1211 My House of Horrors

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Millman97

The red dress flowed like blood, it was decorated with the black patterns that radiated power. Resentment and despair coagulated into actual materials to act as decoration. Zhang Ya stepped out of Chen Ge's shadow, stomping on the wailing of dead souls. The horror that surpassed Red Spectres stunned everyone. Who would have thought beauty could be so mesmerizing and captivating. Chen Xiao and Xu Meng stood dumbly on the steps, both of them had been shocked out of their mind.

"A Demon God? The girl that you speak of is a Demon God?!" Due to how overly agitated he was, Chen Ge's father found his words stammering. He could guess that Chen Ge would find spectres to work for him and he would have known that the Haunted House would continue to flourish under Chen Ge's management but it never even crossed his mind that his son would one day bring back a Demon God to meet them.


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