199 MHS - Chapter 197

Spiderman shooting was almost at the end. There were just a few more scenes, and the rest of the job was to be done by the CGI department. Since [Spiderman] was on the verge of the end of the shooting, Dream Vision other projects were also progressing by the side.

[The Terminator] had crossed one hundred and eighty million dollars after its release. With the numbers hitting the ceiling, [The Terminator] was considered a Box Office hit. With how the love for the character increased, June's popularity became high.

Her performance as Sarah Conner was praised a lot.

Aside from [The Terminator], EC Games were also working hard on the Grand Theft Auto Vice City as they were going to reveal a cinematic trailer and gameplay in a gaming convention which was supposed to be held by the start of the following year.

[Friends] which was also another project by Dream Vision, had already released its first season. The first season had 24 episodes, and all of them were aired on RBO.

Due to how much people enjoyed watching it, it had become one of the biggest hits this year and became a fan favourite. Due to the high demand, OP Studio had to give an announcement addressing the filming of the next season, which was supposed to start at the start of the year.

By side with everything that is happening, shooting of [Catch Me If You Can] and [Hitch] was also happening.

"FBI!" A person dressed in a long coat, hat and a pair of glasses shouted coming running through the door.

"Cut! The scene should be a bit more natural, you look so tense and I honestly think you can do a better job, even though the character is tense, your movements should suppress it and just show emotions from the face," Alan, who was the director of the movie, addressed.

The scene was where an FBI agent almost caught Frank Abagnale. Although Leo's appearance was a bit later in the scene, Tom Hanks had his scene first. Carl Hanratty, the FBI agent, almost caught Frank because he acted like he was from the US Secret service.

"Let's try one more time," Tom said to Alan, for which Alan nodded and asked everyone to get ready on set.

The cameras were brought back to position, and the cinematographer joined in adjusting the lighting and the camera position. Everyone else participated in doing their own job. In a brief two-three minute the set was silent and clear for the scene to start.

Tom Hanks was outside the room, and that was the start of the scene.

"...And, Action!"

With a loud noise, the door opened and Carl had his gun pointed in front of his face.

"FBI!" He shouted once and the camera which was focused on his hand with the gun, and his face, moved to the equipment the room had.

From typewriters, to other paper materials. If anything, it was the perfect moment for Frank Abagnale to get caught, red-handed.

"Walk backwards now… Step, yes, continue!"

Suddenly, a flush from the toilet was heard. Inside it, there was Frank Abagnale.

"FBI!" Carl yelled again with his gun pointed at the bathroom. "Come out of the bathroom!" He walked a bit closer to the bathroom. "Step out of the bathroom!"

The door opened and revealed Leonardo De la rosa, who acted as Frank Abagnale with a suit, and then he dried his hand with the towel he had.

His expressions changed from confused to calm, and he looked at Carl who looked nervous even though he was the one who held a gun.

"Hands on your head," Carl muttered as soon as Frank got out of the bathroom.

"Oh, that's the new IBM Selectric,"

"Cut! Give me a second," Alan said and took some time to check the clip. "It is good, but I know you both can do better. Carl… Tom, yes. Show your nervousness through your face, the character is built like that, I want more emotions since we both know this is the first moment where Carl and Frank meet, so… Yes, anyway, let's take ten minutes," Alan said and walked out of the set with his phone in hand.

As soon as he walked out, Tom and Leo sat in their chairs and started to talk about the scene.

"I know we could do better, the scene is something which goes quickly, like in a very good rush, since Frank is a confident young man, especially in conning people, I think you can be as nervous as you want," Leo said.

"Yeah, let's walk from that corner to this… And from there, you can pick up the rest of the dialogues. I also think that, while I'm hitting the table of food with my back, maybe we could…."

They started to discuss how the scene could be better. During such situations where the actors struggle to give out the perfect scene, discussions always helped between co-actors. Leo and Tom had gotten a bit closer with time, and the little talk helped them during the next take of the scene.


At the same time, Spiderman shooting was going on. The set was all ready, and a man walked inside the location set with a camera hanging down his neck.

He was a tall thin man, with blonde hair and a moustache with a beard. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up to the elbow, and with every step he took inside the set, his camera kept hitting back to his chest, due to the movements.

His eyes wandered around the set to see the people working hard. Some were busy chatting, but most of the staff was busy doing one thing or another that they were assigned for.

From the way, he looked over at every corner of the studio, and his obvious body language visibility, it was a given that he was looking for someone.

His eyes scanned across the room.

He walked inside a bit more and saw a person carrying a bag full of stuff inside which he implied was props.

"Do you know where Andrew Griffin is?" He questioned the man who held the things to his body tightly.

"You are?"

"I'm from Vanity Fair, and I have an interview scheduled with Andrew Griffin, I'm a journalist, Duke Joseph," The journalist with the camera introduced himself.

Vanity Fair was a worldwide famous magazine, which was popular for almost every type of trend going on in the world. Sports to Hollywood, Politics to Fashion, and beauty news to commentary, every type of moving trend had articles in Vanity Fair.

What made it special for Will was how Vanity Fair was popular in his previous world, and in the current world. People from both worlds were equally obsessed with the magazine, due to how good the articles were, how accurate the information and how they provided unique pictures to the hands of the fans.

The magazine was interested in Andrew Griffin due to how he would be the next actor to be launched by Will Evans. Also, Vanity Fair always knew what people wanted to see and know, because of that, they had contacted DTA for an interview with Andrew, and made arrangements for it.

"Yes, okay. So move right from there, you will see Andrew occupied with his training with Will. And, there are some more props on your way, don't stumble upon, keep an eye on them," The other man said and walked away after Duke nodded.

The journalist was quite confused by the mention of Will and Andrew training together. As they were the director and the actor, it was a question that appeared straight on his mind.

"Thanks," Duke muttered seeing the man walk away.

With the question of, 'what kind of training', he walked down the path which the staff member said, and followed it to the side of the set.

He came across a territory which made his eyes widen in surprise. 'Oh damn,' he thought as soon as he saw Will Evans and Andrew Griffin training together.

They wore their trainees and were practising martial arts. Kicking, lifting, arms going from side to side, dodging, the movements were repeated and were practised in front of Duke's eyes.

The journalist had heard about Andrew practising some kind of martial arts due to how many actions were there in [Spiderman] movie, but the surprise was how Will practised with Andrew.

Will was stabbed some months ago, and Duke knew that if Will had trained in martial arts, it would not almost cost him his life. He would not have gotten stabbed if Will trained in martial arts, Duke thought.

He took a few steps inside and saw another woman admiring the training of Will and Andrew.

"What is going on?" Duke questioned as soon as they got closer.

Turning her head swiftly to see who he was, she turned back to watch the practising of Will and Andrew.

"Director Evans started training with Damon and Andrew from the start of the filmings. Damon and Andrew have quite a good amount of action scenes, and physique is something they both had to build. And, as for the Director, it was mainly because the filming started right after the incident. He wanted to learn the skills to protect himself if such a thing happened or risked his life," She said just above a whisper, and explained the whole situation while watching both the men practising movements.

Will did not want people to know that he was suddenly fully prepared and skilled in martial arts after a near-death experience since it would be too surprising and unusual. Due to that, he wanted to spread rumours himself. For it, he started practising martial arts with Andrew.



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