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Title: U.A Entrance Exam


One year has passed since the conversation with Kirishima. In one week the U.A entrance exam will come. 

I look at Kirishima in front of me, he has hardened all his body. Ever since we decided to train together, we have been sparring in my backyard like this quite often.

"HHHAAAAAA." He yells out a war cry coming towards me. Well then time for some fun, I coat my right arm in a little electric current as he gets close I run towards him he punches towards me. I dodge under his punch, I hold his elbow with my left palm and I swipe with my right arm at his neck.

<Lighting Lariat>


And Kirishima is knocked down on the ground.

*cough* *cough*

"Why do you always *cough* hit the spots where it hurts."

I go towards him and touch his throat with my finger to suck out the electricity that is resident in his body and that it is shocking him. Then I just smile slightly and say.

"Well obviously if I was an enemy I would hit your weak points... but with your quirk, all of your weak points are getting harder to break because every time I find one the next time that points defense becomes harder..."

I offer my hand to him to get up. 

He takes it and gets up. Then with a little pride, he says.

"Yeah, I remember in the beginning you didn't even need your quirk to defeat me..."

I just smile at him. He doesn't know, but if I wanted I could still beat him without using my quirk. I mean I just hold him down in a wrestling move and use his quirk against him by breaking all of his joints against each other... but I won't tell him that because that would lower his self-esteem.'

"Well you have gotten better I can't deny that. Also has Mina told you anything if she wants to join us for training today?" I ask him.

He takes a towel. We start going inside my house now. We train here most of the time because of my spacious yard and we don't have any interruptions here.

"No she didn't... also I have been thinking about a special move for myself."

I look at him with a curious gaze.

Hmmm is it the same as canon or is it something new? I wonder... We sit on some chairs on the yard pavement. "Really now? If it's a special move you have to name it... plus it will have to be catchy with your hero name too." 

"Well I am thinking of calling it Red Riot Unbreakable, it will be my special hero move. It should harden my body to the max and be pretty strong. Well, not as strong as your super move but still it is at least something right." Explains Kirishima with a thoughtful look on his face.

So the same as canon but earlier well he probably has to learn this first before learning anything more advanced.

I then get up and go get some water from the fridge and tell him.

"Hmmmm that is quite cool sounding and catchy too."


One week passes and I smile as I see the U.A building in front of me. I, Mina, and Kirishima are walking towards U.A together...

"So you are thinking of dying your hair... 

that would look super weird and macho." As always Mina says stuff in a joking way that might be an insult… or not...

I smirk a little and say to her in a calm reassuring voice. "Well if he wants to he should. After all, it would be like him starting his journey towards becoming a hero."

They look at me surprised. I just shrug my shoulders and smile at them. "Or something like that I guess."



After finishing the written exam and physical check. I am now listening to the explanation by Present Mic Deku also does the murmuring the same as canon and then Iida reprimands him… again like in canon. It seems like nothing has changed from canon at least not yet.



Now we are on the test grounds, damn how does U.A even get the budget for robots plus the buildings? And the exam also seems to be the same as canon?

"BEGIN." Shouts President Mic. As soon as he says that I move electricity through my body.

<Speed of Lighting>

I can feel electricity run through my body and a slight tingling feeling pass through my spine. My hair stands up and I am surrounded by electricity.


I immediately started disabling the robots, and using my electricity I easily fry their circuits.


As I am counting I reach the 70 mark point I look at my electric resistant watch… damn these robots are hard to find...  

Hmm? 3 minutes and I still have most of my charge left. Damn, I am going to need to charge some electricity.

My body by just moving creates electricity or I can get it from an outside source. I can hold my Speed of Lighting transformation for up to around a dozen hours.

 Sure that seems a lot... but that isn't counting the times I might need to shoot off lightning as an attack or such other things. 

I hope U.A will be able to help me with that... even as I have developed ways to recharge, such as with my movements. Also, I hope they can help me find a way to help create a rail gun… I haven't been able to create one for myself.

Anyway, I go saving people all around the field this time I don't outright just short circuit the robots. I just press their off switch when someone is about to be hurt and that is that.

Well, I definitely passed the written exam. I am sure I did get more than 90% and the practical exam… is a given. I guess all that is lift is to just wait for the results.



The MC is strong... he did train relentlessly his whole life. But he is not that strong, especially when compared with Izuku's extra quirks and All For One Shigaraki... oh yeah, that's a spoiler by the way.

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