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MHS - Chapter 187

"I'm thinking of starting a studio," June said in one breath, observing Will's reaction.

These words took Will by surprise. He was taken aback by what she had suddenly said and the question he had in his mind was written on his face.

"Where did the idea even come from?" Will questioned as soon as the words left her lips.

As far as Will knew June, she was passionate about acting. In fact, he did not expect her to get an idea about filmmaking or ask him this question, especially today. Usually, it would only be fair for an actor or actress to grow a passion for filmmaking after working on the process for so long, but it came out in June and threw Will off-guard.

"I'm thinking about it for a while. You know I'm passionate about stories. I feel like this is the right decision in my career." June immediately clarified.

Will nodded at her statement. "I'm kind of curious, though. Why did you come to that decision? Is there any special reason?" He questioned, looking into her eyes.

He wanted to know the truth. She looked like she was very determined by how she sat straight in the chair, just leaning to the front with her hands on her lap. She didn't panic or hesitate even against Will's piercing gaze. And the latter understood that she was going to be adamant about this.

[Determined, A bit nervous, wants support.]

He looked at her emotions and they were more or less what he had guessed.

"I actually have been thinking about it for quite a long time. But chose to not tell it to you because I was unsure about it, and you were also not in the right mind to worry about anything else," June said with a meaningful smile.

"That was not my question though, I get all of it, but is there any special reason?" Will questioned calmly.

"Yeah, there are many, in fact. But the main reason is how my career trajectory and where it's heading. I want to change my career because of that. Of course, I adore acting and all, but being an actress also includes so many other things. Things that even you are aware of. For instance, gossip will surely go around no matter what I do to please everyone. Even if it's a lead role, there would be such situations. It's more like being an actress includes millions of stories behind and in front of you."

June took a deep breath. "And you know what, No matter how hard I try, when compared to a male lead in power, what I get is pretty small," June said.

"Hmm… Yes, I understand,"

"And, you mentioned before about [The Terminator], even if I got famous with it, it would take some more time for it to change. I want to change people's view of me and create an influence of my own in the industry," June muttered again.

She was right about so many things. In this world, in the current timeline, no matter how hard an actress tries to be someone who can be influential, and powerful, it's close to impossible. The main reason was that the studios believed that an actress could never pull people into the theatre.

It was this mentality that made them believe that a female lead is always smaller than a male lead. The conclusion would be the same even if the story is from a female lead's perspective.

In the last two years, June has come a long way. And something she had understood in this time was how she could never be someone on par with Will if she only focused on acting. And to have the confidence, or in simple words, to have the right to stand alongside Will, she realised her own filmmaking studio could make these dreams come true.

In fact, if she did not get into movie-making and continued to act, it was highly likely that she won't achieve what she wants.

Moreover, it was also a way for her to get more power as an actress and have influence over her role. Being an actress alone won't give her that until she stood firmly among the A listers.

One more thing was that she wanted to promote a lot of people. She had seen a lot of people not getting due credit according to their talents due to not having enough connections. Getting a film studio of her own was also a way to give them a ladder.

She wanted to promote the right talent instead of those who are famous just because of knowing other famous people.

"Well, I admire what you have learned and concluded from your experience. Honestly, I can understand all of it, and I'm glad you are already considering this as an opportunity in your life," Will said and smiled at her.

He also started to think about how stubborn and independent June is. Will's thoughts were clouded with remembering how he started the studio. He recalled how he had enough money, Jeffery and Benjamin on his side. In fact, everything that made him start the studio was the reason why it became a success, apart from his abilities, of course.

After a moment of reminiscing, he took a deep breath and stared at June. He was well aware of how June would say that she wanted to start all of it alone and from scratch. Yet, he decided to ask the question that June probably saw coming from miles away.

"I'm willing to invest in your new venture. What do you say?"

The conversation they were having was very civil. Looking at one another and talking was one of the great traits that any couple should have. And at times like these, being open, honest and straightforward with intentions was something June needed to be because if not, it would be her loss one way or another.

"Yes, I'd love to have your help with this. And, for the investment, you can get a part of the studio too," She continued further.

Will was surprised by her response, and he looked at her while raising an eyebrow in question, "That was something I did not expect. I'm surprised because I thought you were going to do it on your own," he said.

June gave a cheeky smile at his words. "If I'm going to do a business, the first rule is to take advantage of any of my connections. And currently, the biggest connection I have with Hollywood is you, and don't worry, I will try my best, so you don't have to face any losses." She said with a shrug as to the question, 'is it a deal?'.

When Will heard that, he felt like it was an interesting opportunity for him, especially because he would finally have a studio in Hollywood that he would be able to rely on. The other Big 6 were just after profits.

If June could successfully create a good studio, it would help him a lot in the longer run.

'It would also help when I'm going to be dealing with monopoly laws in the future, especially with my plans with franchises.'

He thought in his mind.

"Yeah, I believe in you. But, what about acting?" Will asked.

"Of course, I am not giving up on it. Being a filmmaker is just a way for me to get power in the industry. I will continue acting but for the next few months, I want to focus on making a movie."

From how her voice held confidence and even how her eyes looked at anything but Will, he knew that she must be talking with a plan in her mind. It was visible because of how she displayed her confidence in her words. The tone of her words made Will smile in pride.

"Why do I feel like you have a plan in your mind?" Will questioned.

"Of course, I do." June shrugged again.

"What is it?"

"It's something that might let my studio earn hundreds of millions without actually investing a lot of money. You don't even have to invest in this movie and I feel like if this works, I will pretty much get most of the funding necessary to run a studio." She said with a smile.

Will raised an eyebrow at that, curious about what June actually had in mind.


After the date with June, Will was a lot more clear-headed and felt refreshed. The only depressing thing plaguing his mind was Ashton and anyone else who might be harmful to him and his people. Not to mention even his bodyguards were acting weird.

'They were most likely on someone else's payroll.'

Although he had been putting this matter at the back of his mind, he hadn't totally forgotten it.

Thinking about this, he took out his phone and rang Jeffery's number.

The call went on for quite some time and once he was done, he opened his system panel.

The party incident was a wake up call for him and he wanted to be well prepared next time.

The best way to do this was to get the martial arts and weapon skills from the system and improve his own self-defence so that his reliance on bodyguards and such are kept to a bare minimum and on a professional level.

Although it doesn't necessarily guarantee his survival, it at least increased the chances.

'I actually feel like a fantasy protagonist looking for powers to save his ass from the villains…. Let's hope I don't turn out to be one, I would hate to have my peace destroyed.'

Will suddenly thought as he was sitting in his bedroom, surfing through the internet.

'Now that I have recovered, let's try to see the martial arts section now.'

It's been some time since he had recovered, and he didn't want to ruin his own break by diverting his attention. Hence, he had thrown the thoughts about gaining self-defence skills at the back of his mind for a while.

[Skill Purchase]

[Intermediate Wing Chun

→ Learn the martial arts that originate from southern China. It is a well-established self-defense Kung fu of the Asian continent.

Note: You'll still need to practice to catch up with the muscle memories.]

[Cost: 1,000,000 fame points.]

[Are you sure you want to purchase this skill?]

[Yes] [No]

He immediately pressed on no. No matter how great Wing Chun was, Will felt an inner aversion to it.

Moving further, Will saw many other martial arts, such as the famous Karate, Boxing, KickBoxing, Muay Thai, and even weapon-related skills, which teach how to wield weapons such as swords and spears.

'I am not in a fantasy world. Any good skill will do.'

In the end, Will ended up selecting two skills that he actually thought would suit him.

[Intermediate Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

→ Learn the martial arts that originate from olden Greek. It is a martial art best suited for both offence and defence.

Note: You'll still need to practice to catch up with the muscle memories.]

[Cost: 1,200,000]

[Yes] [No]

[Intermediate Gunner

→ Learn the uses and functions of all basic guns. Be able to aim as precisely as a seasoned shooter.

Note: Doesn't need to be trained.]

[Cost: 2,500,000]

[Yes] [No]

Will clicked yes for both, and knowledge about various types of attacks, grappling techniques, defences and shooting experiences filled his head. After a while, when the memories were thoroughly etched in his brain, Will finally calmed down.

Walking to the wooden table on which a water glass was placed, Will felt an irresistible urge to break the wooden ply, just to know where he stood,

Without waiting any further, he pulled back his right hand and dived into the wooden table with his elbow, a cracking sound resounding soon after.

"I think I broke my arms…"

Will commented as he saw the pieces of wood lying around on the ground. Although the pain in his hand was unbearable, thankfully, his bones and joints were still intact.

"Time to move forward."



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