My husband warm the bed Book

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My husband warm the bed


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"Jian Ran, this is my bank card. The password is 131224. You can decide what you want to buy at home. " Several hours had already passed, and Jian Ran's ears were still ringing with the words of her newlywed husband when he passed her a bank card before they left the room in the morning. To be honest, she knew very little about the man who was her husband. Other than him personally telling her that his surname was Qin, she didn't know anything else about him. She didn't even know much about his family. Jian Ran didn't know where she got the guts to marry a man she had only met twice before. Ten days ago, with the warm help of her best friend Ling Feiyu, Jian Ran stepped onto the road of matchmaking the first time, and met this man called Qin Yue.