroy everything he has grown to love and strive to achieve. (R-18 CONTENT!) My Discord - aleksandreev

MisterBombastic · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
277 Chs



The woman had long golden hair that flowed down her slender back. Her ears were long, and her eyes were green. She was beautiful and had a seductive body. She was wearing a jacket that Adam had put on that day.

"Aren't you glad to see me?" the woman asked with a smile, patting him on the back.

"No, I would prefer Amarantha," Adam replied and took out a cigarette from his pocket, then lit it with a match, answering:


Amaria smiled, patting Adam on the back. He just sighed, trying not to pay attention to the fact that his expectations were in vain. Nevertheless, there was something good about this.


[Task completed. Rewards received].

A chill ran down Adam's spine, and he sighed in relief, feeling his body becoming a little stronger. He looked at his status and saw a passive skill that helped him increase his charm in the eyes of the opposite sex.