My Intergalactic Soulmate Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

My Intergalactic Soulmate


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[WARNING: Violence and gore] “Did I just kill her?” Alexis was lying on the ground with wounds and bruises all over her. And to add to that she appeared to be lifeless. But slowly a soft crackling sound was heard. Alexis’s body was glowing in azure color. It seemed as if she was on fire. “No, no, no… you can’t disappear. Please don’t disappear.” But rather than disappearing, Alexis was now levitating in the air. Her whole body was lit in the azure fire. Her emerald eyes were now glowing like green balls of fire. Her dark ginger hair was floating aggressively behind her. She looked fearsome and at the same time also looked captivating. The fire around her was starting to engulf her. And after a while, an energy blast left her body. The blast was so powerful that the wall and structures around her were turned to mist. [Volume 1 revolves around light romance while Volume 2 revolves around intergalactic war. If you are looking for a pure romance novel, this is NOT the book for you.] This art was commissioned from JEIJANDEE. Find her at https://www.deviantart.com/jeijandee

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