1 Mysterious Black Tattoo

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Late at night.

Dragon Country Capital, Astronomy Academy.

In the solemn meeting hall, a group of researchers suddenly surged in with hurried footsteps. Their expressions were solemn and flustered, as if something big had happened.

"Everyone, sit tight. Let's hold an emergency meeting." Professor Chen Qiming, who was presiding over the meeting, looked at everyone solemnly and announced.

Everyone sat down and remained silent.

Professor Chen Qiming turned to the screen behind him and went straight to the point. "Last night, at 21:13:37, our monitoring satellite group detected a very terrifying set of data. Everyone, please look at the screen."

Hearing this, everyone looked at the big screen in unison. They had all been urgently summoned in their sleep and were eager to know the reason for this emergency meeting.

The big screen displayed a three-dimensional model of Earth. A blue halo surrounded the surface of Earth, blocking the cosmic rays from space and the red solar wind.

Professor Chen Qiming's expression was solemn as he introduced, "21:13:37, we're monitoring the attack of an unknown cosmic ray. The impact location: 113.239205 East longitude, 23.199253 North latitude. The range is very small and the intensity is high. The energy intensity exceeds a thousand trillion joules. A large magnetic storm has also erupted, causing a portion of the electronic communication in the cities in the area to be interrupted and the electronic facilities to be suspended, causing relatively serious economic losses."

Hearing this, everyone below the stage was shocked.

"Is it because of the solar wind? That's not right! It's currently a stable period for solar activity and it's nighttime. This shouldn't be!"

"It can actually penetrate the Earth's magnetic field? Are there any other phenomena?"

"Its energy is very powerful and very concentrated. It should have come from a very far galaxy. After a long interstellar journey, Earth became its destination. I think this should be an accidental astronomical event."

"Will such a powerful beam cause a negative impact on the stability of the Earth's magnetic field?"

"The Earth's magnetic field is originally in a continuous weakened period. If this attack causes the magnetic field to change in advance, it will be dangerous!"

As soon as Professor Chen Qiming finished speaking, everyone began to discuss and the scene was chaotic.

This situation was too unexpected!

In the universe, various energy beams existed everywhere. However, those cosmic beams from the universe's celestial bodies had to pass through a few barriers before arriving on Earth.

Firstly, there was the solar wind produced by the sun at all times. Secondly, there was the gravitational attraction of the other stars in the solar system. Thirdly, there was the obstruction of the atmosphere. With the existence of the Earth's own magnetic field and atmosphere, the geomagnetic field could change the direction of movement of most of the charged particles in the rays. The million-meter-thick Earth's atmosphere prevented them from reaching the ground.

The reason why Earth could nurture countless lives was because it had been operating in a safe and stable environment for a long time.

The powerful impact of this cosmic beam attack on Earth was definitely a rare astronomical phenomenon.

Once anything happened to the Earth's magnetic field, they would first be unable to keep the Earth's atmosphere intact. Then, the solar wind and cosmic rays would shoot straight to the Earth and evaporate the water resources. It would be a huge disaster for the Earth's ecosystem, and humans would also face the end of the world.

Yang City, Middle University.

Male dormitory building, 407.

Li Yi woke up in a daze, his eyes dull and his face confused.

After sleeping for a century, Li Yi's thoughts were somewhat slow and he was unable to recognize reality.

Li Yi felt that he had a strange dream. In the dream, a huge library appeared. There were thousands of huge bookshelves, and each shelf was filled with hundreds and thousands of books. It was as if he was in a huge maze formed by bookshelves. No matter how he walked, he could not get out.

"You're awake? If you woke up any later, I would have directly sent you to the hospital." Zhang Haitao's voice sounded from beside him.

"What… what's wrong with me? What happened?" Li Yi's eyes were dull as he asked in confusion.

"Something exploded and you were knocked out on the balcony. You scared us." Li Yi's roommate, Lin Hang, smiled mockingly.

"We called the school doctor over to check your body. Fortunately, you're fine. How is it? Are you feeling unwell?" Zhang Haitao asked with concern.

Li Yi frowned and remembered that he had been drying his clothes on the balcony last night. Suddenly, a thunderclap resounded in the sky and he lost consciousness. When he woke up, he was already lying in bed.

After a nap, he had a long and strange dream. Other than his head being a little dizzy, Li Yi felt fine. He did not feel uncomfortable at all.

"Li Yi, you were the closest to the scene. Didn't you notice anything abnormal?" his roommate, Liu Wenfeng, asked curiously.

"Noticed what? I don't even know what happened?" Li Yi looked at Liu Wenfeng and asked in confusion.

"Something exploded last night, causing a power outage in the entire dormitory building. There's no wireless signal, and it hasn't recovered until now." Lin Hang looked at Li Yi and explained.

"Damn! I wonder if my experimental data was saved!" Liu Wenfeng cursed gloomily.

"What exploded? Is it that serious?" Li Yi was shocked.

"We don't know what exploded. Moreover, we still don't know what caused it. The bang was really too loud and shattered a lot of glass." Lin Hang shook his head in confusion and looked at the window.

Li Yi followed Lin Hang's gaze. Indeed, a few cracks had appeared in the dormitory's glass window.

"Everyone was shocked. Fortunately, no one was injured. You were the only one who was knocked out. How unlucky!" Zhang Haitao looked at Li Yi and said with a smile.

Li Yi was in a daze.

Things did not seem to be that simple!

He should not have been knocked out by the loud bang. Somehow, Li Yi seemed to have seen a light shoot towards him. A golden light suddenly appeared and knocked him out.

With a bang, the ceiling fan suddenly circled, and the lights lit up.

"Hah, the electricity is back! It's finally back"

"That's great. I wonder if my files are still there."

Zhang Haitao, Lin Hang, and Liu Wenfeng ran back to their computer tables and turned on their computers.

Li Yi looked at his busy roommates and fell into a daze alone. Just now, a black phantom suddenly appeared in front of him.

Now, it had disappeared again.

What was going on?

Was it an illusion?

Li Yi's expression tightened. Was there something wrong with his body?!

Li Yi checked his body and quickly discovered an additional black tattoo on his right wrist.

The black tattoo was the size of a coin and rectangular. It looked like a miniature "book". The patterns were complicated. three-dimensional, precise, and clear, emitting a mysterious aura.

What was this?

When did this tattoo appear?

Li Yi spat and exerted strength to wipe it away with his saliva.

However, the black tattoo was deeply embedded in his skin and Li Yi could not wipe it off.

Li Yi's expression changed drastically as he stared fixedly at the mysterious black tattoo, trying to see the structure of the black tattoo.

Suddenly, a bang sounded in Li Yi's mind, and everything in front of him suddenly changed.

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