102 Chapter 102

Will was currently in his house in Beverly Hills. It has already been several days since he stopped going to work and was just either reading books or watching movies.

Currently, he was in the theatre room that he had made in his house. On the 96 inch screen in front of him, a cowboy movie was being played from the video projector that was placed on a table just beside the sofa Will was sitting on.

The movie featured a lone wolf type of cowboy who takes on dozens of enemies alone in a gunfight. Currently, the climax of the movie was going on with the main character of the movie being cornered into a gunfight in the alleys.

It showed how cleverly and unrealistically the main character keeps taking down his opponents without getting a scratch on himself. He jumps from the ground to a dustbin and then metal stairs to the roofs, making it alive out of the hundreds of bullets from his enemies.

There was even an unbelievable scene where the main character shoots down 2 people with one bullet. To Will, it seemed like Hawkeye was a failure of a superhero if even a cowboy can do stuff like this.


Will turned off the projector and let out a long sigh.

Till now, he was unable to get any ideas that he found would break the normal standards and come out as something really good and worth watching. For the first time since he came to this world, he was struggling with a movie, making him chuckle at himself as he was slowly realising how much of a help the system was.

Will plopped his head to the side on the saw, noticing the photo on the frame hung on the wall. It was a picture of Will and June that they had taken on Valentine. Even during that time, Will was so busy that he was only able to give an hour of his time to June.

"Brings back memories, huh."

June's voice came from behind Will as he looked back lazily. June was standing with 2 cups of coffee in her hand. Her hair was tied in a bun and she was just wearing a long white shirt, over her underwear, giving her a sexy and alluring vibe.

June handed over one of the cups to Will and sat beside him on the sofa as she sipped on the coffee.

"How many movies have you watched till now?"

June asked. Will had been busy inside the room without going out for days. The only time he moved was when he was eating with her, taking a dump, or when he was exercising. Apart from that, he even slept in this theatre room.

"I don't really know. It's been like 22-23, I guess? It's somewhere near that number, more or less."

Will said as he rubbed his eyes a bit and sipped on the coffee. The room was dark, just a small night bulb illuminating it with dim lighting. June put her cup on the table and moved herself to where Will was seated, bringing him to the ground between her legs as she sat on the sofa.

She slowly massaged his head with gentle presses and rubbed his temples with her fingers. Recently, June had been busy doing Indie Movies. She had finally managed to bag some roles, due to her own, and her agent, John's combined efforts.

John had been trying his best to get June some supporting roles in big production movies but had been unsuccessful so far. June had told him to put the role hunting on a pause for now as she'll focus on indie movies. And if her luck worked out, one of the movies might become popular.

"It's weird how you can come up with amazing ideas so easily, but now you're having trouble with a movie. Feels kinda unreal."

June said as her hands moved to his shoulders and started massaging them with a sweet smile on her face.

She recently always did this whenever she came back from home. Although she herself was tired from shooting or something else, she won't forget to make coffee and massage Will's head and shoulders. She would encourage him and tell him it's fine to take his time for the next movie. It was already beyond normal that he came back with so many scripts back to back for the last 1 and a half years.

Will's expression turned a bit complicated as he found it difficult to explain his thoughts in words. After a while, he said with a smile.

"You can say that this movie of mine is going to be special for me. I don't have to prove to anyone about my capabilities with this movie. On the other hand, with this movie, I want to prove something to myself."

June giggled at the confusing words as she got down from the sofa and snuggled into Will's embrace.

"You don't need to prove anything to anyone. Oh, actually, there is something you need to prove."

June said as she frowned cutely at the end of her sentence.


Will asked curiously as he looked at June in her emerald green eyes.

"Prove me that you love me!"

June giggled and stood up, showing her tongue to Will and running out of the theatre room, the latter immediately chasing after her while laughing.


9th September 2011

J Hospital, Hollywood, California.

In-room no 2 of private ward 13, an important Hollywood bigshot was hospitalized just days ago. It was none other than the chairman of Foxstar studios, Spencer Miller.

His hospital room looked luxurious and clean, had a TV and there were fresh fruits placed on the table just beside Spencer's bed. The room only had 1 bed and a few chairs laid around, indicating that it was a private room for wealthy people.

Currently, 2 other people apart from Spencer were present in the room, talking to Spencer who was lying on the bed which was held at a 150-160 degree angle.

Spencer's condition was finally stabilizing and he was recovering slowly, but his body looked weak and his age was clearly showing on his face. There were wrinkles all over his face and hand.

Some of the veins in his hand were visibly turned green and blue due to the presence of insulin.

"Hah, you almost scared me to death."

One of the two people, who looked around the same age as Spencer, but slightly on the healthier side, said. His expression was warm and he talked to Spencer like an old buddy. He was Spencer's old friend and his name was Rahim Memon.

"So you survived? Tsk. You are old enough, you should have just gone to heaven when your turn came."

Spencer said teasingly, but his dim and weak voice didn't help much to lift the mood.

"What are we going to do about Foxstar? You had a big responsibility and everything is currently on a hold. If things go like this, I am afraid we will suffer huge losses."

Chester McBerry, one of the shareholders of Foxstar and an old friend of Spencer asked. His eyes were clearly looked concerned and he talked about the thing that concerned him the most.

"The doctor had told me to take retirement. I am too old and my body needs rest in order to function properly. Sigh."

Spencer replied and Chester just got more anxious as he said.

"You don't know but there is a lot of power struggle in the company right now. Not only that but many are wishing for your retirement so that they can take over as the chairman. If you retire suddenly, there will be competition for the chairman's seat and the company will fall like this."

Spencer clearly understood Chester's reaction. He was someone who wished to stay away from all this power struggle and just wanted to see Foxstar succeed.

"There is nothing we can do about it. We have worked so hard for the company to get where it is now. And after the success of [Sherlock Holmes], the company was finally on the right track to make it to the top of the big six after a long time. This will all crumble if the company has a power struggle now."

Spencer said as he reminisced about the past when he and his fellow colleagues worked hard every day and brought Foxtstar into the big six studios.

There was a clear level structure even in the big six studios, where it was divided into the top three and bottom three. Foxstar had always stayed in the bottom three, fluctuating from the fourth place to sixth place from time to time. The other two Studios that accompanied foxstar in the bottom three were Z Studios and Kron Studios.

The top three were made up of the absolute best of Hollywood, which consisted of Allen Studios, OP pictures and Mega Works. This structure was calculated based on how much profit a studio makes during a financial year, and Allen Studio had been in the first position this year, with Mega Works and OP pictures following it closely.

Now with the success of [Sherlock Holmes], there was a good chance that Foxstar could have entered the top three if they kept up with this pace, but Spencer's sudden retirement would totally upturn this.

Rahim, who had been listening from the sidelines finally chimed in.

"Spencer, don't you have kids? Why are you acting like you are all alone in this world."

Spencer chuckled hearing that as he said.

"Yeah, I will give over the chairman position to Colt. I am just not sure whether he would understand the responsibility he is getting."

Colt Miller was the eldest son of Spencer. He had studied in a famous management school and was one of the shareholders of the company. It was only natural for Spencer to give his chairman seat to his son so that nobody can make a fuss about it. He was just uneasy that the years of work he had put in Foxstar would go down the drain if something bad happens to it.

For now, he can only place his hopes in Colt and hope that his son would do something even if he was unable to.



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