My Inner Ability System

Author: LegalWolf
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What is My Inner Ability System

Read My Inner Ability System novel written by the author LegalWolf on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, system, weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"I'm Electric" - Obed Obed, the main character lost his father in a war with the demons. He founds this book in his school library which gives him an electric ability. Obed then attends a magic school where they have to save humanity from alien invasion/demons and others. Join Obed on this phenomenal adventure and make it your inner ability system Gained electric ability. Save humanity.

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Volume 1 :My Inner Ability System
Volume 2 :The Truth
Volume 3 :Mythological Gods
Volume 4 :The Arrival Of Aliens
Volume 5 :Tsurui Arc


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Story would have potential if there was flavor content added. That being said the story doesn’t have the best character development.


Reveal spoiler


Hello fellow readers, Your favorite author LegalWolf is back again after being sick for 17 days. Chapter 94 and 95 will be updated today and tomorrow. Don't forget to grab your popcorn and a bottle of drink and read My Inner Ability System and also comment and give a review about the book. PS: My Inner Ability System Manga is in the making and would be out very soon. Chapter 1 is done. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Really, synopsis is short and straightforward but I like it. Moreover even the first chapter can attract me and make me more want to read your novel. Great ! But you should separate your long paragraphs. Anyway, it's great and excellent work though it's one of the classic styles. Well done, authour !


I feel in love with the synopsis already 🥺 Alien! woah. This is a most read. I would really love to know how the novel end? If the main character was able to save humanity . By the way, this is a great masterpiece




The book is really good judging by the fact that a new and upcoming author is the one writing this book. I think he shouldn't go too far to overpower the MC otherwise it's a great book.


Hey there, thanks for the story I am a huge sucker for these kinds system story and you've done a good job writing it, I love how frequent your updates are, I hope to keep reading more and more writer


this novel got some fast updated story is intresting although it is alot like MVS the difference is apparent and it is enjoyable I liked it alot thanks writer, keep up the good work


Wow! Wow. Absolutely, awesome. I will give this Author a lot credits. Keep up the good work👍👍😉 And the book cover seems so amazing and unique😁😉


Nice book bro keep it up. Want to see what Obed will do next. Also I figured out that you have featured only one alien in your story. I want to see more aliens in it if that’s what your synopsis is saying but keep it up bro.


Reviewing the first few chapters of My Inner Ability System, the potential inherent in this series is clear to see. Unlike a plethora of system Light novels, the obtaining and using of the system isnt mixed into a fantastical/hyper advanced world, at least not immediately, with abilities being more under the radar than pure fantasy realms. This could tie into future possible plot points of morality, when using such abilities on ordinary humans, and conflicts with other secret ability users. The main character Obed has some foundational build up as someone who is curious, calm, and hardworking, and I look forward to further development with the character. Some things that I would say are holding My inner ability system back include: The lack of better Punctuation in the early chapters, which makes readers slog through chapters that aren't the easiest to grasp and understand because of the punctuation, capital letters, speech marks etc. Though these are improved in the later part of the series, it would be best to fix the first few chapters, either parralell to writing new episodes, or in an hiatus. This same mindset can be applied to the synopsis, but to a lesser degree. I'd say that, to improve your synopsis, it'd be a good idea to ask someone whose prose you find very good, to help you re-work it. Well done though, keep up the good work.


Fellow readers, I want to thank you all for your gracious support and love for supporting My Inner Ability System to reach this number of views. Also, I urge you all that even though My Inner Ability System has ended, my journey doesn't end there. Summoner's Manual System will still continue to the very end. Thank you for all your support love and make it your inner ability system.


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