352 A Surging Ascendancy Value! I

Noah felt the tug of destiny from the existence that was none other than Osmont!

He had gotten an overview of the enemy and what role Osmont required him to play, so he simply moved in after receiving the signal as his anomalous soul silently fused into the barriers of space, his Sword of Shattered Reality outstretched and ready.

"The effects of your Quasi-Primordial Relic will be dispelled in the next few seconds…when that occurs, I will truly show you which of us is the sky and just what little thing is the frog!"


Within the depths of this Reality, Noah's awareness could see a shocking battle in place within an enclosed domain as the fantastical figure of a mesmerizing Primordial in the form of a golden green Vine could be seen.

The illusion of two Ascendancy Halos could be seen as one was white and the other shone with a beautiful blue hue- this existence looking utterly dazzling as if she was too pristine to even touch!


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