437 Chapter 436: Sudden Arrival

"You don't have this thing in your universe? I thought…"

Maria, Bishop Bezios's wife had been explaining the intricacies of their technology to Van, showing the… screen that was embedded straight on– in her skin and flesh. She had probably been talking for 5 minutes straight; Van, however, was no longer listening.

Still, his eyes were focused at Maria's arm. It almost felt like the insides of her arm were hollow– containing a world of their own. If Van tried to stretch his hand towards it… will it actually go through?

"How… is this possible?" Van whispered. Of course, even if it was explained to him, he was sure he wouldn't be able to understand. Athena and the others that were watching through his eyes probably could– but he was sure their technology was quite different even compared to Vivati's world.


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