21 Chapter 20

We won... We. Won! Ahhh! I can't believe we won! Thank you God for making my wish come true!

"Congratulations to group three and group five for being exempted. To those who didn't, rest assured, your grade in this project will be high as you have work hard and all of your music videos are amazing." Ms. H said after seeing her students gloomy.

I feel like I'm in an another world or dimension because all i can feel is happiness. I don't feel the gloomy atmosphere surrounding the room.

The students' sad faces loosen a little and they are reassured that their hard work pays off.

The bell rings and we go to the next subject: History. It is still boring and made me wants to sleep but it didn't lessen my cheerful mood. Mr. Gibson starts the lesson and gave us some pointers to review for the exam after that.

My favorite subject is next: recess! Well, it's not a subject but it is still my favorite time of the day. We could have our break and eat anything... except the food that the doctor didn't allowed me to eat.

"I still can't believe we won, kyah! This needs a celebration, let's go party!~" Riri was so happy that she sung the last three words.

"No!" I reacted.

They looked at me, surprised at my sudden outburst. Even I'm surprised at how loud my voice is. I suddenly feel ashamed. My face is definitely red like a tomato.

"I-I mean, we can celebrate without partying..." I barely whispered.

They realized why I reacted that way and I saw their 'I understand' face, it's really visible on Riri's face because she exaggerated her expression. Ari patted my back and Cal just look at me. I know what that means, even though he's not saying anything. I became close, well, I think we became close, this past few days when we are still working and shooting the video.

"I'm sorry Cooper! I forgot what happened the first time you party... and maybe your last." Riri have an embarrassed smile in her face.

"It's okay Riri, we can still celebrate and maybe party but it'll be just the five us. It's like uhm, a private party, yeah!"

"Oooh! That's a good plan! When is it?" Riri asked.

Hmmm, I don't know. We have an exam next week.

"Maybe next week? After the exam? We will not enjoy our little party if we have a lot in mind and it can be a celebration for us if we get a good score in our test." I suggested.

"Okay! I'm sorry again Cooper for being insensitive." Riri apologized again.

"Don't worry, it's fine." I assured.

"If you say so... Guys, let's cheer for our winning." Riri proposed, she raised her apple juice.

I raised my strawberry milkshake and Ari did that too, his drink is just cold water. I looked at Cal who's on my left side, "Calvin." I called.

He stared at me then to the drinks that is raised. He sighed and took his bottle of water and raised it above his head.

I smiled brightly. "Cheers for being the winner in making a music video!"


After that, we drunk our drinks. I laughed at Ari who choked because of the water he's drinking. His face is so red, hahaha!

Maybe it's mean to laugh at it but they're suffering is my happiness. I'm not the one who suffer so it's okay. I still pat his back though.

Riri burst laughing too and almost choked.

Wow, doubled happiness, hahaha!

"Pft, are you two okay?" I asked.

Riri coughed then glared at me. "Of course I'm not okay! Who would be okay after drowning huh?!"

Ari got a handkerchief from his pocket and wipe his mouth and polo that is a bit wet dry. "I'm fine." he said, tugging and fixing his clothes.

"See? Riri, you're always overreacting. Ari said he's fine."

"I am not! He just want to save his face and we have a different personality that's why we have a different reaction, don't compare me with that Google man."

Okay... but you're still overreacting.

I ignored her and glanced at Cal... Is he smiling? Is it because we're silly? Or is it because of Riri?

He found me staring and his smile disappeared. Aww, he's handsome when he's smiling though.

Cal continues eating his food and I didn't bother teasing him because I'm really hungry and want eat Norvyn's homemade sandwich.

Norvyn always made us some food that's why we seldom buy in the cafeteria, we just hangout here.

I remember when I was a kid, Norvyn always made me foods after the tutor that my papa hired, left. His sandwiches is my favorite. The juicy meat, the crispy lettuce and the slightly toast bread... thinking about it makes me hungry. Good thing I am eating his sandwich because now I'm craving it. Norvyn is like my second papa. He's always there when papa was not home.

I remember Ari when he's a child. Back then, I was scared of him because he's always serious looking and seldom talk. It's this year that we can talk properly and he bacame my friend and not just a butler.

I feel someone poking my cheeks, waking me up from daze. It's Ari.

I look at him questioningly. "What?"

Riri answered my question, "You just stop chewing and then laughed at something. I told Adrian to wake you up from day dreaming. The table is obstructing me so it's inconvenient for me to do. Thank me for not letting you choke with your food."

"Thank you kind woman!" I exaggerated to tease Riri. She rolled her eyes at me and chuckled.

I'm glad that this year, I made new friends and new experiences that I can't do at home and alone. It's a great thing I made a deal with papa.

I wish and I pray, this happiness will last long. Please, don't take this away from me.

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