4 Chapter 3

Cooper's P.O.V.

"Sit down now, class." Says the teacher. Well, I think is the teacher.

Adrian sits right next to me while Kristine is on my left.

"My name is Elizabeth Hamilton. I prefer if you would call me Ms. Hamilton or Ms. H. I will be your homeroom teacher and your math teacher."

The people around me groan when they hear that their first subject will probably be math. I'm ok with that. Math isn't that bad, you just have to memorize some formulas, and you can answer the problems.

"Oh please, don't be so dramatic. You are lucky that I'm your math teacher and not Mrs. Goodman or else you are doom." Ms. H said, rolling her eyes.

"Okay, this is the first day of school and let's just introduce each other first so that you know who are the people you will share your school 'moments' this year, yeah?" She said, quoting the moments in the air.

"Anybody who wants to go first?"

I raise my hand. 

"I'll go first." Everyone stares at me, making me a little uncomfortable.

"Oh, okay the stage is yours."

I stand up, walking in front of the class. I see Kristine cheering me silently and Adrian nodding at me.

"Hi! I'm Cooper Myers, I'm 18 and... I hope that at the end of our school year, all of you are my friends!" My heart is beating faster. I've never been in front of a large group of people and to speak at that? I thought I would faint right now.

After introducing myself, other people introduce themselves too, albeit not as enthusiastic as mine.

It's Adrian's turn now.

"I'm Adrian Price, 19."


That's it?

I saw him making his way to his chair. I look at him, frowning.

"That's too short Ari."

He raises his brows; I don't know if it's because of my opinion or the suddenness of the nickname.

"That's all they have to know about me."

Well, it's his choice.

After Adrian is Kristine.


The door of the room opened with a bang. A man who's taller than me with dark hair goes inside our classroom.

"Sorry I'm late." He said.

"Well it's ok, but before you sit, introduce yourself first. After that your turn ok?" Ms. H said to the guy then turned to Kristine and said the latter part.

The boy sighs. Bowing his head down. Not making eye contact with us.

"I'm Calvin Richards."

After that, he went to sit at the back.

Wow... So he's not a talker too, huh, just like Adrian.

"Is it my turn now? 'Coz my legs are hurting standing, you know?" Kristine said.

Oops. I forgot about her, naughty Cooper.

"Uh yes, go ahead." Ms. H said.

"Finally." She whispers. Although I think the whisper is meant to be said in a low voice. Hers is not low though, and the fact that I heard it proves that it's loud.

"Hi! I'm Kristine Smith, 18. Single and ready to mingle~." She winks at no particular person. After saying her piece, she sat back on her chair.

Pffft. Why would she say that in front of our class? That is so embarrassing! Well, it's her introduction.

Some people smile and laugh while some people don't have a reaction to what she says.

After finishing her words, the bell rings. Signaling the end of our class.

"Wow, what a good timing. Okay class, don't be late tomorrow because that is the official start of our lecture ok?" She looks at Calvin when she says late.

Thus, the second class begins.

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