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[Bonus Chapter] | MHS - Chapter 235

"How was it?" Susan turned towards Will once Leblanc left the room, "This was the last one. We need to choose one of them."

Will nodded, "This guy was good, but I would like to have everyone's opinion on this first. Send me a report when everything's done. I will finalize."

Susan and the others at the desk nodded, "Sure thing, boss."

Pulling his coat over his shoulders, Will walked out from a different exit.

Jennifer was walking beside him while Susan had stayed back to discuss the auditions with the other judges.

"Will," Jennifer called out, "I received a few emails from your office. You're interested in two new actors?"

Will nodded, "Luke Newman and Keanu Reed."

"Yes," Jennifer nodded, "I have contacted them, though I am curious about the movie you have in mind for them."

Will shrugged, "That's a matter of the future. For now, I just want them to get signed before they get poached by someone else."

Jennifer frowned, "I can get Keanu Reed signed, but Luke Newman will be a bit complicated."

"What do you mean?" Will asked.

"He has some history with the Allen Pictures," She replied, "I am still looking for the details, but there's definitely something here. Do you have anything that I can put on the table? I don't really have much other than Dream Vision's reputation since i don't know what movie or goal you have in your mind for them."

Will thought for a moment and replied, "Well, in terms of priority, Keanu Reed is higher than Luke Newman. For Keanu, I have a series in mind but don't tell him this yet. We will test him with a romcom first and then go for an action series. And if that goes well, there will be another one, which will be even more action-packed."

Jennifer couldn't help but stare at Will when she heard this response.

"How do you get so many ideas, Will? It's really amazing."

Will simply smiled at these words.

"It's like this," He replied after a few moments, "If I can make one movie, I can make two more."

Jennifer was left even more confused at these words.

She didn't know the existence of the System, nor was Will ever planning to reveal it to anyone. However, what Will said was technically not wrong.

If he could make one movie successful, the system would give him rewards, through which he could make more.

It was an ever-expanding cycle, and Will wondered how far he would reach in the next two decades and what movies he would bring to this world if he could still remain in this world.

It was a hot afternoon by the time Will redhead his office. As soon as he stepped into his office, the air conditioner's cold breeze made him let out a long breath of relief.

Putting his coat on the hanger at the side, he took his seat.

In front of him were a few files, already placed there by Alexia, his secretary.

Leaning forward, he brought one of them in front of them, and when he read the title on the file, he couldn't help but smile.

[Dream Vision] (Classified)

[Project: MCU]

'MCU, finally.'

In this file was the gist of the plan he had in his mind to bring MCU to this world.

And that would begin with his next marvel movie.

But there was only one problem. There were a few movies in between his path. The first one would be [The Devil Wears The Prada], and the second was related to his books, which he needed to complete to finish the second quest in the Chain Quests.

[Quest: Make a movie series of any book published by you.]

[Reward: ???]

[Condition: The box office collection must reach $1.2 Billion.]

[You will lose the accumulated reward if the condition is not met.]

Currently, his published books are the Harry Potter series and the Hobbit. With the current fan base and hype, it was a no-brainer what he needed to make.

[Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone]

'But where will I shoot this movie? Or should I hire directors for this? I can't stick my head to every project. It's more important to also make use of other talents within this world.'

-Trrring! Trrrring!

The telephone on his desk suddenly rang, attracting his attention.

Looking at the familiar number on it, he picked it up and said, "Alexia? What happened?"

[Mr Spencer Miller, the former CEO of the Foxstar Studio, has been trying to reach you. He's on the line. Would you like me to transfer the call to you?]

Will was surprised to hear this name.

In fact, he had even forgotten about the matter regarding Foxstar in the last few days due to some other work, including the Joey Auditions and another project he was planning with Amanda.

'Why did he call instead of Colt?'

Spencer Miller's son, Colt, was the one calling shots in the Foxstar studios, and Will wanted to give the latter a reality check. This was why he had pulled out of the deal with Foxstar.

'But does he think his calling will change my mind?'

Although he was friends with Spencer, Will wasn't planning to go back on his words unless the compensation was really worth it.

"Transfer the call."

Will was curious about what Spencer had to say about Colt.


An old man's voice came through the speaker. It was a familiar voice, and Will instantly recognized it.

"Mr Miller, how have you been?" Will asked.

[I have been fine until recently, Will. What about you?]

"I have been well as well, thank you for asking. What happened recently, though?" Will asked, acting obliviously.

[Oh, don't pull that on me, Will]

Spencer let out a sigh.

[I am too old for this.]

Will chuckled, "Alright, let's not beat the bush. I know why you have called me, and I will make it clear beforehand that it won't be easy for you to make me go back on my words."

Spencer remained silent for a few minutes before replying.

[Well, I did want to call you regarding this earlier to make you calm down and not ruin the long partnership between our studios over an idiot's greed, but now I have something else to say.]

Will frowned, "The person you're calling an idiot, and greedy was the Managing Director and Active CEO of your Studio. I can't just ignore someone like that, can I? But never mind that I am more curious about what made you change your mind?"

[Will, we both may have been friends, but we're businessmen first. My son's greed cost the company dearly, and I want to lower the losses. The deal I have is simple, I am willing to compensate you with a partnership in one of the future projects being carried out by my studio, I am sure you will be interested in them.]

"Oh?" Will was intrigued, and at the same time, he was wary.

There was no way a cunning businessman like Spencer Miller would share profits with someone else, but then, there was also a chance that he was being genuine here.

After a moment of thought, Will replied, "You have my curiosity. Now you have my attention."

[The Foxstars' ventures are pretty normal. One of them is that we're making an animation studio.]

"Animation Studio?" Will shook his head, "Are you not up to date with the news? Things are different now. I don't need an animation studio."

[I know you don't, but what if the studio is in Japan?]

"Hm? You mean…" Will's eyes widened.

[Yes, the anime world.]

As soon as Spencer said those words, Will heard a system notification prompt.


[New Quest Has Arrived]

[Goal: Establish anime studio in Japan]

[Reward: Location of Masashi Kishimoto]

"Masashi Kishimoto?" Will frowned, "Mangaka of Naruto?!"



Chapter turned a bit short after I removed some fillers and decided to move some things to the next chapters.