My Hero Academia : The Symbol of Power

Bakugo is a reincarnate? Not exactly..someone's soul and Bakugo's fused and give life to something new...someone new... His quirk got an upgrade? Because of his unusual soul..he gets some new powers.. Read to find out more and watch him try to become the no.1 hero and becoming the Symbol of Power... Will he be sucessful? Or will he fall short and die early.. ______________________________________________ +Image nor MHA is mine +It gets better as the chapters go and you can see my improvements.

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Chapter : 11 Current Power



Breathe in..Breath out...

Zoom in...Zoom out...

Oke wakage whage washirage auu..

I feel like a millions buck yeah..



Calm down..calm down

Now lets try this again..."focus.." I silently muttered as I focused on the power inside..

I slowly willed it move around my body..slowly, and gently...

I closed my eyes so that my brain do not need to work on processing information and focus only on controlling the power inside my body..

My power moved around my body, on my feet to my arms, my arms to head, my head to my pe-other parts..

"*Breath out*" Getting comfortable with moving around my power in my body, I summoned more of my power into my body..

I continued doing so until my power filled my whole body. And as my power filled my body, I felt myself getting harder..

That came out wrong...I felt myself become more durable.

I flexed my muscles and I could feel the power in my body, I was stronger.

I felt powerful..


But as I slowly moved/circulate my power inside my body, I felt more powerful..

Yeah I had no idea what power was before this..

I felt in control..like how you feel when you felt when your parents leave the house and you have the house all to yourself..

For a brief period, I was in control..

"A little more" I mumbled unintentionally..

I willed the energy in me to move faster and faster but it was still bretty slow..but as it got faster I felt stronger..

But such feat was mentaly straining..

Sweat trickled down my body and I continued circulating my power inside my body for about an hour..

"*exhale*..That was tiring.." My power stopped moving but I still did not dispers my power..

I could summon my power enough to thinly cover my whole body..Thats the amount My body could hold for now..

If I summoned more of my power the power covering my body would get thicker and heavier..and make me stronger and stronger..

Now it was only possible to thinly cover my whole body.

"Hmm?" I looked around and saw it was quite late..Was I not doing this for only an hour?

"Whatever" It doesn't really matter I guess...

I am currently in an old building owned by the dojo..The owner allowed me to train here after Shinkoku talked to him about it..

The building is an old one they used before moving out to the new one..They want to rebuild the place after some time but for now, its mostly empty..

But I also have to clean this place as a fee for using it..

That's annoying but acceptable..

Anyways, I don't have to train in the park or God forbid our house backyard..

It has some weights and and some stuff..Everthing one would need to train..

I did some light stretches and began exercising with my power thinly covering my body.

At first, I need to think about summoning my power continuously for this but now, I could do it without the need to constantly think about it...I could do it unconsciously now..

By covering my body with my power like this, it made my body almost 2 times stronger than normal..

I am physically as strong as a normal adult but by doing this my strength is about peak human without quirk..

Oh and did you know that someone who has a quirk no matter how useless it is have the ability to train and have supernatural physical strength?

It is because people with quirks are supposed to be the next evolution of humans or something..

But it depends on talent and determination like most things..

"Haa..that should be enough." I wiped out the sweat in my face and went towards the punching bag..

The punching bag was for someone with strengthening quirk..It was heavier and more shock resistant than normal..

I took a boxing stance a throw a strong punch."*pak*"

The bag moved a little after my full powerd punch..

"Ha..." I dispersed my power and summoned it again..But this time it did not spread throughout my whole body but it was focused on my legs and right arm..

I threw a punch again with full strength"*Pak*" and the bag shook and swing a little..

"Not bad.." I dispersed my power again and summoned all the power I could and focused solely on my hand..

I took a stance and I launched the third punch "*PAK*" The bag shook violently and and swung back and front..

My legs and my arms hurt a bit but it was barely noticeable..

"Good..lets try it again.." I continued punching the bag for a while..



I focused my power on my feet and pushed it out and flames ignited..

I flew around in the air as fast as I could..maneuvering and quickly changing direction mid flight..

I practiced that for a while before I finally landed again..

I was currently at the top of the old dojo building, practiceing my flight..

I rest for some time before summoning my power on my feet again but unlike before I do not push it out..

I took a stance like that of a runner..standing on my toes and the soles of my feet facing backwards..

Insted of pushing out I detonated it at the soles of my feet and my heels..causing an explosion

"*Boom*" the shockwave pushed me forward and I moved form one side of the roof the the end of the other...

It took about 1 second to complete it, and the distace is about 50-ish metre..

But the bad thing is that I could only move in a sgraight line..for now..

I practiced it for a while before resting and getting outside the building..

"Thanks for the idea Ida" I said as I got into a running stace...

Flames ignited at the back of my legs...my calves and I ran around the building as fast as I could...

_____________________________________________s(3rd POV)

Bakugo went home after running a few laps around the building..

He took a cold bath/shower, ate breakfast and left for school...

Of course he also got dressed and do other stuff..he doesn't walk around naked...

Midorya was waiting him outside of their house gate...

"Morning Kacchan." Midorya wished Bakugo brightly with a smile on his face..

"Morning Deku." Bakugo replied with his hard tone.

Bakugo had learned to control his temper and his quirk does not affect him anymore but he was still short tempered and very hard to approach..

It was just his personality and character..but it was not so bad anymore..

"I didn't see you at the dojo today..Practiced alone again with your quirk?" Midorya asked with a smile, trying to start a conversation.

" Yeah..I am improving my quirk but its rather slow...I think I need a good fight for me to develop faster" Bakugo replied..

"Why do you always say that? You always spar with the guys at the dojo no?" Midorya asked confused..

Bakugo had always talked about how a good fight always made him improve leaps and how his body yearned for a fight..

"Oh please, those extras are not worth shit." Bakugo grumbled..Fighting them might be a challenge for him when he was 8 but now, it was easy with his power.

"You should not always seek for a fight Kacchan.You are becoming a battle junkie."

"Huh!! Who are you calling a battle junkie?! I just have good intrest and a healthy need for a good fight." Bakugo replied sharply..

"Ah...thats the definition of a battle junkie" Midory retort..

"No its not..Battle junkies are addicted to the adrenaline and excitement of a fight and the glorious victory after the hard fight...But I simply have a HEALTHY need for a good fight to improve my skills and a tiny bit for my entertainment." Bakugo explained how he was not a total battle junkie as they went along and head for their school..



Urgh.. Why do I have to be in a different section? I want to be with Midorya at least..

The children here are all extras..not worth of my time..

They have very useless quirks if not at all..And unlike Midorya, they did not have the making of a main cahracter...

One even had a quirk that can elongate his neck...

What use would that be?

Hmm wait..

Midorya said it in the show that all quirk have some uses and it only depends on the user...

So maybe elongating a neck have some uses..

Maybe spying?

Or scouting?

Or he could use his head like a wrecking ball if he had a strong helmet??

Hmm...Eh?? Or maybe he could give himself a blowj-"No!!"

I stopped my thoughts immediately..



Hmm maybe all quirks really have useful uses..


I hate this..Now I'm stuck with the image of someone giving himself the head..

"Haa...The mind really is the worst enemy of man" I said out loud...

To clear my head of that cursed thing, I listened to the teacher infront..


"I will tell you what to do to someone who insults you.." The teacher said with a serious tone

"I am telling you..All you have to do is put out your hand and clench your fist and swing it.." the teacher clenched his fis and swing it around..

"This is good because you can hit them rightways, leftways, upways and downways" he swung his fist right, left, up and down to emphasis it..

What the hell is he teaching?? How to beat up those who insulted you?? Is hitting someone just because of an insult not a little too much?

I can't throw rocks with my glass house over here but isn't the teacher suppose to teach us to forgive or something?

"But don't hit them in the face.." Yeah at least thats better..no serious injuries..

"You should hit them in their THROAT!!" No its not better, this is worse..

"Make sure they don't survive.." Is he drunk but I'm pretty sure the other teachers won't allow a drunk to teach..

Maybe he's drunk on his saliva??

"This is all...self defense." I'm quite sure he is not sober..

Whatever, I like him..

Makes the class a bit intresting..


Author : Managed to cough out this chapter..

Its a little about Bakugo's current power..and stuff..