235 MHS - Chapter 232

"Look up this guy," Will forwarded a message to Alexia as soon as he reached his office's entrance.

Alexia, whose office was right out his, looked up and replied, "Right away."

Opening the message, she read the name, "Luke Newman?"

Will nodded, "Yes, get in touch with him. If he's good, we will give him a try for one of my future projects."

Alexia was quite surprised but didn't say anything and began to look up the information.

Just when Will touched the door handle, Alexia asked, "Is this for [Friends]?"

Will's hand paused and after a moment of thought, he shook his head.

"No, we're yet to find any replacement for [Friends]."

Saying this, Will walked into the office.

As he took his seat and switched on the computer, he noticed there was a new file on his desktop.

"What's this?"

Leaning forward, he brought the file closer and opened it.

'Actor profiles.'

This was another file with actors, and a sticky note inside the file gave him the rest of the details.

"Shortlisted actors for the role of Joey Tribbiani - File 2."


"There are more of them?" Will frowned.

He shook his head and put the file back down.

He wasn't in the mood to put more time into this matter, there were other things he needed to handle.

First of all, he wanted to think about the System prompt he had received in the audition hall.

[Would you like to receive rewards for Spiderman or continue the Quest Chain?]

A system prompt appeared in front of him again.

'I wonder what the rewards are?'

Will couldn't help but be curious about the rewards. But then, if he chose rewards over Chain quest, he might lose a chance for something much better.

'It's a gamble.'

Taking a deep breath, he relaxed himself.

"I would like to continue the Chain Quest!"

He had decided to take the gamble.

The reason? There was already too much in his hands.

There was no need to bite more than he could chew, continuing the Side Quest will be like an investment. And hopefully, by the time he completes the next quest, he would have less work load on himself.

[Host has chosen to continue Chain Quest]

[Quest Updated]

[Would you like to view the updated quest?]


[Quest: Make a movie series of any book published by you.]

[Reward: ???]

[Condition: The box office collection must reach $1.2 Billion.]

[You will lose the accumulated reward if the condition is not met.]

'$1.2 Billion?'

Will stared at the quest while the system prompt in front of him silently.

The condition wasn't easy. Even though Harry Potter books had received quite a lot of buzz, they were still far from the craze brought by the original author of the series from his previous world, JK Rowling.

'I need to release one more book before starting with the movie series.'

'Also, should I buy out the publication house?'

He couldn't help but wonder.

Now, he had money. Things were much different than back in the day. And another thing was, if he bought the publication, the major rights would get back to him.

Not to mention there's Hobbit and Lord Of Rings too.

Maybe in the future there will be more books he will write and take them to the big screen?

Another thing that relieved him was the fact that the Chain Quest didn't add anything to his work load.

He was planning to do the Harry Potter movies anyway since it was a huge cash cow for him. And with the chances of getting a great reward iwthout any extra work, he was looking forward to the day he begins his focus on Harry Potter.

-Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on his office door and pushed it inside. As the door opened, Alexia walked inside with a file in her hands.

"What happened?"

"I have looked in Luke Newman's profile. I have good and bad news."

"Let's start with the bad one."

"Well, Luke Newman's affiliation is pretty grey. Even though he appears to be an independent actor, he's actually part of the Allen Pictures on the papers."

"Hm? How is that possible?" Will asked.

Allen Pictures, led by Ashton, were going to be Dream Vision's biggest rivals and they were also one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, if not the biggest.

How can such a huge studio not be bothered if their actor hides his true affiliation and works as an independent actor?

"Do you know why this is?" He asked again.

Alexia shook her head, "Not yet. I will look into this."

"Alright, then what's the good news?"

Alexia smiled, "Luke Newman might be easy to acquire since he's in one of the bottom rungs."

Will considered her words and after a few moments, he shook his head.

"No, this is not good news at all," He added, "We can't let Allen Pictures know that we're interested in Luke Newman. See what the relationship between these two parties is, and also, don't let them find out we're looking into him."

Alexia nodded, "Will do. THere is another thing I have to convey."


"I received a message from Susan's office. She was asking if you have seen the 2nd file for the roles?"

"Susan?" Will glanced at the file, "But the note came from Amanda."

Alexia shrugged, "Maybe Amanda forwarded the file here."

"Hmm, let me see." Will moved his hand and brought the file in front of him.

But as soon as he opened and stared at the first actor on the screen, he couldn't help but squint his eyes.

And after a few moments of silence…

"Fucking finally!"

Will smiled.

In front of him was the person he was looking for for the last two weeks now.

Matt LeBlanc.

Or as he's known in this world,

Oliver Queen.

The name reminded him of a comic book superhero from his previous life, and he quite liked it.

Pointing at the profile page, he said to Alexia, "Get this guy to audition in front of him today."

"Hm?" Alexia was surprised but she nodded anyway, "When would you like to have the audition?'

Will thought for a moment and then said, "Um, never mind, not today. Schedule it for tomorrow.."

Alexia smiled, "Will do."

"Also," Will added, "Call Robert. I have something to discuss with him."

Alexia nodded, "Anything else?"

Will shook his head, "That's it for now."

As she left, Will returned his gaze back at Oliver Queen's profile.

'I didn't expect him to find him like this.'

Shaking his head, with a smile plastered over his face, he turned the page to see the other actors just out of curiosity.

Most of the actors on this page were independent actors, and he was mainly looking at the face, and ignoring the stats for now. He decided to return back to the file if the actual Joey Tribbiani fails the audition irl too.

While thinking about this, he turned another page.

But his hands suddenly froze.

And after a few moments of silence…

"What the fuck!"

The smile on his face had receded, and he couldn't help but rub his eyes in wonder to check if he was looking at exactly the person he was thinking about.

Just to confirm, he glanced to the side at the name.

Keanu Reed.


Andrew stepped inside a lift. He was heading to one of the top floors of the Dream Vision studio office.

Ever since the release of Spiderman, he had received widespread fame, and had managed to garner his own fan following.

If he were to describe his life, he would say he was living his dream.

And today, when he received a call from Amanda, he couldn't help but be even more ecstatic.

Last month, Amanda's secretary had informed him to wait for Amanda's call in the coming weeks.

He wasn't told any more information than this, but this was quite enough to make him anticipate what the Dream Vision has for him in the coming future.

A new movie?

Spiderman sequel?

Or maybe more voice over?


Just then the lift came to a halt and its double door opened.

'This is not my floor…'

Just then, someone entered the floor.

It was a young lady.

The duo remained silent. And soon, the lift halted once again. And this time, a young man stepped in.

The silence resumed within the lift as it continued moving upwards.

Finally, Andrew noticed the numbers in the lift switch one last time as he reached the destination floor.

However, he was surprised once more when he noticed the other two with him also getting on the same floor.

A bit more when he saw the two walk towards Amanda's office.

Once Andrew stepped in, he noticed Amanda sitting on the other side of the table, giving instructions about something to her assistant.

Noticing their arrival, she nodded and gestured to them to take a seat and resumed her chat with the assistant.

A few minutes later, Amanda turned her attention towards them and let out a smile.

"Thank you for coming on such short notice."

As the three nodded, Amanda took out a file from her drawer and put it in front of them.

Then, without beating the bush, she said, "This is why you're here."

The three of them glanced at the file.

[Dream Vision] (Classified)

[Project: MCU]



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