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Hello everyone, the name's Sky not hat anyone asked but with unnecessary introductions out of the way let's go to the review and rating based on the latest chapter(ch.13). 1-Writing Quality: The story has a nice writing quality and I haven't seen any spelling mistakes or grammar errors, if there are I didn't see them because I was immersed in the story. [5 Stars Here] 2-Story Development: The story has a nice feel to it, we get a minimal background of the MC's past life as to not take too much of the main focus that is his current life. The chapters are all connected and don't randomly seem like we missed a part of it, it's also very fluid and has a great word count for those who are interested in that. [5 Stars Here] 3-Character Design: The characters so far have a decent personality and I think it's still soon to see if they have a lot of dept but so far the MC and all the people he interacted with have nice depth to them. [5 Stars Here] 4-Updating Stability: The updates seem to follow a certain schedule and each release so far has had more than 2 chapters so it's a win in my book. [5 Stars Here] 5-World Background: The world has a decent amount of details, enough to know places but not enough to feel immersed in the locations. What I mean is the setting of the scenes like describing certain locations, in this story we get descriptions like "small but clean apartment" but we don't get a "Uncle Charles office was as one would expect, it had a few pictures with current famous celebrities and some old ones, there where also some trophies and ...". This is what I mean, it doesn't paint a picture in the mind, I just think yeah he's in the office done. And since it may not be a recurring scene it might not matter much but at that moment it's important. [4 Stars Here] Overall:4.8 Personal Opinion: I was recommended this book by @Extra26 and it was one of those recommendations that you don't regret so try reading at least 5 chapters before you say "D**n it has Harem tag, Ouch System cheat" and so on before giving it a try because the execution of the story seems worth it so far.

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I love this. Granted it took inspiration from two other novels with a similar theme, I have high hopes for this one. So let's hope it doesn't get dropped and all the best author on this endeavour of yours.


Just from the synopsis im sure i can give this five stars. My favorite genre aswell as a system is just perfection…. . . . . , . . . . . . . . .


Quite disappointing after all of the positive reviews I read. The main character seems to be a pathetic virgin who’s submissive in his relationship.


Dude, rewrite this as your original work, you're losing money, this is very good, and regarding references to movies you make, simply change a character in the name, for example: " November 17 " = " November 19 " or change a word = " December 17 ", I'm really loving it, but because it's a fanfic here on the webnovel you don't earn money, and we know that to have a great story an incentive is necessary, because we all need to pay our bills and eat, If you put this as original, I'm sure you will win very well, just my opinion, congratulations on the excellent novel ( Google Translate )


When the author released not one but TWO new books and asked us to support them, we were assured that it would in no way affect the daily updates of MHS. I was doubtful of this politician-like promise as MHS, being a fanfic, earns him nothing, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sure enough, while his other books update regularly MHS has seen 2 updates in 12 days. I could stomach it if the author came forward and admitted to his mistakes, saying that he had overreached - but no, he just neglects his promise and this work in favor of more successful ones as far as I can see. I'm very tempted to go to his other books and one-star spam those with an army of alts, but I'd like to think I'm not THAT petty. Still, I am disappointed to say the least, and I'm sure many of your fans who supported you from day 1 are too.


The story is quite great and the progress was done well. However, I don't quite like how the MC changed many things in Harry Potter... not because I am a fan of it, but because the author didn't seem to put some thought on this. For example, the MC modernized Hogwarts which not only destroy the historical and mystery ambiance of Hogwarts but also changed the whole plot. You must know that pure-bloods were repulsed and disdained muggle creations and if the MC modernized it, this plot would've been erased and Voldemort might not even exist. Another thing is, the rewards of the system seem to be random and didn't follow some rules.


It's honestly hard to find these types of stories out here without the nationalism or just bad grammar, but by god do I love this story. 10/10


The girlfriend (June) is a woman who conveniently managed to be MC's girlfriend and now wants to dominate him... Will the story have a beta MC? Having a girlfriend, made Mc begin to have symptoms of the typical pathetic and virgin Asian protagonist in a harem manga or anime. Author, you're great at writing, but don't make a pathetic, submissive MC who gets on his knees and begs for attention from his cheating girlfriend. €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ Why do asian stories have only 2 types of male leads? Beta "male" protagonist and schizophrenic psychopathic "male" protagonist.


Is the author Chinese? At chapter 30, I realized that this is a typical Chinese fanfic, but in a different wrapper. The plot is normal, the story too, but this Chinese mentality ... you can feel it.


I really liked the story I hope he has a romantic relationship with these actresses. alexandra daddario, Sophie Turner , jennifer lawrence, elizabeth olsen, scarlett johansson, kim kardashian, angelina jolie, Megan Fox


It's great so far and seems to be inspired by I'm Really A Superstar by Chang Yu !! While there hasn't been any comedic scenes in comparison to IRAS where the comedy starts in first 10 chapters.IRAS had a lot of faceslapping plots but it wasn't cringe like most Chinese Stories so I don't really mind if you try including that here...


Love this novel, has a great plot, grammar, and story development. It only has a few chapters now but it got me hooked. Thanks for sharing this amazing novel with us Author-san, please don't drop this.


Man we are waiting for the next chapter of mhs but left like this come on I know you love money like everyone does but you to look after your fans as well who there for you when started from nothing now that you have made it you look at us mhs fans nothing cuz this is a fanfic and you are making that much from power stones so you left it like this very 😞 😞 😞




This story started out well enough with good potential but slowly went downhill. Especially the later chapters around 170 or so, it feels like the author has given up and just writing for the sake of it. Many wrong choices were made and I observed that the author will ignore fans and viewers opinion. I feel that the main reason behind the downfall of this story is that the author wants to focus and succeed the work he's earning money from. That's not a bad thing. Sure this is a free fanfic. But you had loyal readers for this story as well. And it feels disappointing that a good author will ignore that and then continue experimenting on what he thinks is an inferior story. I don't mean to be so harsh in this review but I was one of the many fans who had high hopes for this story. Unless this gets an edit, this is it. I thank you for your updates and wish you all the luck!


Reveal spoiler


Have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this story. At first I was skeptical, but it delivered quite a good story. As my first review I have to say well done to the author for this novel. The only complaint I have is Will's and June's relationship. It seems forced and would love just a few more chapters for just them. Their relationship seems to be going well but at times it feels like June is slowly being forgotten. Other than that as of now after binge reading all the chapters so far I have to say keep up the great work and I'm anticipating more!


It's a pretty good fanfic with minor mistakes in it. Plot-wise however it seems like the author overexaggerates certain things and centers plot points around the fact that the average person keeps an eye on the film-making scene. This just makes things more difficult than they should be and brings unwanted drama. Honestly, this fanfic would be better if it loses some more Chinese influence.


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