446 Speedster In a Fantasy World

"Well, that took longer than expected…

…considering you're supposed to be the fastest creature in this universe."

Inside a white space; vast, but at the same time, minuscule. It felt like it went on forever, but then if one were to stretch their hands, they would touch its walls that also seemed to stretch to eternity.

And in the very center of that white field, or perhaps at the very end, one can't really tell— two individuals stood. Identical, almost like a reflection.

"My height really did come from you."

"Seriously, that's the first thing you'll say to me?"

"It's been one of my biggest problems."

"...Pft, you should really get a haircut."

Sage— the god in the universe in which Van dwells. He had been trying to search for him for more than a thousand years; not even once stopping as he let himself get lost in the eternity that is called time.


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