134 MHS - Chapter 134

"So, you're telling me that all I need to get this role is to innovate?" Leo asked Robert, who was sitting opposite him, on the red chair, in the Hollywood Boulevard Coffee shop.

"Look, since I started working with Will, I have practically zero regard for the writing in a script, and while his scripts are generally very good, you will notice that they are nothing more than loose guidelines for us, as an actor and artist to bring out their own definitions, their own understanding of their character. Will might have told you this as well, his scripts are meant to give a general guideline for the plot. They aren't solid, written in stone texts or scriptures. The more you innovate, the more you get in touch with your inner character, the better the result you will achieve." Robert replied after taking a sip of his coffee.

"But, this is my first big movie. I don't want to take a big risk and potentially ruin the film." Leo pointed out.

"Leo, I have been in the exact same situation as you have. During the filming of [Sherlock Holmes], and later [A Bullet to Kill], there were dialogues that I was meant to read and enact, and while I could do them, rote, and go word for word, so could the next guy. Our job is to give life to the character. Taking risks is the name of the game. You miss every single shot that you don't take. And Will's job, or the director's job isn't to make sure that you have blurted out every line that you have memorized. No, his job is to make sure that you are following the general guideline of the script that he has envisioned and bring out the plot of the overall story." Robert elaborated, he had become something of a mentor to Leo, recognizing the similar situation that the young actor had found himself in, as to himself.

"Okay, I think I can see what you're trying to get me to understand. So, now that I have gotten the role of Mario, I need to bring out my own definition of what Mario is to me, and play him on set." Leo said after pondering a few seconds.

"Exactly, and don't worry. Both Will as well as I, will be on the set, and we will help you go through with this. You've got this in the bag. All you need is to run home with it." Robert tried to calm his nerves. "You know, my aversion to memorizing the script is something Will told me to nurture, he wanted me to develop my own sense of the character. I initially thought that it would be a problem, then one day Will comes to me and says 'I have figured out!' and I was a going through a very rough take before [Sherlock Holmes], then and I was thinking of just memorizing the lines as it is, so I asked him 'What did you figure out?' and then he looks me in the eyes and says 'You, Robert, hate paper. I like that about you, it's a good thing. I will have to write less, and give you the source material to become the character yourself.' And that is what I did, I read through a ton of Sherlock books, and I got that shot done at the audition. And I got the role."

The two of them had fallen into a very easy rapport with each other, and Robert had taken it upon himself to guide Leo, through all the pitfalls and pre-shooting jitters that Will had done for him. The two of them continued talking and discussing their roles for the rest of the day, as Robert gave Leo ideas and set scenarios for him to innovate and build on.


"Kiss Me, Close Your Eyes" June walked down an abandoned Spanish street, as she held onto a purple wrapped chocolate. The walls of the building beside her were painted blue, red, and light orange, with

"Miss Me, Close Your Eyes" She unwrapped the top portion of the chocolate, and brought it to her lips, while closing her eyes.

"And Kiss Me," She took a small bite, as she took a turn and came upon a bright street that was covered with a lot of posters of the chocolate that she was holding, in purple background.

"I Can Read Your Lips" She smiled, taking another bite of the chocolate.

"On Your Fingertips" She licked off the melted chocolate that was lathered on her fingers.

"I Can Feel Your Smile, Come On My Lips" She smiled, as she tasted the chocolate, as she walked toward the sunset.

"And Happiness In Your Eyes" She finished the chocolate, and twirled in the middle of the street, making her dress create a beautiful pattern with her motion, and she laughed a tinkling laugh.

"AND CUT! That's a wrap. Good Job" She heard, and she walked off the set, toward the director of the advertisement that she was given, right after she joined the DTA. "That was a good shot. This will go well, during our pre valentine's ad lineup. That is all for today, Thank you, June. I think your agent was looking for you. We will call you again next week, for another two shots for valentines and post valentine advertisements." The director informed her. She thanked him and walked to the exit of the studio, where her agent John, was waiting for her.

"That was a really good take, June. Congratulations." John said to her as she walked up to him.

"Thank you, John. What's next on my agenda?" She asked as she continued walking past him, and she could see that John followed her in step.

"Well, Will has sent a role for you in his next project [Liberty City]. It is a small role, but after your audition, he thinks you will be a great supporting actor in the film." He informed her, and she couldn't repress a smile. She had swallowed her pride, in the end and made her move as soon as the contract with the MCA had reached its end. They had tried to stop her from jumping ship as well, but after Will's secret exposé, they had lost most of the resources that they could have used to make things difficult for her.

"Alright, I will go over the role tonight, with him. What else do I have?" She asked as she reached her car, and turned to look at him.

"Well, I have emailed you the offer that you have received from a European Director. The DTA arranged a meeting between me and him. The director is very talented and has a lot of accolades in the industry. He is currently looking to start working on a project with a female lead, and wants to give you that role. This director is very passionate about this film, and apparently, he sold his house to gather the funds for the project." He elaborated, still not giving a hint as to what the project was, or who the director is. June thought that the director was a little reckless. While Will would take risks with his projects, and he was just as passionate, something she really loved about him, he wouldn't go to the lengths as to put his entire livelihood on the line for a film. He was smarter than that.

"Alright, did you give him my profile? Who is the director?" She finally asked him, as she opened the door of her car, she wanted to get home early after having shot seven consecutive small advertisements throughout the day, with the chocolate ad being the last.

"It's directed by James Cameron."


Getting out of his new Bentley Continental GT, outside of Mega Works office, Will gave his car keys to the valet that was waiting for him.

"Sir, Miss Baker here, will guide you to the CEO's office." The valet said, pointing to the formally dressed woman that was waiting beside him.

"Good evening, Mr. Evans. Mr. Hayes is waiting for you, follow me." She said, shaking his hand. She turned around and led him inside the building.

Heading up the elevator, up to the eleventh floor, Will wondered what this meeting would be about.

"Right through this door, sir." She said as she guided him through the lobby to the only room on the top floor.

She knocked once and opened the large wooden door, which had gold engravings on it. Inside was a wood-furnished office, which had an elegant mountainside view of the Hollywood sign that tourists around the world come to visit.

On the large mahogany desk, was a Well Built Albino man, wearing a three-piece tux. He was smoking a cigar. Will knew this man to be the CEO of the last of the Big 6. Abraham Hayes.



Hey guys, today is quite a reminicing day. Years ago, when I was just a kid, my elder cousin introduced me to video games and the first one I played was called Vice City. It's still one of the only two games I have ever completed, and it holds a special place in my heart, and you must have noticed it too when you read about the [Liberty City].

[Liberty City] is based on Vice City, and it's one of my favourite arcs. The game's voice actor is Ray Liotta, but last night I came across a mournful news.

Ray Liotta has passed away and has gone to a better place.

On this note, I want to tell you that I am planning a small tribute to him in this novel, and I hope you guy like it.

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