52 Chapter : 49 Filler


It has been three days. The news about the attack spread like wildfire, it occupied the mainstream media and sit on top of it like a king for a while.

But I have to say, the UA handled the situation better than I could ever imagine. After only a day, the people did not even question about the breach in security or the dangers we faced.

Forget blaming the Academy, the media was busy praising the staffs and the students the whole time.

The story became one of triumph for the heroes. Where some stupid villains attack and we hold on bravely till All Might came for the rescue. They protray the story like something straight out of a hero comic. Its like we were never in danger.

All Might's presence made a huge impact on their reaction. Because according to them, we, the students were never really in danger with him.

The UA also downplayed the injuries the students and the staff received and continuously boast about the achievement.

Yes, class 1 A became a small time celebrity. We were praised and many wrote articles about our bravery and the bright future the society have with us as future heroes.

Espically I got a reputation as a student who fought alongside All Might to beat the villains. My previous history was also mentioned.

So thats basically the reaction of the media.

I wonder how they would react when they find out that it was not some pre-destined story where the villain was bound to lose. Maybe they would finally realise that after seeing Sato lose a chunk of his belly.



We did not go to school for three days and it was finally time to return again.

"What is the thing I told you to do when you encounter a villain?" My mother asked as I prepared myself to leave the house.

"Give them hell?"

"Katsuki.." Her voice took a dangerous tone.

"Do not engage and run-" I interrupted and continued the sentence for her.

"-run the other way as fast as I could.."

She was about to give me a satisfied smile but my next words froze it halfway.

"So I could charge at them and gain enough momentum to give a very heavy first hit." I walk out of the door.

"Don't worry I will remember it." I closed the door immediately to block the incoming frying pan.



Felling good, I went towards UA with a fluffy mood. But no one would be able to tell with my constant scary frown.


(3rd POV)

Bakugo reached the class and there was a small uproar in the whole class. The students could not leave their houses in these three days because of safety issues and reporters so this was their first time seeing each other again.

The students gave him their gratitude and talk about his amazing fight with Nomu. Many might not notice it but there was a small smile on Bakugo's face during the whole exchange.

Even the reserved Todoroki came to him, thanking him and spoke something about surpassing him to become number 1 hero.

Bakugo, naturally gently told him how hopeless that was but Todoroki seemed determined.

After the whole exchange, Sato came forward and gave him a cake.

"It is only because of you that I am standing right now!! Please accept my gift." He did a 90 degree bow.

"..." Getting no response, he tried to kneel down but was stopped by Bakugo.

"It was honestly amazing that I saved you but you don't need to do something like this." He took the cake from Sato.

He liked Spicy foods better than sweets but he was grateful for the gesture.

"No!!" He stood straight and said seriously, "You showed me what it meant to be a hero. I was in despair until you came and gave me hope. I wish to be someone like you one day!!"

And Bakugo got a new fanboy that day.



He sat on his seat and opened the transparent box of the cake. Even if he did not want to eat it right now, he couldn't resist the temptation to ddeform the beautiful and seemingly perfect cake.

Digging a finger in the perfect cake, it jiggled like a water balloon. He put the finger in his mouth and tasted it.

The flavour was sweet and a hint of cheese exploded in his mouth. It was the most delicious cake he had ever eaten.

The aroma of a perfect baked cake spread in his mouth, seducing his taste buds. He felt like swallowing his own tongue.

"I hate it..." he muttered in a small tone with a cringe expression.

Just then, a person came near him. Bakugo look up and his eyes met the black eyes of Momo.

Her body fidget in a somewhat charming way and she could not hide the small bush that stole her cheeks.

"I-I wanna thank you for what you dd-did back in the attack." She said shyly. The fact that he 'probably' saw her breast, especially when they were molested made her extremely ashamed.

She felt humiliated by the fact that he saw her in that state of helplessness.

But she was also very grateful, she was considering making a bomb and blowing up herself and the villain on the spot if not for Bakugo saving her.

"I have received your gratitude and you are welcome." Bakugo said it simply, like it was not a big deal.

She was stunned for a moment before she shook her head, "I am indebted in you so if you need anything, you can come to me."

"Noted." He nodded.

"EVERYONE!!!" Ida stood up and wave at the other students. "Homeroom is starting!! Get in your seats!!"

Momo and the other students returned to their respective seats. Not long after, Aizawa came in and took the class.

He was covered in bandages and he had a cast in his right arm as well but he looks mostly okay.

The homeroom started as usual and Aizawa announced "You all looked laxed but your fight is far from over."

The atmosphere got tense as Aizawa continued "The UA festival is coming up."

All the student could not help but sigh in relief.

______________________________________________ (MC POV)

School was normal, nothing out of the usual except all the teachers asking how we are before they started their class.

Then my favorite time of the day came, lunch break. We all headed to the cafeteria, all the other students followed my lead like little ducks.

They had some small talks and we all get to learn that Ochako became a hero because she wanted to earn enough money to retire her parents.

She was embarrassed about that but I personally think that it was sweet- I mean an okay reason to become a hero.

'At least she did not come here to get popular with girls or something'

An image of the dwarf with sticky balls appears in my mind. It was a noble goal as a man but it was disgusting as a human.

"You don't need to worry or anything." Deku gave her a pat on the shoulder

"Kacchan also became a hero so he could fight villains!!" His earnest face as he said that made it worse.

"No I do not!!" I rejected the statement. "It is to beat them up."

They gave me the 'are you kidding' eyes and I gave them the 'I am serious' eyes.

After that they just accepted it, "I guess there must be a motivation for such endeavor. Maybe a clash with villains in the past?" said Ida.

Deku perked up at that and told them about my fight with Gigantomachia. Saying it may be a reason for my desire to vanquish villains.

I was confused, 'You need a reason to beat up someone?'.

Then out of nowhere a wild All Might appeared. "Young Midoriya, would you mind if you have lunch with me?" he said,

Deku complied with the request without much of a fuss. The other students had a small discussion about the relationship between All Might and Deku.

Todoroki seemed oddly intrested at that.

Aside all that, we made it to the cafeteria. Buying our lunch, we sat down to eat.

I moved away from the group as they were noisy. They don't try to bother me further after I told them I wanted to eat alone.

I added an unhealthy amount of spice to my already spicy food. I wouldn't do this normally but today was special.

I needed to wash the disgusting sweet and smooth texture of the cake from my mouth.

I eat a spoonful and relish the pain it brought me.

The food fought back with all its might, bringing me pain. It burned my sensitive mouth in hopes of not being eaten but thats all it could do...

Struggle, as I slowly devour it. No matter how it fought back, it was meaningless.

This is one of the reason why I like spicy food. The food struggle to not be eaten by burning the inside of my mouth but I completely domitate it.

I always felt a weird accomplishment, like beating up someone strong.

Who likes the kind of food that went down easily?

A small voice sounded "Um...Bakugo." I look at the place where the sound came from. It was Hagakure.

"Hm?" I questioned with food still in my mouth.

"May I sit."

"Absolutely not." I said instantly.




There was a silence for a while but I could still feel her presence.

I summond my power in my eyes and look up at her again.

Her lips drop in a frown and her eyes were teary and glittering. She was ready to cry at any moment.

'Hah!!' The sight left me baffled and I can't help but feel lile I committed a crime. I did not even feel this guilty when I killed someone.

Her eyes caught mine and we lock eyes for a moment.

"Fine, you may park your ass where you want." I said and stuff my face with food to get over the uncomfortable feeling.

She sat across me and observed me.

"I-I was wondering if you could train me?" she said with a stutter.

Tilting my head, I asked "Why should I do that?"

I swallowed my food.

"And why are you asking me and not the teachers?"


(3rd POV)

Getting the question she expected, she replied in a very practiced manner, which she did. She even had a rehearsal in the girls toilet.

"I always had a problem with learing martial arts because my instructors cannot see me. And after hearing that you have been practicing martial arts since you were a child, I was hopeing you could teach me. Since unlile the others you can see me."

Her tone was so monotonous that even a deaf would realise that it was not natural.

Bakugo also had the same thought. "Well, why don't they just make you wear full body cloth or something." he said.


Tooru's mind was a chaotic mess. She panicked, 'That was not on the script!!"

She did not know why but she had a really hard time dealing with Bakugo. She could not act like how she did with others because he can actually see her true self unlike them.

She felt like a real person around him, which is why she was in this situation. She wanted to be around him and the training was just an excuse.

"We-well I-I am..Its no-t not wait." She was a stuttering mess. She felt her face heat up and her body spasm uncontrollably.

Her condition got worse when she heard him chuckle. She looked at him and realise that he could probably see her.

She felt naked and she covered her face and crouch down under the table.

'So embrassing!!'



"I have no problem with training you." said Bakugo with an amused smile.

Tooru felt a pat on her head. Her body shrink more when she felt his touch and she became a human ball on the floor.

"My training might be tough so no complaining okay?" he said and witdraw his hand.

Tooru shot up, nodded with a red face and quickly got away from him. She felt weird all over, especially from her head.

'He always made me feel strange and new things.' she thought to herself.

And she could not help but smile when she knew that she will have a chance to feel more.

It did not go as expected but she got what she wanted.


While Tooru left, Bakugo had an amused smile and he put a hand on his chest. Feeling his somewhat erratic heartbeat.


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