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Dimensional Rifts permeate throughout the Chaotic Universe, bringing with them immense dangers...as well as innumerable treasures. In a small Realm, a destitute boy awakens the Idle Gaming System. Countless Dimensional Rifts later, he lazily raises his head to realize...he is invincible!

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A Lesson on Cruelty! II

Noah would have many lessons inscribed in his brain after his transmigration.

One of the early lessons that would be etched into his mind...was that those with power could be ruthless!

That they could be extremely cruel!

They could do as they wished as they stepped on those weaker than them, and there would not be any repercussions.

They could do as they wished purely because they had the power to do it, and so they did as they showed not an ounce of pity or compassion!


The SILVER Blessed swiped his sword to the side after decapitating a being Noah had memories of through his life.

His feet stepped on her rolling head as he applied light pressure, the face becoming deformed as blood and brain matter splattered out.

The SILVER Blessed...still merely had a cold and impassive look on his face.

Noah was frozen. For the first time since his transmigration...he was frozen!

Annalise's body shook by the side at this incredulous scene, crawling on her feet as she went towards her mother's decapitated body.

Jon- the father of Noah Eckert whose memories were very vividly remembered by the being that had taken over his body, Jon's expression was that of immense anger and pain as he watched the love of his life perish!

The woman he had built a life with! Who he had worked with day and night to create a family! Just like that...perished.

He turned towards his stupefied daughter and son, his eyes locking with Noah as they shimmered with light. Noah came out of his stupor as father and son communicated with their eyes once more.

It was the communication that the father and son would have for the last time.

Noah saw the unwillingness and despair...as well as another message that smashed into his heart- he understood it all just from that one look!


Jon's body erupted with the aura of a Bronze Blessed as his wrathful and despairing eyes turned towards the cold faced killer. For the love of his life to be taken so unjustly in front of him, he could not sit idle!

His body rushed towards the cold-faced killer as this being from the Dark Continent merely gave a cursory glance as a flash of silver illuminated the surroundings again.

Another head rolled to the ground.



The foot shimmering with silver came down upon this rolling head again as it pressed down and caused brain matter to fly out.


There were many things occurring all around them as sounds of fighting continued to ring out, screams and wails apparent on all sides.

Yet it felt like everything was isolated in the area they were in as they witnessed cruelty after cruelty!

"It's like they don't believe that I'll kill them. I'll repeat myself again- kneel and remain kneeling, or you will perish."

The SILVER Blessed wiped his sword of the blood that had taken away the lives of three innocent beings as he spoke.

Noah came to at this moment after this shocking sequence of events, the fear and shame he had in his mind replaced by extreme anger and wrath!

He had only transmigrated into this world less than a month ago, but he had its memories from the body he occupied for all of his life.

Ever since he could remember when he was young until now...the memories of the parents of Noah Eckert filled his mind as if they were his very own!

The attachment the body he occupied had felt towards them erupted out as his wrathful eyes locked onto the SILVER Blessed that had taken their lives so easily.

A mere Silver Blessed, a being he knew he could step on in just a matter of days or weeks after getting stronger...this being and the powerful gold flash from the skies had caused him to kneel as they then carried out untold cruelty!


His body rose up steadily as he no longer kneeled.


The Silver Blessed turned his head towards him as he saw Noah wasn't the only one, the shaken figure of Annalise also rising up as her body glimmered with an intense blue light, frost beginning to wrap around her.

As the Blessed saw the wrath and disbelief in their eyes, he nodded while speaking out simply.

"I see, that was your family? It's better you join them than remain here!"

His bloodied feet moved forward as for the third time in the last few minutes, another flash of silver light occurred!


Yet at this moment, the cold blade was deflected as the shaking figure of Rose- the 5th Princess, could be seen!

Her body shook with pain and fear as she screamed out towards Noah.

"Run! Don't lose your life here for no reason!"

Her words roused Noah's and Annalise's minds as the other Blessed around them that were still kneeling looked at the bloody scene, each of them rising and beginning to run out fearfully.


The Silver Blessed swung his sword again towards Rose as a slight surprise entered his face, his strike pushing the girl that only had silver strength on the surface but did not have the battle power associated with it!

A large gash appeared on the 5th Ethereal Princess's shoulder as she was thrown back towards the same direction where Noah and Annalise stood.

Noah's expression twisted as he grabbed onto her, Annalise beside him as the two were ready to fight for their lives!

The Silver Blessed came towards them with a blade drawn as Noah was about to summon all his Units and see if he could take out even just this single being before he perished!


"Now now, don't go around killing everyone. We still need a workforce for the days to come."


A glorious flash of gold appeared and floated in the skies.

A being with crimson hair and shimmering eyes appeared as he looked at the sorry figures of Blessed trying to run or fight, everything silencing under his gaze as the Blessed coming towards Noah and the others clicked his lips in disappointment.

"Gather all the able ones into the center of the City. A new regime is here for them!"


The aura of GOLD Ranked Blessed was extremely overpowering, Noah and the others barely being able to stay on their feet as they knew going against these words meant death! They truly could not fight back!

They barely survived by a few seconds, and it was due to the mercy of their enemies!

The being shining in gold glanced at each of them as Noah turned his eyes upward, the eyes of the GOLD expert that looked at each of them like mere bugs beings inscribed in his mind.


Only a peal of light laughter came from the GOLD Blessed as he flashed away from the sky and into another region.

Noah felt his blood boiling as the shame and anger he felt only increased, looking towards the figure of their decapitated parents as the many Bronze and Silver Blessed enemies around them ushered them towards the center of the City, the strong voice of the Blessed around them resounding out.

"You heard the Golden Commander! To the center of the City if you wish to keep your life!"

A new regime had descended onto Academy City.

It wasn't the only city affected as many on the border of the Light Continent would be taken over, a bloody war beginning as a being that was considered a nobody was now wrapped in the middle of it!

A hardship that must be crossed!

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