My Immortal Crush: Curse of the White Wolf Book

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My Immortal Crush: Curse of the White Wolf


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Cursed. She's cursed. How did this happen? Momo is just an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life with his ordinary brother in their ordinary big mansion. She is the youngest in the family and has an old friend named, Lulu. But when her school day is interrupted by a classmate telling her she's involved in a strange curse, her life turns upside down. Since then, the weirdest things began to occur in her life and a mysterious boy suddenly appears. Is he the aid that she needs? Or the cause of her death by the curse? Read along and find out! "Is Momo the one holding the curse or in the beginning, it was Xhien all along?" x-x-x-x The cover is made by an author friend, Innaru!


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