25 Chapter 25 Quirk Apprehension Test 3

Then sideways jumps which Rex also completed with high numbers. He felt a little hot. He walked to Momo and asked, "Hey Momo, can you make an ice bag?"

"Sure." Momo made him an ice bag instantly. He thanked her then walked to Todoroki.

"Can you make some ice please, Todoroki-kun?" Rex asked.

Todoroki nodded and made some ice for him in the ice bag.

"Thanks, pal." He said then placed the bag on his head.

"Is that side effect of your quirk?" Kaminari asked.

"Yeah kind of. I didn't eat for a day so I am kind of exhausted." Rex said feeling the sensation of cool ice.

"Are you real?! How are you alive?" Kirishima asked.

"Well, I forget to eat sometimes." Rex thought he has to something for his timing. Now that he was living alone, he really missed Sebas who always forced him to eat on time. Jarvis also tried to alarm him but he was so into the experiments that he didn't respond.

"I am telling this to mom," Kyoka said. She knew that he was a science nerd and also forgot to eat. He had eaten with her family many times whenever they invite.

"Please don't. Mika-san will never let me complete my ex- homework." Rex said with a helpless smile but Kyoka just smirked.

Then it was time for the softball pitch.

Rex was amazed by Uraraka's quirk. Her pitch was infinity. He thought it was related to gravity. He also uses an anti-gravitational machine but seeing the unreal power that defies gravity was something else. Rex didn't know when and how he will awaken the rest of the Meta-Nanite so that he could also gain the power of gravity.

"Rex Kinzoku." Aizawa called Rex then warned, "Make sure to come prepared next time. Can you continue?"

"Okay sensei and I can continue," Rex said and picked the ball.

"What type of machine he will make this time?" Kyoka asked Momo.

"I don't know since I will also be seeing it the first time," Momo said. She realized that Kyoka and Rex are very close.

Rex raised his hand holding the ball and blue circuits formed on his hand. A large blue projectile cannon was transformed on his right side.

[Slam Cannon B: The slam cannon is a large orange projectile cannon that Rex can transform either arm into. It has the following functions:

1 Similar to a rocket launcher, it is positioned to rest on his shoulder.

2 It does not produce its own ammo; instead, a maw on the back end of the slam cannon can extend into the ground and reload solid material for ammunition. It then proceeds to fire the balled material at its target with great force.

3 It could be used to jump high in the air by repelling air pressure on the ground.]


Ball dashed in the air and vanished for the moment before falling far away.

"1002 meters, good," Aizawa said.

Rex nodded and went towards those who completed the pitch ball test.

"Your gravity quirk is amazing," Rex said to Uraraka who stumbled a little.

"Ah ha… Yeah but it gives me severe nausea if the weight of the thing float exceeds a certain limit." Ochaco said with a wry smile.

"But overcoming that weakness is the real challenge," Rex said.

"Yeah!" Uraraka nodded.

Rex looked on the other side and saw Aoyama who was looking somewhere else. Rex turned around to see where Aoyama was looking but instantly looked away. Even if he has a powerful quirk, there are walls he should never break.

Then it was time for Midoriya who was coming dead last in every test. Rex thought that there is something seriously wrong with the schools' judges or he was the son of a famous man. He slowly turned around to see All Might looking at Midoriya who didn't notice Rex's gaze.

'Yup, they are related. He is here because of him.'

"If Midoriya doesn't shapeup soon, he is the one going home," Ida said.

"Huh? Of course, he is a quirkless loser!" Bakugo said.

"Huh? He has a quirk. Didn't you know what he did at the entrance exam?" Ida asked.

"Wait? What did he do exactly in the entrance exam?" Rex asked curiously.

"He blew a giant robot one hand and saved me." Uraraka excitedly answered.

"Huh!?" Bakugo was confused.

"Wait a giant robot?" Rex was confused then looked at Bakugo and asked, "Hey Bakugo, Midoriya is your childhood interest right? Tell me, is his mother living single?"

"Yeah… wait interest?… what did you say!!!?" Bakugo screamed.

"Shut up!" Aizawa said then glanced at Rex. 'He is thinking in the wrong way.'

Midoriya who heard this felt weird but decided to focus. Red markings on his right hand and he threw the ball but only landed 46 meters away. Midoriya was confused since he couldn't use his quirk.

"I erased your quirk." Midoriya heard Aizawa whose scarf was floating around him. "The judges for exams were not rational enough. Someone like you should never be allowed to enroll in this school."

"Wait you are eraser head!" Midoriya said Aizawa's hero name.

"Eraser head? Why didn't I hear that before…" Uraraka was confused.

"He is an underground hero who doesn't like to come in the spotlight," Rex said. He knew that Aizawa was Yato's acquaintance.

Aizawa scolded Izuku for not having enough control and breaking off his body.

'Fuck him, How the hell is he controlling that scarf?!' Rex was more focused on Aizawa's scarf. 'Maybe his secondary ability?' Quirk may seem one way of using it but the way you use it could change the game.

Aizawa then gave back Izuku his quirk who threw the ball with massive force.

705.3 meters.

Everyone was stunned when Midoriya used his quirk only on his finger. Aizawa smiled when he did this. Rex also can see All Might looking at Midoriya with proud eyes. But the one who was the most shocked was Bakugo.

"I am getting the bottom of this, Hey!" Saying this he rushed towards Midoriya but restrained by Aizawa who also erased Bakugo's quirk. Aizawa scolded and asked to continue with the test.

After all the trials, it was finally the time for results. Rex was first as expected followed by Momo Yaoyorozu and Shoto Todoroki. Izuku Midoriya came dead last.

"Oh yeah, the whole expulsion thing was a lie"


"It was a logical ruse to pull out your best performance," Aizawa said with an idiotic smile.


"Come on guys, use your brain. Of course, it was just a ruse." Momo said calmly.

"Actually it was not a lie." They heard Rex and felt confused.

"What do you mean?" Momo asked with rest following her question. Even Aizawa looked at Rex curiously.

"It could have been a lie but you should know that Class 2A doesn't exist. He expelled the whole class on the first day." Rex explained then looked at Aizawa with a smile. "I have done the digging."

All the students looked at Rex with mouths wide open. They then looked at Aizawa like he was some kind of demon.

Aizawa smiled and nodded. "It is true. I have kicked the previous batch without hesitation. As I said I can do whatever I want if I found you hopeless.

Midoriya, I didn't kick you out simply because you are above the 'zero' mark. That's all. Take this and see the recovery girl." Aizawa said giving Midoriya a chit then looked at rest and said, "With this, you are all dismissed. Curriculum sheets are in class. Give them a go through." He then walked out.

He walked away when he spotted All Might.

"Looks like you are busted, Aizawa." All Might said.

"I don't care. It's not like it will change anything." Aizawa said then felt his phone ringing.

[Yo Shota-chuan] It was Yato.


Aizawa ended the call it rang again. This time it was a video call.

[Gomen gomen. I was just happy to see you. Let's come down to the point. How did my boy do? I could tell that he came to first place and caught your expulsion lie, right?]

All Might and Aizawa twitched while Yato laughed.

[Haha, no need be so stiff boy. Remember I was your sensei. Anyway, I am leaving my boy to you but before I go, remember Rex's quirk is not an ordinary quirk. He is quite complicated. Your erase quirk won't work on him so All Might I am leaving him to you if something happens to him, bye.]

"I will protect all students even if you don't tell me Yato." All might said coming to his skinny form. "Till I am alive… cough*"

Aizawa thought there was more to this since Yato hardly becomes serious.


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