66 Rias: I have a suggestion, would Miss Roygun like to hear it?

The evidence is clear, many people saw and recorded Silver Wolf and Scorpion in action.

After summarizing, it was concluded that those two people had ill intentions towards Riser.

And Riser, he was not a suspect because he was a victim who wanted to defend himself from the people who wanted to kill him.

The police understood this and immediately processed the detention procedures for Silver Wolf and Scorpion.

As for the army? They returned to the base after making sure Riser and Rias were okay.

Riser didn't need to ask who called the national army, he knew it must be his overly anxious fiancée.

Unlocking the car, Rias got out and jumped up to hug him with a worried look in her eyes.

"Riser! Are you okay? You're not hurt?"

"I'm fine. You're worrying too much..."

Rias fell silent at this.

I'm too worried?!

Isn't this a normal reaction to seeing your fiancé fighting with a bad guy?

One of the bad guys even fought using a dagger and you only used your bare hands.

Seeing this, how can anyone not panic when they see it?!

Luckily you were able to defeat those bad guys, otherwise I would have become a widow before we got married.

Um... What does it mean to be a widow before marriage? Okay, forget it.

The important thing is dog man is fine.

Riser didn't know what Rias was thinking, when hugged from the front like this, he could feel the soft object pressing against his chest.

It felt big, soft and juicy.

Worthy of being the first heroine, her body is just a fatal temptation for men!

Of course that only applies to other men. He, Riser, is a person who is good at restraint. Otherwise, he would have urged Rias to the love hotel tonight.

Just kidding, author's head is too dirty!

[Silly dog, Rias, can you stop hugging me with your perverted body? You're shameless!]


Okay you're complaining in your heart, but your hands are also hugging my waist right now.

Are you sure you want me to stop hugging you? Bah, bah, you're shameless!

Also, who are you calling a perverted body!

Can't you call this woman's body perfect or beautiful?

This dog man... You keep joking around at every opportunity. I guess you feel uncomfortable if you don't joke around for a day, right?

Are you a comedian?

Not knowing what monologue these two people are writing, from the perspective of others, one only sees a couple hugging in public.

Dog food was served, many people couldn't stand it. Only Roygun gritted her teeth to approach the couple, because she was a cop and she still needed to ask the couple!

Damn, who made her a cop anyway!

"Cough, Mr. Riser, Miss Rias. Can I have a moment of your time? I'd like to ask you some questions regarding the previous incident."

Riser let go of Rias' soft waist, and Rias also stopped hugging. Then both of them looked at Roygun.

Rias had an appraising and somewhat wary gaze, she looked Roygun's appearance up and down, and she had to admit that this woman was also worthy of being a heroine.

She of course knew Roygun Belphegor was one of the heroines, all the heroines that Riser had mentioned in his inner voice, she had collected their information.

So when she first met Roygun, she instantly knew this policewoman was a heroine!

Unlike Rias, Riser looked at Roygun with a familiar gaze as if friends meeting friends.

They had met several times because of a case. The first was at Grayfia's company when he reported Issei, then another incident involving him in a kidnapping and etc.

Come to think of it, not only Roygun, Riser was also actually getting familiar with the faces of other policemen, even some of the policemen nodded when they saw him as if greeting acquaintances.

To be recognized and greeted like that by a policeman, I don't know if I should be happy or sad? But if that policeman is Roygun, I'm of course happy!

"Miss Roygun? Of course. As good citizens, it is our duty to answer your questions in this situation."

Rias and Roygun rolled their eyes simultaneously.

I just couldn't resist rolling my eyes.


Because that's what this villain said!

Roygun of course realized that there were no telling how many times she had seen Riser involved in a case and in the end she was the one who interrogated him.

In every encounter, Riser would also bring the heroine with him, but that was changed in every encounter!

Grayfia Lucifuge, Latia Astaroth, and now Rias Gremory.

By the way Rias, can you stop staring at me with that glare? This woman is not provoking you!

This situation was familiar, Roygun couldn't help but remember the gaze Grayfia gave her back then.

As expected of the two heroines competing for dog man.

Both 11, 12!

The three then started discussing, Roygun asking about why they were attacked and etc.

Riser answered honestly, and added a little spice to his inner voice to make the police flower understand that the two people were sent by Issei.

Subtly conveying Issei is bad, protagonist is bad, so you should be disgusted by him.

Manipulative operation.

And it worked, Roygun seemed even more disgusted after learning of Issei's actions.

Rias also answered the questions smoothly, although her face had a friendly smile, her gaze sometimes staring back and forth between Roygun's body and her own.

Roygun of course realized that this red-haired woman was comparing who was prettier, and who was bigger.

So she held up her chest proudly. See, this woman is also a heroine, and she is no less beautiful than you!

There are also beautiful and heroic police flower attributes.

Seeing this, are you now getting worried that your fiancé is tempted by me?

Roygun grinned inwardly.

Rias snorted inwardly.

But on the surface the two seemed friendly, even Riser didn't realize there was gunpowder in the air.

"That's all for now. Thank you and sorry for interrupting your time."

"You're welcome Miss Roygun. I have a suggestion, by the way. Would Miss Roygun like to hear it?"

Rias smiled kindly, Roygun also smiled, she wondered what this red-haired woman wanted to say.

You want to give advice or threaten me because of your lack of sense security?

This woman is a cop, believe it or not, I can arrest you for threatening the police.

"Oh, what is it? Miss Rias."

Rias' smile grew wider, she waved her hand as if it was nothing serious and said: "I just wanted to tell Miss Roygun not to work too hard. It's late, a woman also needs enough sleep to maintain her beauty."

"Otherwise, I'm afraid Miss Roygun will grow a small pimple on her pretty face."

I couldn't tell if it was a compliment or sarcasm.

Roygun's lips twitched, this red-haired woman was clearly not worried about her at all.

She just wanted to remind her of a woman's natural enemy!

And that was done to make her anxious!


You're good, first heroine.

You're good...

You managed to provoke me.

Looking at Rias and then looking at Riser, she understood what Rias might be planning.

With a smile on her pretty face, she managed to keep her composure from exploding and looked at Rias.

"Thank you for your advice Miss Rias. If you hadn't reminded me, I might have stayed up late tonight."

"And the next day I would probably wake up with a small hill on top of my face."

"Hey~ luckily I was reminded by Miss Rias."

That grateful and thankful tone.

Rias felt something was wrong.

Obviously she didn't expect this kind of reaction from Roygun.

This script is wrong!

According to the information I gathered, this pink-haired woman has a fiery temper that is easily angered. So I deliberately satirized her so that she would explode in front of Riser and reveal her bad appearance.

Then, Riser would lower his favorability towards Roygun a bit and my little plan to look better than the other heroines could be considered a success.

But look at this pink-haired woman's reaction. Not only did she not get angry, she even thanked her!

[The two heroines were somehow chatting amiably. Rias even reminded Roygun not to work too hard and not to forget to get enough sleep.]

[And Roygun thanked Rias for reminding her. Hey this image... Rias and Roygun have a good relationship.]

I don't!

We don't have a good relationship!

Dog man/villain.

You misunderstood!

Rias and Roygun wanted to scream while saying this, but they still remembered to hide the fact that they could hear his inner voice.

So they just complained in their minds, and had a constipated expression on the surface.

Riser was still smiling as usual, but he noticed the change in the two women's expressions and laughed out loud in his mind.

The system can't help but meow.

[Host, you're bad.]

"Huh? System, what are you talking about? I don't understand."

Riser replied innocently in his mind, you want to pretend, then I'll pretend too.

The system did not meow anymore and chose to be quiet again to become a melon eater.

After finishing dealing with Roygun, and finished taking Rias home.

Riser also immediately returned to Villa No.1.

He was in such a good mood that he was humming as he walked into his villa.

But when he opened the door, he was stunned to see Akeno already standing there, welcoming him in her sexy maid uniform.

This villain's life is really good, even better than the protagonist in the original work who had to wait over 800 chapters to gather several heroines in one house.

Now look at me, I'am villain has managed to gather the heroines in one house only with less than 100 chapters.

"Young master, welcome back."

"Um, I'm back Akeno." Riser nodded, ignoring the she-wolf's gaze and said: "What are Grayfia and the others doing?"

Akeno stepped forward, she was very active and helped remove Riser's suit naturally. Her body was almost leaning against his chest, her fragrant body odor making Riser's nose itch.

Damn it.

Did this woman do it on purpose?

That movement, that posture, is just a natural movement to seduce a man!

"Miss Grayfia and Ophis are watching a drama on TV, and Latia is warming up dinner for you, young master."

Akeno's violet eyes met Riser's blue ones directly, her mouth opening and closing in a sexy manner.

Then she leaned in, and whispered in his ear.

"So... Young master. Do you want to eat first or take a bath first? If you want to take a bath first, I can rub your back~"

Riser swallowed.

He was a bit dizzy with this overly enthusiastic woman.

Well actually this isn't bad.

He was even tempted to nod and choose the latter.


[Wait, why should I even refuse to be served? Akeno already took the initiative, she's my maid now. So rubbing my back while bathing is also one of a maid's duties, right? Okay, I'm going!]

"I want to take a bath first."

Riser replied firmly.

Akeno giggled while covering her mouth slightly with one hand.

"Ara ara, then I'll prepare the bathtub right away."

"Let's go together."

"Young master is so impatient~"

While the two went up to the second floor, the heroines on the first floor reacted of course.

Grayfia, Ophis, and Latia looked at each other.

Ophis pretended to cough, she picked up her laptop and said:

"I'm sleepy, I'm going to bed early."

Grayfia's gaze narrowed, she saw Ophis' actions as somewhat abnormal and grabbed her small shoulder before she could leave.

"Ophis, what are you going to do?"

Ophis gasped, she looked at Grayfia nervously.

"Me? Of course I'm going to sleep."

Grayfia smiled, she could see through this legal loli's lies.

Your acting skills are poor, look at your loli face is so panicked now.

Your gaze even stares at the laptop repeatedly.

Hm... Looks like there's something interesting on her little laptop?

Latia looked at the panicked loli with pity, but she was also curious what the loli was hiding in her laptop?

The panicked Ophis, panic!

It's over!

My little toy will be found!

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