7 After the training

6 then sat down near 17 and took some deep breaths to regain her breath.

Once her breathing was stabilized she lowered her head and said in a low voice, "Don't tell me that you actually got knocked out, brat."

17 who was motionlessly lying down on the ground with facing it snorted a bit and said in a low voice, "Do you really think that you can make me unconcious that easily. That chop was damn weak you know."

6 clicked her tongue and said, "Shut it brat, or I will cut your throat."

17 rolled his eyes and without making any movement said in a low voice, "You have given that threat almost hundred times by now."

Unable to find a retort 6 gave an annoyed singh and stood up from the ground. She then lowered her body and carried 17 over her shoulder and said, "Whatever, thanks for this like always. And what the hell was that butt shocking, bastard."

17 who was lying over her shoulder snorted and said, "The reply for that revolution through those slashes. Don't get too full of yourself, or I won't be holding back this much from the next time."

Both of them then complained to each other for a while but suddenly 17 asked in a serious tone, "Anyway, did you and 50 found a way?"

6 became silent as well and once making sure that no one was near them she said, "We have, but to go through that we need to kill a lot, and by that I really mean A LOT."

Both of them then turned silent once again and 6 continued to walking towards the medical ward.

17 gave a sigh and said, "When have we ever hesitated from that? Nothing matters, if something comes in our way, then we just have to deal with it."

6 nodded her head and said, "Yes, and get off now, your time for being unconcious is almost up."

Both of them then came in front of a metal door and immediately 6 three 17 off her shoulder.

17 fell on the ground crashing his face with it and gave a groan.


He then slowly got up from the ground and dusted his whatever was left of his clothes and said, "Be a bit kinder to me. I am just a nine year old."

6 showed a smirk on her face and said, "What? Want me to treat you like a baby? Aww, do this baby want me to breastfeed him?"

17 looked at 6 with a deadpan look on his face and said, "Huh, do you even have breasts?" and stared at 6's chest which was almost flat and chuckled.


6 felt irritated hearing what 17 said and tried to punch him, but 17 just strengthened his body and grabbed her punch easily.

6 then tried to pull her hand back but 17 kept on holding it and then opened the room and went inside dragging her along with him.

Just as the two of them got in the room the faint blue aura around 17 disappeared and 6 was easily able to pull her fist back.

17 feeling that he was not able to use his quirk anymore used his appraisal on 6.





'Hmm looks like we are unable to use our quirks in this room, and even her status is showing the 'Locked' message...But it looks like I am still able to use my other abilities in here.' and then tried to use his customize create and just according to his expectations, a blue screen appeared in front of him.

He didn't do anything though, since using customize right now meant that gaining some unwanted attention.

Soon the other children started to enter the room as well and once 50 came in 6 immediately went by his side. 17 just gave a sigh and looked at the people who were covered in wounds and bruises with most of their clothes torn apart and sat down on a bench placed in the room.

Soon a person came near him and took a seat on the bench as well and said, "Yo 17, how was today's match?"

17 turned his head to look at the person who called him and saw the brown haired kid, named 21 looking at him with a small smile on his face.

17 gave a small smile as well and said, "You know, the same as usual. Not that many major changes. What about yours?"

21 sat back comfortably in the bench and said, "28 kicked my butt rather easily, today, though I was at a disadvantage since my training involved using a weapon."

17 sat back comfortably as well and said, "Heh, mine was a disadvantage for the both of us."

28 looked at 17 with widend eyes and said, "Unarmed combat, Huh. Too disadvantageous for you whose quirk gets more powerful with better equipment."

17 was about to reply to him but suddenly the door opened and a man wearing lab coat came inside, and on seeing him all the children stopped talking and looked at him with an emotionless look on their faces.

The man in the lab coat just ignored them and took his glove off and started walking towards the 35 who was the person nearest to the man.

The man then touched 35 and a black mass started to come out of his hand which soon surrounded 35. After a few minutes the black mass started to retreat back to the man's hand and 35's figure was revealed to the others.

But as soon as the black mass got off 35, he fell down on the floor and started taking deep breaths, though all the injuries that were on his body were healed.

The man then touched all the children once by one healing all of them in the process and making them extremely tired.

Once all of them were healed the man took out his walkie talkie and pressed a button, and soon after that Two came inside the room with a stern look on his face.

Reo looked at the person who healed the others and said, "Anyone with problems?" But the man just shook his head telling that there were no problems with them.

Reo nodded and escorted the man out of the room, after which he looked at the children and said, "Alright bastards, no problems with your training was seen earlier. So no punishment for you, but 6 and 28 both of you were very close to losing to shits who are much younger than you."

Reo then focused on 6 and 28 and with narrowed eyes said, "I don't care whether you win or lose to them, but just remember this, if you are unable to show satisfactory results, then we will make you achieve them even if we have to let you go through some 'special treatment.' Understood?"

All the children who felt a bit fear when they heard about the 'special treatment' just nodded their heads without saying anything.

Reo gave a nod and said, "Now then, no more physical training today. 'He' is calling you all right now."

All the children who were a bit happy for no more training immediately fell into despair once they heard what Two said.

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