62 Green protagonist's head, broken heart

Here in her office, even though Rias's fingers had been smeared with painkilling oil, it still hurt a little.

It was just that the smell in the office was not good because the odor of the anti-wolf spray was still too strong.

And there was someone humming on the ground, just hearing it made people annoyed.

"Boss, what should we do next? How about calling the police?"

The little secretary asked in a low voice, after 20 bottles of anti-wolf are used up, wouldn't it be better to call the police to catch this madman?

If they call the police, the madman who offended the boss will be arrested!

"What else can we do? Calling the police is too much. It's better to call the security guards to beat him up."

Rias said this because she knew the police could not be relied upon to punish Issei.

And how can I call the police just because of Issei's urination? Judging from his inner voice, this foolish thing was still very confident in his connections and background, and he still thought that since Riser was here she would attack him.

It's better to deal with such a person early, don't affect her mood.

The little secretary felt so stupid, so she had to go out and ask the security guard to beat him up?

Boss, you really are a wolf!

Hearing what her boss said, the little secretary felt like an accomplice to the villain, but she had no choice but to obey her boss's orders, right?

"Security, go in and hit him!"

Decisively carrying out Rias' order, she could now see that this person named Issei seemed to be overconfident.

He did not look as handsome as Young Master Riser, nor was he as crazy about her boss as Young Master Riser, and he did not have the sincerity that Young Master Riser gave to her boss.

Take a closer look, this man seems to be dishonest after entering the company. He glances at some employees, and at first glance, that's not a good thing!

Compared to Young Master Riser who is famous for being very dedicated to her boss.

This man is just a dog!

The little secretary looked at Issei with disdain.

The security guards who had been waiting outside for a long time finally rushed in, and when they saw the scene inside, they were dumbfounded and stunned.

President Rias was very good at dealing with perverts.

The bottles thrown on the ground seemed to be anti-wolf spray, right?

The number looks like twenty bottles, are you sure the person lying on the ground isn't dead?

Oh, he's really not dead, he's still breathing, and he's even humming.

Such tenacious vitality, comparable to that of a professional wrestler!

"You guys, hit this guy and give him a good beating."

The security captain immediately gave the order, and several security guards dragged Issei off the ground to come out.

At this time, one person came out, and the security guards stopped one after another.

"Young Master Riser!"

"Young Master Riser!

"Cough, busy? I heard something happened here."

Riser asked casually as he entered.

"Huh? What kind of creature is this? Why is it so colorful?"

Seeing Issei's appearance, he was very surprised.

There was a strong odor of anti-wolf spray in the office, which was amazing.

{It's true, it's him! Sure enough, it's this bastard!}

{I know Rias is actually kind-hearted! If he wasn't here, Rias would never treat me like this!}

{Dammit, I'll kill you now, kill you!}



The heroines:


Okay, very confident.

How many times have you said you want to kill, but until now you haven't.

No, you've never succeeded.

So what's with this inexplicable belief?

Sure enough, the protagonist's brain circuitry is different from other people, and small things can be linked to each other, even convincing himself in an instant.

Self-confidence can surge in an unreasonable way.

When Rias saw Riser coming to her company, she naturally knew that he heard Issei's voice, so he came here definitely to watch protagonist's suffering.

Now that he's here, can't I express myself in front of the protagonist?

At this moment, she flew straight into Riser's arms, completely ignoring the shocking feelings of the little secretary and security guard.

"Husband, you came?"

Rias's question sounded gentle and affectionate, enough to make everyone gape.

Although many of them had learned from the internet that the dog's role was reversed.

But this was the first time they had seen it in person.

Is this still the boss they know?

It's hard to imagine!

This affectionate look!

Are Rias in a trance, or are they dreaming?

Riser didn't push her this time, instead he took advantage of the situation to hug her soft, boneless waist, and said with a smile: "It's okay, I just happened to be passing by and wanted to drop by. Is this man Issei? A few days ago I had seen him on Antique Street, and now I see him again here?"

"Huh? Did he also go to Antique Street a few days ago?"

Rias feigned ignorance, but in fact, she already knew each other through his inner voice.

After all, Riser and Issei did compete for an item at an auction, and the winner was Riser which made her happy of course.

"Well, I was interested in an object at the auction, but when I bid, this guy also kept bidding as if he was deliberately doing it just to provoke me. And after I won, he pulled the person behind him to make me give up and sell the object to him."

"Luckily there were also people who supported me at that time, otherwise this person would have been very arrogant until the auction ended."

Riser spoke honestly and spoke like a critic.

Issei who heard this was almost crazy because it was obviously somewhat different from what happened.

Upside down!

Obviously I bid first, but you keep trying to compete with me!

He wanted to scold Riser and explain to everyone the truth, but these security guards kept beating him on the ground so he could only scream in pain.

Rias smiled inwardly, if she didn't know the cause and process of the incident, she would be fooled by this dog man.

But no matter, after all, it was Issei who suffered, so she was very happy.

"Husband, what should I do with this guy now? He came to bother me out of nowhere, like a fool. If not afraid of breaking the law, he'll be beaten to death!"

Rias stared at Issei with fury burning in her eyes.

It was really annoying to be approached by this person.

She was an engaged woman, if there were bad rumors about her because of Issei's arrival, she would have a headache to clear up all those misunderstandings.

And Issei really has a brain problem.

Every day he would think about himself, he really thought that any beautiful woman would be attracted to him when they saw him, didn't he?

I don't know where that belief comes from!

Isn't that the so-called protagonist aura amplification effect?

Is it a side effect of the protagonist's halo?

Really hehe.

"Hey, how dare you harass my fiancee, I should teach you a lesson. But I'm a law-abiding citizen, and I can't do things that break the law."

As soon as these words came out of Riser's mouth, Issei's heart shuddered.

Although he couldn't open his eyes because the anti-wolf spray was still stinging his eyes, he could feel that Rias was in Riser's arms at the moment, which made him very sad.

In particular, the word "husband" broke his heart.

Rias called out for husband with her little mouth, but it wasn't for him!

It was for Riser!

His enemy!

Hearing Rias' words, he finally came to his senses.

It seemed that Rias never had any feelings for him, and all the "protection" she gave him in the past was probably just his illusion.

She did that probably because she was afraid that Riser would misunderstand when he saw the two of them together.

Really, very sad!

He felt like there was a hat on top of his head that glowed green, and it stuck like a curse, so he couldn't take it off.

{Why? Why this???}

{Ahhh! Why doesn't Rias like me? Why? }

{I'm clearly the best, I'm the Dragon King, why???}

Issei's angry and sad inner voice rang out continuously, roaring like a wounded beast.

Sadness, helplessness, desolation, doubt...

All kinds of emotions flooded his heart, and his mentality completely exploded.

He was so confident before that he always thought that Rias liked him.

Because before the first official meeting, he had already gathered information clearly that Rias did not like Riser, she longed for freedom!

So he took the initiative to stand up and help her break the engagement.

According to him, Rias, a goddess who longed for freedom, should be easily moved by his actions.

Something similar happened overseas. The cold female president did not accept the family arrangement. He stood up for mutual aid, and the female president instantly developed a strong love for him.

Finally he got her easily!

But when it comes to this woman, when it comes to Rias, it doesn't work?

No idea why.

Rias glanced at him with disgust.

"It's better to kill him. After all, people like that are a waste of resources.

Hearing this.

Issei opened his mouth, and a mouthful of old blood gushed out.

But he didn't dare to move rashly, the anti-wolf spray was really deadly, and there were several security guards, so he couldn't move at all.

There is also what Riser just said, a good law-abiding citizen does nothing more than warn him.

Warn him not to mess around, because he had been put in jail many times before.

If it was before, he wouldn't care, after all he could rely on his connections to get him out of jail, but now it was different.

Now that there were his subordinates coming from overseas, seeing their boss who kept getting arrested by the police over and over again, they would definitely feel disappointed and wonder why the Dragon King was so incompetent for being defeated by a rich second-generation man.

The Dragon King's face and dignity will be lost!

Once he messes up, there is absolutely no good fruit to eat. After all, he is also a person who cares about his face, so it is better to restrain himself so as not to embarrass himself.

There was no doubt that once he was caught repeatedly, then the Dragon King's identity would definitely be revealed by the government because it was already too much to tolerate. Although the things done by the Dragon King Palace were never addressed to the public, it has affected many countries.

For example, the arms trade, sending many weapons to various countries as ordered and placing some spies in some countries.

There are also some drug businesses that are not sold directly in the public market, but purchases are sent through some dark routes.

As those things were revealed one after another, taking action was inevitable!

{Can't move carelessly, now I firmly can't move carelessly! Otherwise, the government of this country will get fed up and sell my information abroad! All enemies may come!}

{This kind of thing definitely can't happen. I can't continue to break the law so that those people will still tolerate my actions.}

{After all, if everything is exposed, at that time, the Dragon King Palace's arms and drug trade, as well as the kidnapping of women and children may be exposed, and I will become the enemy of several countries.}


The heroines:


Why has this issue become so serious that it has reached this level?

And protagonist, are you really the protagonist with all that you're doing secretly?

The heroines were getting more and more disgusted with Issei, they felt this person really wasn't the protagonist.

Riser on the other hand was only surprised by the protagonist's brain activation.

Issei really thought a lot in this situation.

In the end, you really revealed all that in your own heart?

If it was in a normal situation, there would be no need to worry about others finding out, but Issei definitely didn't know that his inner voice...


Very good, worthy of being the protagonist, the brain supplement ability is the leverage.

When the other heroes heard Issei's inner voice, they all frowned, especially a long black-haired woman with cat-like pupils.

"The Dragon King Palace sells drugs? And it also kidnaps women and children?"

She had been in the Dragon King Palace for several years, but she never knew about this business.

All she knew was that the Dragon King Palace had the business of weapons and killing people!

But now after hearing the inner voice of Issei, the leader of the Dragon King Palace.

It seemed that some things needed to be carefully investigated. She probably didn't know anything all this time because Issei didn't fully trust her.

The people he trusted the most were definitely the people behind him and his War God subordinates.

Not to mention kidnapping the heroine, kidnapping women and children, everyone can be punished!

Any abduction of women and children can lead to the division and judgment of several families!

To be honest, after hearing Issei's inner voice all this time, she was most surprised by the information she heard this time.

As for Issei's badness? As a person who had cooperated with the Dragon King Palace for many years, he knew how bad that man was.

So she didn't react so much before, after all she cooperated with the Dragon King Palace all this time only because she needed protection and to repay her debts in her own way.

Her identity was sensitive, unless there was a mission, she and her group would not go too far away from the Dragon King Palace.

Riser was not surprised. Every similar urban novel has a dark side, but the author is very clever and does not mention it, giving the reader infinite and wide space to see the positive image of the protagonist.

Especially for this kind of power that developed the Dragon King Palace in a few years, it was absolutely impossible to rely solely on the gun business and killing people.

In the drug business and human trafficking, the profit margin is always very high, not inferior to weapons at all, or even higher than weapons!

The original work must not be written from the perspective of the protagonist running the Dragon King Palace business, otherwise, wouldn't the readers see villain instead of protagonist?

Imagine that an army like the Dragon King Palace is actually a criminal institution, but the author will make a lot of nonsense to convince the readers that the Dragon King Palace is like the Avengers in Marvel.

In this way, the author can whiten and bleach the Dragon King Palace perfectly all of a sudden.

In this case, Riser can only say: As expected of dog author, you really impose a good image on protagonist, right?

This method is really shameless!

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