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MHS - Chapter 188


Hi guys, my health has taken a toll cuz of the sudden change in weather. I couldn't write any chapter yesterday and today, and I am uploading this one from -patreon stockpile.

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Andrew's face was covered with sweat. He was tired and was panting for breath, yet he stood tall and ready. In front of him was a big muscular guy in a tracksuit just like Andrew, although the former had a furious expression.

"Push yourself harder, Andrew! You are so close!" He said, looking directly into the former's eyes.

In a swift second, the trainer grabbed Andrew by the collar and raised him to the air. Then putting him above his shoulder, he slammed Andrew to the floor.

"One more!" The trainer got off of the training ground, and another person who looked tall and lean walked onto the mat with an emotionless face.

"Start all over again!" The leading trainer, who stood a few steps away from them, shouted and kept observing the moves of the two youngsters in the mattress arena.

Andrew got a hold of himself. His eyebrows, covered with sweat, turned into a frown. He pursed his lips and clenched his fists. And once again, with the whistle of the trainer, they both started to tackle each other.

Just then—

"Andrew!" A voice suddenly came from behind, and he was on the ground in a split second, panting. It was the fourth hour of practice, and although he was a good learner, these moments challenged him to excel.

Everyone's eyes turned to look at the main entrance, from where three people stepped into the training hall. Andrew, who stood up right away, smiled at the faces of Will, Jeffrey and Alexia.

Will kept walking forward at the front of the trio and shook hands with the coach. And then, his shift focused on looking at the sweaty Andrew. Finally, the coach and the other trainers walked away, excusing themselves to the side.

Will observed the young man in front of him and was quite stunned by how good Andrew looked. Although he noticed the latter's change in body shape when Andrew visited him in the hospital, Andrew now looked healthier and more buff.

"I did not expect to see you here," Andrew said, looking at the three people.

When he saw the three walking toward him, it was genuinely surprising for Andrew. He was on the floor looking like a muddy pig with a rapidly beating heart, but as soon as he saw them, he instinctively stood up, although it wasn't much trouble because of the adrenaline rush from the practice.

"I'm finally back to work from today," Will replied.

Andrew's smile widened hearing the words, "I'm glad you are fine now, Will. Welcome back to work, I guess?" He asked jokingly.

"Yeah, thank you. The thing is, I wanted to meet you because the pre-production of Spiderman will start from today." Will said.

An 'Oh' passed his lips because he hadn't expected it to start as soon as Will recovered.

"Yes, and consider this a heads up. You will have a hard time from now on," Will said, walking towards the corner of the hall, and was followed by Andrew.

Alexia and Jeffery stood right where they were, watching other kids train.

"I think I'm ready," Andrew said with a confident smile.

"Hm… we will see that when the time comes. But, for starters, you will have to try so many costumes just to see what would fit the looks of Peter Parker. And when I say so many, I mean a hell lot," Will replied.

"Yes, I'm more than ready. The role you offered, I'm honestly ready to try anything and give my everything."

"How is your training? Is everything going well?" Will inquired.

"Five days of the week. If it explains, both gymnastics and Judo. As you said, with a little more help, I might be able to do all the stunts by myself, and yeah, training is the best part, and oddly enough, I'm enjoying every moment of it. It feels like getting ready to go to war with so much training," Andrew said, letting out a slight chuckle at the end.

"It's good if you feel that way. Dream Vision has already started casting. And things will move quickly now that I'm alive,"

"I came to meet you twice, one while you were unconscious. I mean, even though you could not hear anything, I actually prayed for you to get better. And well, you know the next time I met, you were awake," Andrew chuckled again.

Just then, Alexia walked towards them and said while looking at Will, "Sorry to interrupt, but the next meeting is in ten minutes."

"It's my cue to leave you, and I hope you train well. Hang in there. It is all for a good fine end," Will said, standing up and patting Andrew's shoulder.

"Thanks, Will. Take care of yourself," Andrew said and watched Will, Jeffery, and Alexia walk out of the training ground. It was a huge hall with metallic walls, every one of their steps echoed back. Watching the three of them walk out of the hall, Andrew sighed in contentment with a smile.

'I'm ready to do anything that can make me go higher in the industry, which I have always wanted,' he thought.

Will, Jeffery and Alexia walked out of the hall hand-in-hand.

"Andrew is a good kid," Jeffery muttered, getting a 'yeah' from Will.

They were still walking, yet Jeffery kept talking about how Andrew kept training even if the days were rough for him.

"I like the dedication he had shown to prepare for his role. And, Will, you sure have a good knack for finding good kids. The current Andrew looks as if he was made for the role of Spiderman. And the potential he has shown with all the hard work is exceptional," Jeffery kept talking while on the way to the meeting room.

"Yeah, he is a great kid. As for my luck, it's as if it is running out of fuel due to how much I use it these days," Will said with a mocking smile. Jeffery and Alexia both chuckled under their breaths.

"Like how you were lucky to survive the stab?" Jeffery said suddenly and regretted it in the next second. So to cover it up, he shifted the conversation. "Would Damon McDonald suit the role of green Goblin?" He questioned.

The meeting currently Will, Jeffrey and Alexia were about to attend was with Damon, who was about to audition for the role of Green Goblin. The Green Goblin was also known as Norman Osborn. Currently, Will wanted to meet him and see if Damon would suit the role look-wise.

Damon McDonald was a middle-aged Canadian man. He was an actor who was very famous for all the supporting roles he did. He had successfully made the jobs of directors easy in every one of the movies he took part in. In fact, this opportunity would be a wonderful gate for him to achieve the path he aims for. The main reason why Will had chosen Damon for the role was how he had managed to pull off the maniacal laugh in one of his movies exactly like how exactly William Dafoe did as the Green Goblin in the original movie.

Due to that, Will thought that Damon would make a good Norman. Initially, for the role of Norman Osborn, he had tried to find William Dafoe, but he successfully failed. Due to that, he tried to go with other available options. One of the closest candidates for the role was Damon.


"Miss June, how have you been?" The interviewer questioned June, who had the camera focused on her face.

She wore a suit, which gave off modern and classy vibes, and her make-up was neatly done to suit the lightning and the background. Since [The Terminator] was about to release in September, she was going through interviews left and right these days. She was currently at an interview for a MeTube channel with over 20 million subs, where people tuned in just to view updated news on Hollywood celebs.

Although she was doing so many promotions, it would normally be with one or two other co-actors, but the current one was a solo interview.

Ever since the release date was announced, people were crazy to know about [The Terminator]. After agreeing to some of the interviews, June was finally in the interview where she felt at ease due to how they had made her go through the questions before recording.

"Never felt better. You can call me June. How are you?" June replied, looking at the interviewer with a slight smile.

"I'm fine, thank you. Let's get on with the reason you're here. The new movie. Our whole audience is curious and eager to know anything about it, and we're curious as to what are your thoughts on your latest movie, [The Terminator]? How were the shoots, and most importantly, what were your first thoughts after understanding the movie's plot?"

"It has been a very wonderful experience working with the crew and getting to know each other," June said with a grin, "I need to mention how easy it was to work with everyone, and all in all, my only advice is that everyone must go and watch once it is released because I can assure you it would not waste your time in any way."

"That sounds wonderful, I can't wait till the movie is out. Another thing everyone watching at their home wants to know is how is Will Evans recovering? It seems he has become Hollywood's hottest news these days."

"Will is doing fine and just got back to work after– you know, the incident. He is doing great as ever," June simply answered.

"Is he planning to work on anything more? I mean, according to the sources, there already have been rumours on how Will has lots on his plate–"

"Will is talented and someone who knows what he does. I don't think anyone has to worry about him. He is doing great," June kept her smile throughout the response.

Although she had been facing a lot of interviews lately because of the movie promotion, almost more than half of the questions she was asked were about Will. Since he had become a trendy topic to talk about in Hollywood, the interviewers were finding ways to get to know him through interviews in June.

Although June answered every one of their questions politely, in the back of her mind, the intention to start a new studio ascertained more than ever because of all of this.

And she was well aware that if she decided to act annoyed by the questions, the tabloids and gossip websites would be full of her "throwing a tantrum". This was the last thing she wanted. After all, even though she knew most of her fame came from being related to Will, she wanted to get up on her own feet and confidently stand shoulder to shoulder with the young man she was in love with.

And the desire to start her own studio and make it the next big thing increased after she felt that she had no power or influence to stop such questions from the interviewers.



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