19 Chapter 19

Jeffery's crew was actually from a film company that went bankrupt two years ago. The crew liked working together, so they didn't disband and instead formed a temporary crew that other directors and production houses could rent.

Jeffery was the crew's boss, and as he had agreed to work with Will on [The Blair Witch Project], the crew would obviously tag along.

Will liked this a lot as it meant that he wouldn't have to waste time when an experienced crew was ready to work with him.

For a few days, Will and Jeffrey talked a lot about the movie, the best way to shoot it and which parts could be done better.

Will found out that Jeffery was really knowledgeable about movies and shooting. It was only because he had bought the intermediate level director skill that he could understand the latter's words and add his own.

Now that Will had everything, he just needed to finalize the contract of the cast and crew. For these, he took the help of John, who had overseen the auditions.

He knew people who made contracts for all this, and he readily agreed to help him out.

It took a whole week to get all this done, and during this time, Will also got permission to shoot in Montgomery County, Maryland.

This was the place where the original was shot, and Will had decided to shoot it there this time.

Most of the film would be shot in Seneca Creek State Park in Montgomery County. A few scenes would also consist of the historic town of Burkittsville.

Will was really excited about the shooting, and after they got the official permission, he even had sleepless nights because he was finally going to be a director.

Finally, on a warm Sunday, they boarded the flight to Maryland. The crew already left some days ago to set up.

Jeffery has told him that he should come later with the cast, and that's why he was sitting with the whole cast on the plane.

Though, to save money, Will had only boarded the tickets in Economy class.

As everyone boarded the plane and settled down on their seats, June, who sat beside Will, couldn't help but tease him.

"You're so cheap, to think you'll take such beauty in economy class even when you have the money to afford better."

Will, sitting beside her and still trying to figure out how to put on the safety belt, raised an eyebrow at June. He understood she was teasing him, but he couldn't help but comment,

"Well, in my opinion, cheap places tend to be romantic; otherwise, Romeo wouldn't have been meeting Juliet at her balcony."

June looked at Will's expression that seemed to be satisfied with his own words, and couldn't help but laugh.

She wasn't able to conclude as to which type of guy Will was. He would pay $15k for no-name actors but haggle with a shopkeeper for a camcorder. He would talk about earning millions from his first movie, then avoid talking about cheap plane tickets by bringing in Romeo and Juliet.

This man's randomness knew no bounds, and by god, she liked his random self so much.

Will had already found out that famous philosophers or scientists still existed, with their works even in this alternate universe. So the classic piece of Shakespeare, Romeo & Juliet, existed here too.

Although he was curious how these people existed, but normal people and things didn't, he couldn't come to a conclusion. So he just took it as these types of people and their works were necessary to run the world, and as long as it didn't interfere with his life, he couldn't care less.

After all, he wasn't some mad scientist that would spend his life researching why he was sent back in time, only to die of old age even before his research came to an end.

Will had better things to do, to name the top one amongst them, it'd be to become the King of Hollywood, literally.

It was too ambitious of a goal, and he was willing to do his best to achieve that goal.

"So, you're saying this situation right now, you and me sitting here in an aeroplane, is romantic?"

June asked. Although her voice was playful, somewhere in her heart, she was expecting a romantic comment from Will.

"Nah, I just don't want to spend money on higher class tickets when I've to save every single penny that I can to make a better movie."

Will, who knew what June wanted, dodged the bullet again.

'Not yet; no matter what my hormones are telling me right now, it's better to delay this till I've something to back me up.'

Will thought inwardly and promised himself that he'd take care of the situation with June after the movie was produced.

Not like there weren't other girls around him, there were a few from the auditions, and there were some in Jeffrey's crew too, but ever since his transmigration, June was the first girl who got close to him.

Recently, she has been giving clear signals, and even he liked her a lot, but he can't just go ahead and get caught up in a relationship at such a crucial point in his career.

After listening to Will's reply, June became all pouty. She felt really bitter in her heart and couldn't understand if she was just being too unclear or Will was just too dense not even to notice her feelings.

After that, they didn't talk much, so Will just made himself comfortable and took a nap.

About 6 hours later, Will and the whole cast landed at Montgomery County Airpark.

After deboarding from the airport, Will found Jeffrey outside the airport, where he had rented a bus so that the whole crew could go together at once to the location where the shooting would take place - just outside a town called Burkittsville, formerly Blair.



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