My Hero Academia: World Fishing Quirk

Izuku Midoriya suddenly awakens a quirk, letting him fish items from other worlds. ------------------------------------------------------------- Warning: More Slice Of Life than Action. No Harem. Overpowered. Some character bashing. ------------------------------------------------------------- English isn't my first language, and I wouldn't even call my English any good, so don't expect anything grand. ------------------------------------------------------------- I don't own My Hero Academia. The only originals are the OCs and some elements included in the story.

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Chapter 11: Devil Fruit

It took some hours, but at 5 PM, Izuku's mother finally arrived home, only for her to stop at the living room door to look at a younger version of Nejire, her son's best friend, kissing said son really hard on the mouth. 

She was practically lying to him.

"Eh?! What is happening?! I am happy that you two are finally together, but why is Nejire looking the same age as Izuku, and could you please not give me a grandkid before you even finish school?" Inko said with an interested-sounding voice.

When the two of them heard the voice, Izuku suddenly flushed utterly red, and Nejire stopped her kissing before looking up at her boyfriend's mother, who stood at the door of the room.

It didn't bother Nejire that they were seen making out since she didn't care. 

The only thing on her mind was that now that Inko was finally back, Izuku could finally eat the devil fruit. 

Her curiosity almost killed her in the last few hours.

"Hello! You are finally here! Finally, he can eat it! Did you know that Izuku wanted to wait for you to come home before he eats the devil fruit he got? I know why he does that and can also understand why, but I still don't know what fruit he gets, which is troubling me. Random fruits are so weird in the first place! By the way, I took two Rejuvenate Medicines since I wanted to be the same age as Izuku when I confessed! After I took the medicine, I had to kiss him instantly! You know now that he took my first kiss, he has to take responsibility. He already said that he would rather have a girl than a boy but would be okay with both. But don't worry. We already decided only to get kids after he finishes school." Nejire said to Inko's immense surprise.

"You took his first kiss, and for that reason, he has to take responsibility? Are the teenagers this day so wild?" Inko muttered to herself with some doubt in her voice.

"What fruit are you talking about? Did you say devil fruit? Did Izuku get one? Which is it?" Inko asked after coming back out of her muttering, only to see Nejire once again kissing her boy in front of her. 

'That needs some getting used to, I guess.' Inko thought to herself, a bit troubled looking at her son and the girl who practically lived here.

"One of the advanced Baits gave him a Random Devil Fruit from the One Piece world, and combined with the lucky potion; we are sure he can get a nice one. By the way, he also got a Dream House prob that can instantly create a Villa for you and him. Of course, we still need to buy a plot of land to set it on."

"We?" Inko asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Of course, since I will also move into it! I will also invite my parents, but I am sure they won't come since they still have jobs at home." Nejire said.

"Okay," Inko said, dumbfounded, not bothering to correct her.

Nejire visited them every day anyway, and there wouldn't be much of a difference.

"Anyways, let's get to it, I guess. My little boy is finally getting an ability that resembles quirks!" Inko exclaimed happily, also interested in what fruit he could get. 

She also watched some episodes of One Piece secretly every time she found time.

Inko hopes that Izuku can get a good devil fruit since the U.A. entrance exam will start in ten months. 

U.A. is Izuku's favorite Hero school and the school Nejire currently visits.

Izuku, who still didn't say anything, slowly put Nejire down from him and walked himself in front of the television before taking out the random Devil fruit from his inventory.

"Wish me good luck," Izuku said before biting into the fruit in his hand only to gag.

'That fruit is so disgusting.' Izuku thought to himself.

At the same time Izuku took his first bite of the fruit, the fruit itself also suddenly changed its form into a weird yellow fruit with small spikes all over it.

Not wanting any adverse effects in the future and the fact that it is not confirmed in the anime that you only have to take one bite to get the entire power of the fruit or not, he forced himself to eat the whole fruit.

What if you cannot awaken the fruit if he didn't eat the whole thing? 

Izuku just learned about the awakening of fruits in the Dressrosa Arc, and nothing was mentioned on how to awaken it.

'What if the fruit can only be awakened by eating the whole fruit at the start?' Izuku thought to himself, thinking back at Doflamingo's awakened fruit.

The negative points outweighed the positive, so he rather suffers in the short term and instead won't be hindered in the future.

After some minutes and momentarily gagging at every bite, he finally wholly ate the fruit.

"I didn't recognize the fruit! So what did you get?! Was it something good?" Nejire asked with interest in her voice.

Izuku couldn't help but smile at her question before suddenly disappearing in a bright golden light, only for his body to appear in front of Nejire without warning.

Nejire and Inko couldn't stop their dumbfounded look before both exclaimed at the same time ""Pika Pika no Mi?!!!""

Nejire couldn't stop herself before taking out her phone only to search for more information about the fruit. 

She already knew how strong it was but still wanted to know everything about it.

"The Pika Pika no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user to create, control, and transform into light at will, turning the user into a Light Human. It enables the user to move at the speed of light and transport themself by means of reflection. It was eaten by Borsalino, also known as Admiral Kizaru." Nejire said to the two of them with some shock.

"That is so wonderful, Izuku! You can be a wonderful Hero in the future!" Inko exclaimed before suddenly seeing her son's situation, who was breathing really hard at the moment.

"Is anything wrong, Izuku?" Inko asked with some worry in her voice.

"This ability needs so much physical strength it's not even funny?! The transforming into light part didn't need anything, but moving at light speed is a monstrous tax. Even the one meter I had just moved had already emptied my whole body. Luckily, we still have the Sea King flesh I caught today to bring up my power. But I still have to up my training before the entrance exam." Izuku said before sitting back on the couch.

"I am sure training your fruit also helps reduce the cost of your physical strength. Don't worry, I will help you through it!" Nejire exclaimed with some giddiness in her voice.

"Now to the more fun and important question! Why does mother-in-law knows the Pika Pika no Mi?! Why didn't you tell us that you also watch One Piece?! We could have watched together!" Nejire poutingly said to a flustered Inko. 

And like that, the day slowly fades with the endless chatter of Nejire talking with Inko about One Piece.

Thanks for all the suggestions about Devil Fruits Izuku could have.

Sadly or not, I already wrote the chapter before even reading your comments, so he now has the fruit from Kizaru.

I really like that fruit's power and its potential.

Izuku will be OP like the description already said, but he will start with many drawbacks that go lower the further the story goes with the help of fishing.

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