My Hero Academia: World Fishing Quirk

Izuku Midoriya suddenly awakens a quirk, letting him fish items from other worlds. ------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: More Slice Of Life than Action. No Harem. Overpowered. Some character bashing. ------------------------------------------------------------- English isn't my first language, and I wouldn't even call my English any good, so don't expect anything grand. ------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own My Hero Academia. The only originals are the OCs and some elements included in the story.

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19 Chs

Chapter 19: General Study?

"But Sensei, that makes no sense. I placed high on all tests except for the ball-throwing one. Why would I be expelled? There is no way I would normally get last place in your test." Izuku asked, shocked, not even bothering to hide the stammer in his voice.

He only got a hated look from Aizawa. 

"Every year it's the same. This entrance Exam it's just illogical. It should be reworked from the start, as I told the principal. People like you should never be able to enter this school. Just how do you think someone like you could be a Hero? And even if you become a hero in the future, how many people can someone save without being able to use their quirk for 10 minutes before being exhausted? Did you even bother once in your past to train your quirk to last longer?" were the words Aizawa answered with.

"But Aizawa-Sensei, that makes no sense. I can move at light speed, so I can rescue many people in these ten minutes." Izuku stated, not even bothering to say that without fighting, he could easily move for over an hour with some small stops in between.

"And did you know that normal civilians without licenses are not allowed to use their quirks? That is also the reason why Hero schools were opened in the past, so the students could experiment with their quirks in a safe environment." Izuku followed with a matter-of-fact voice.

 'Ohhhh, nooo. Nejire infected me,' Izuku thought, distraughtly when he heard himself saying something like that.

"Don't come with excuses here! Since I cannot expel students since that debacle from last year, I can only move you to the general Class of the U.A., so be thankful. Normally, I would have expelled you completely, but now you still have the chance that, even if given, I am sure you will fail miserably. I already filled out your transfer form before this test started, so here it is. You will be exchanged for one Hitoshi Shinso, a real hero like you jokingly called yourself an hour ago." Aizawa said with some sarcasm.

Not bothering to let the boy talk further, Aizawa shoved the letter into Izuku's hands and left without turning around. "Midoriya, you go to the teacher of the general study and give him this letter, and I will see the rest of you tomorrow," Aizawa said with his back to his new students.

Izuku still received some pitying looks from the other students before they left, not even bothering to say anything to him.

'At least Katsuki seems to be happy.' Izuku thought, watching the explosive boy walking away happily.

Not even Ochaco Uraraka, whom he had just talked to, bothered to speak with him further.

'I am sorry. I can't have the teacher hating me for talking with you. I still have to support my parents!' Ochaco thought to herself making herself feel a bit better for turning her head to her Hero.

Will she regret this decision in the future?

No one knows.

The only thing Izuku still received was a pat on his shoulders from a black-haired girl with jacks dangling from her ears.

"I am sure with a quirk like yours, there is no problem entering the Hero course again in the future, so don't worry," she said to him with a smile.

While she walked away, she still added. "It's funny how Aizawa talks with you since everyone knows 'It's a big mistake to think you can run from the light,'" she added with a small laugh.

"By the way, my name is Kyōka Jirō. I am sure I will see you in the future."

Looking at his would-be classmates' backs, Izuku couldn't help but wonder if being a Hero was really his dream in the first place.

'In the past, being a Hero was everything to me, but the more I see from this world, the more I don't want to do anything. It's not like the world has ever done anything for me.' Izuku thought sadly to himself.

'No, I can't think like that!! I must help the people who suffer like me!! This is just a small setback on my road to becoming the strongest!' Izuku said, hyping himself back up, not even noticing that he didn't even add the 'Hero' word behind the strongest.

Subconsciously he already wanted to be the strongest there is and not only the strongest Hero like he wanted to be in the past.


While this conversation took hold some distance away, a big blond man stopped the grumpy-looking Aizawa.

"What do you want, All Might?" Asked Aizawa in an irritated voice.

"You cheated on your own test, and it was so obvious nobody would believe it to be true," All Might said with some anger in his voice. The boy he had taken note of in the past was casually brushed aside by one of the teachers of his old school.

"And now?" Aizawa asked, bored.

"Every student of yours knows that you will just expel the people you don't like. This will develop into a trust problem, and even I, with my little knowledge of teaching, can see how this ends. I am pretty sure not one of your would-be Heroes even talked to the boy after your dislike for him was known," All Might said.

"What does that has to do with me? This kid had to leave my class. There is no other way. He would only hinder the real Heroes, and it's good that nobody will have contact with him in the future." Aizawa said still with his bored out tone.

 "Why did you really transfer him? Is it only because of that Shinso boy?" All Might asked, still mad at the Teacher in front of him.

"No. 45," Aizawa stated.


"Yes. 45 Lawsuits were created against one Katsuki Bakugo. Another student from my class. Funnily enough, from this, 45 Lawsuits that the Midoriya family has filed against Bakugo for violence and misuse of young Bakugo's Quirk all 45 were followed through. In every case, it was documented that Izuku himself beat the young boy only because Katsuki wanted to be a Hero and Izuku disliked Heroes. It was also noted that the Lawsuits were made only because Izuku Midoriya was lying to his mother, who, in her worry, reported it to the police only for it to backfire at the real culprit." Aizawa said slowly.

He already studied his students before he entered his classroom.

Even though he didn't like Izuku from the start it didn't mean he wanted to expel him but after reading his police record there is no way he would leave Izuku in his class.

He was a ticking bomb that would be a Villain in no time.

If you asked him, this young boy should be imprisoned from the start before he gets the chance to be a Villain since even Aizawa, with his narrow view of him, could see the potential of the boy's quirk.

Without bothering with the tall blond man anymore, Aizawa walked by him.

All Might let him through without saying anything, still shocked about this revelation.