My Hero Academia shall know pain

First time writing a story so don't expect much since it will be some generic op mc trash. Updates will be inconsistent. Isaac was a huge Naruto and MHA fan, he got killed in an 'accident', met a self proclaimed god, some wishes, anime world, you should know where this is going...

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No mercy

The sounds of several gunshots were heard throughout the neighborhood, which was followed by multiple explosions and a crumbling building. Other nearby heroes had heard this and made their way to the scene.

'What the fuck is that kid doing? I said make a distraction not nuke the damn place. He just loves giving me headaches doesn't he?' Aizawa thought to himself as he crawled through a vent.

He was sneaking his way through the building, high above the ground and hidden by the vents. He had already passed by the fighting ring and saw several people cheering on two fighters with mutant type quirks. He silently made his way to what he assumed to be a VIP room, where he saw a man wearing a yellow suit was sitting comfortably while watching the fights.

He was quite big physically but he was still smaller then All Might, he also had a single horn on the left side of his head. He had about five women surrounding him, two of them were sitting on each side of him while the remaining three got him whatever he wanted. All of them looked human so their quirks were unknown.

There were two guards by the door, one of them had a mutant type quirk. He wasn't wearing a shirt since he had a bunch of jagged lumps protruding from his back, each of them had a small hole at the tip. He looked like he had a mountain range on his back. The other guard wore a standard suit but his right sleeve was rolled up. His arm looked was covered in burn scars, many of them were still fresh.

'So the big one must be the one that runs this place, I should take out the guards first before anything else.'

Aizawa put himself into a crouching position before he grabbed the vent and forcefully ripped it off, it did take a bit of effort to do so though. He gracefully landed on the ground and quickly used his scarf to restrain the guard with the rolled up sleeve. The guard tried to activate his quirk but Aizawa stopped him by activating his own.

After he finally realized that he was under attack the man in the yellow suit yelled out to the other guard to do something. The other guard snapped out of it and charged towards Aizawa, only to receive a kick to the face. Aizawa flipped him onto his stomach and forcefully brought down the entangled guard as well while keeping his eyes on them. He kneeled on both of their backs to keep them subdued. He briefly looked away to see two of the women charging at him with their quirks activated.

One of them had elongated nails while the other yanked out a tooth which transformed into a stake. While Aizawa was looking away the guard with the mutant type quirk stared transform a little, the lumps on his back started to extend outwards until the small holes on the tips opened up. Propane started to flow into the air as Aizawa was forced to dodge the two girls that were slashing at him fiercely.

They quickly backed off as soon as they saw the protruding lumps on the guards back extend, they already knew what was going to happen next. They went back to their boss as one of the other women started to manipulate all of the nearby liquid and made it into a dome shape. Another woman touched the liquid that encased them and forced it to freeze rapidly, keeping the six of them safe from danger.

The mutant guard kept on making propane while the other guard freed himself. The mutant type guard went on to distract Aizawa to give his partner some time. His partner then looked at his arm before sighing to himself as his arm began to slightly glow. It started to produce heat while the guard was sweating profusely, but eventually a low sizzling could be heard throughout the room.

Then the sizzling turned into loud screams of pure agony. The guard's arm began to glow brighter and brighter as the smell of burning flesh filled the room. The other guard was finally knocked unconscious by Aizawa but he was too late, the guards arm had lit itself on fire and all of the propane in the air had ignited. The room was instantly covered in flames as Aizawa was launched through a wall and landed on his back in the middle of the fighting ring.

He quickly inspected himself and found a few first degree burns and a single second degree burn on his hand. He couldn't inspect himself for long since he had to close his dry eyes, the heat from the fire had made it incredibly difficult to keep his eyes open. He was able to force himself to open them again and looked around himself, he was being surrounded by the fighters in the makeshift ring. They looked as bad as he did but they weren't going to go down easily.

"Hahahaha! A single hero thinks that he can take down my fighting ring by himself? Whoever brings me his head will be handsomely rewarded, so tear him apart boys." The man in the yellow suit yelled out to the fighters in the ring and they happily complied. A few people from the crowd even jumped into the ring and pulled out some shivs.

'Fuck, this will be diffic-' Aizawa tried to think of something to get himself out of there but something yanked him backwards.

He kept on flying backwards until he land in somebody's pierced arms and was carried princess style.

"Took you long enough, I was wondering what was holding you back but guessing from the overbearing stench of blood that's covering you I'll take a wild guess and say that you didn't follow any of my advice. What's the point in teaching you how to subdue someone if you're not going to listen? How many people did you cripple this time?" Aizawa questioned his purple eyed savior.

"Too may to count." Yahiko replied coldly as he dropped him like how a ignorant parent would drop their baby.

"Another hero? Whatever, kill them both." The man yelled out once again as he turned around to walk away.

Yahiko didn't let that happen though, as soon as the man started walking Yahiko 'Universal Pulled' him down from the safety of the high ground. The man landed in the ring like just like Aizawa, except he had landed on his neck. Everyone had froze when they saw that while Aizawa just sighed to himself again, the man wasn't moving but he was still alive.

'What kind of hero does that to people?' The fighters thought to themselves as they slowly backed away.

"I won't let any of you escape." Yahiko said loud enough for everyone to hear. A few of them recognized Yahiko from the sports festival and took his words seriously while others thought that now would be the perfect time to escape.

The door behind Yahiko suddenly fell off it's hinges and revealed a horrific sight, dozens of bodies were hidden behind the door. Everyone in the fighting ring recognized them though, they were supposed to be the fighters that would appear later tonight. Many of them had weirdly bent limbs while some of them had missing limbs instead. All of these fearsome fighters were taken down by a single person though, and that person wasn't even All Might.

Yahiko ignored their shocked expressions and grabbed his right forearm, he took a quick look at his surroundings before looking back at the fighters. He pulled his right forearm and revealed a cluster of miniature missiles and aimed his 'arm' at the roof. The missiles flew freely through the air and caused chaos wherever they struck, the roof started to crumble as chunks of it fell down into the crowd of people that were desperately trying to escape.

"I definitely have to tell Nezu this, why would you do this anyway?" Aizawa asked.

"They are villains, they wouldn't even think twice before doing this to innocent people so I'm giving them a taste of their own medicine. And don't say things like it's wrong to do that to others, they deserved it. The boss of this place literally told people that he would pay them for decapitating you. You also owe me another favor since I saved you again, I want to use it now." Yahiko explained.

"What is it?"

"Don't tell Nezu that I crippled these guys, just tell him that the building was hit by an earthquake or something."

"You want me to lie to my superior?"

"Did I stutter?"


"What the hell happened here!?" Mt. Lady exclaimed as she peered inside the newly formed hole in the roof.

Yahiko just ignored her and grabbed Aizawa while mechanizing his feet so he could fly out of there. He flew out of the open roof with Aizawa in his arms and landed on the ground next to a bunch of police officers. They looked at him with surprise and were about to question him but the side of the already collapsing building started to crumble even more.

"I think that now would be a good time to leave, don't you agree?" Yahiko asked Aizawa as he watched Mt. Lady struggle to get all of the people out of the building.

"You're not going anywhere." A dog headed man said dramatically.

"I would appreciate it if you would let me go to the hospital first." Aizawa said as he pointed to his burnt arm and chest.

Aizawa didn't wait for a reply and walked over to a nearby ambulance with Yahiko by his side. They hurried inside but a news reporter was able to catch them on camera.


"Hey brat, you might want to take a look at this." Gran Torino called out to Izuku and pointed to the TV.

"Earlier today a massive illegal quirk fighting ring was busted by a who we assume to be the underground hero Eraserhead and the winner of the sports festival Yahiko Bubaigawara. They were last seen in a ambulance, but that isn't the issue right now. When the police investigated the building they found many villains that were crippled by unknown means. By some unknown miracle no one was killed but the owner of the fighting ring was paralyzed from the neck down." The reporter looked a little pale as she explained the situation.

The people in the news station were stunned when they heard her but continued on anyway.

"That's horrible, who would do that to another human being?" Gran Torino muttered to himself, but Izuku knew exactly who would do something like that. He's seen the aftermath of the USJ incident, he knows what Yahiko is capable of. Or at least he thinks he does.

My dumbass has been typing 'heros' instead of 'heroes.' I honestly have no idea how I've been typing this repeatedly without knowing how to spell it. How did I make it pass the first grade? I feel like a huge idiot. Enjoy your fresh chapter of cringe

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