13 Chapter 12

So many people... and so loud.

What would I expect in a party? Of course it's loud. And oooh, so many foods but I can't even eat it... or can't I?

I have a plan. To eat all the things in there, I need Ari to stop following me. I know that I shouldn't eat a lot of that kind of food but it's just one bite! One bite each that is. Teehee!

I look at Ari, "Ari, you should enjoy the night! Go party and dance with somebody, I'll be just here sitting and enjoying my food."

"Cooper you know that—"

"I know I know, I'll eat moderately. I can't dance but you can. Can you enjoy yourself and dance for me?" Please go away, I want my food.

"Cooper, I can't. I'm supposed to always be by your side."

"Ari, I am not a child anymore. I can handle myself, I don't need you guarding me around. We're on Riri's house and it's her party, nothing will happen to me. Now go on, chat with some girls, It's a pity if you can't even show your good clothes. Oh, I forgot to tell you, you look handsome tonight. Want to impress someone huh? Some... girls? Eyyy."

"Cooper it's just an ordinary clothes. I always wear this."

"What? You can't look different even when you're clothes are the same? You look handsome in that polo."

"....Sigh. You're still my employee so okay. I will leave you for thirty minutes. After the time is up, I will go back to you. If you have any problems or you want to leave, just come and find me or just call my number, understand?"

Just thirty minutes? Fine.

"Okay daddy." I said jokingly. He always act like a father to me and it not fits his age.

"Sigh, call me if you need me." He said then walks away to I don't know where.

Now... where are we? Oh yeah! Eating time!

I go near the table, pick up a plate and put all the dishes in it. There are some fried chicken, meatballs and oooh, pizza! Put it all in! Of course, I need some drink. Alcohol is a no no because it taste blegh! I only need juice.

I get a cup and pour a juice on it. Now I just need to find a table...and to carry these two plates and my cup. You can't blame me! In order to taste all of the food, I need two plates for it.

What to do? Hmmm... maybe I can just leave the other plate behind and come back for it later....yeah! But... what if somebody takes it? It's possible, but they will not do it...

"Need a hand?" Huh?

I look at the one who talks to me, I didn't see him before. Yes him, he's a man.


"I said if you need a hand, I can help you carry those." he said pointing at the plates that is filled with food.

"Oh, yeah sure." I take the other plate and give it to him.

We found an available table and put it there.

"Thank for helping me....uhh, what is your name?"

"My name's Brian, you?"

"I'm Cooper, it's nice to meet you!"

He smiled. "Likewise."

"I never see you before, are you Riri's friend?"

"Riri?" Oh right, I'm the only one that calls her that.

"I mean, are you Kristine's friend?"

"Oh, we're just acquaintance. She invited all student in our school so here I am. What about you?"

"I'm her friend and we're classmates so I'm here."

"Oh... why do you pick so many foods? Can you even finish that?" he asked.

"Of course I can. I need to taste all of them before the timer runs out." I said then I bite into the pizza. Mmmm, yummy!

"Timer? Are you playing a game?"

"No, when the timer runs out, it means that Ari will be here. If Ari's here, that means he will take me away from my precious foods!"

"Hahaha! You're cute."

"Oh! thank you! Riri said that I'm cute too, good thing she's not saying it because we're friends, hahaha!"

He smiled... Then there's just silence...awkward silence. Well it's loud because it's a party but you know what I mean.

Just eat the chicken Cooper. Don't let the man stops you from eating.

And that's what I did...which in turn I regret. It's so spicy! Why would someone make spicy chicken?!

Water! Anything!

Maybe he notices that my face is turning red and I'm fanning my mouth, so he gives me my juice and I hurriedly take it.

?! Why does this juice taste funky? Ay! Gonna think later!

Whooh, in order to remove the spiciness in my mouth, I drank all of it.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ugh! Dizzy...

"You sure you okay? You shouldn't just drink a glass of alcohol if you have a low tolerance."

What?! Alcohol?!

"No! It's juice! See? Oh, I remember that I drank it all. Hahaha!"

"Sigh. Come on, let's find your friend."

"No! It's not time yet! I need to finish my food!" I take another pizza in my plate and stuff it in my mouth. I need to finish all of this!

"It's fine. You don't need to finish it. Come on, stand up now, umph!" He place my right arm to hook his nape and support me to stand.


We walk to... I don't know where. I can't figure out where we are going.

So hot... but it's still not summer yet.


"We're near now." Wha-? Near what?

He stop walking and sit me somewhere.

"...hot." So hot. I want to take my clothes off.

"Let's take your clothes off, yeah? You don't want to get hot, right?" Yeah...

He... what's his name again? He help me take off my clothes. Haaah, so cool, so comfortable.

"I didn't know that the effects show this fast." he chuckled. "Oh well, more convenient for me."

Convenient for what? Hmm, so cold now. I want my clothes back.


"It's okay, It'll get hot in a minute."

Where's my blanket? I need my blanket. So cold...

"Mmm, get...off... you're.... heavy."

"...Hahaha! You're really cute. Let's continue, shall—urgh!" Thanks for getting off me... because you're heavy... gravy. I'm funny.

"What the f*ck?! Why did you that?!"

"Obviously to stop you." Hmmm, I know this voice. Who is it again?

"You motherf*cker! I will punch you!"

"Try it if you can." Wow... sounds so cool.

Ughhh... dizzy.

"Sigh. This idiot, didn't know if a person is suspicious. If I didn't find you... Sigh." Oh, it's Calvin. He's the only one who's calling me an idiot.

"You're strroonngg."


"But not strong if there's three personnn...hik!Oh noooo! Hik! I can't stop it! I need, I need water. I don't want that ew juice, want wat—hik!"

"....Can you stand?"

"I don't knnoooww."

I feel someone's carrying me. Weeee!

"Piggy back! Hik! Letz gooo!"

"We need to find your friend."




"Cooper! Where are you! Tsk! Where did he go?" Adrian said, his face is frowning, evident that he's worried.

It's 8:45, ten minutes after Cooper and Adrian's agreed time.

"Kristine! Did you see Cooper?"

"Cooper? No. I thought he's with you?" asked Kristine.

"Where did he go?!" Adrian's voice get louder in the end, totally frustrated that he can't find his master.

"He's here." Kristine and Adrian both look towards the sound.

They saw a shirtless Cooper, piggybacking Calvin.

"What happened?" Adrian asked, taking Cooper from Calvin.

"Nooooo! My horse!" Cooper complained.

"Wait, is he drunk?" Kristine said, after seeing Cooper act like that and after smelling a hint of alcohol from him. "Oh shoot! Maybe he thought that the cocktail is a juice because of the fruit! I should have put a sign for Cooper."

Adrian glared at Kristine for a second then looked at Calvin, hinting him to explain.

"He's almost r*pe."



"WHO?!" Adrian roared.

"I don't know the name of that guy but he's knocked out. I think that he put something in that idiot's drink because he will not look like that if not."

"Kristine, if you can't make your guests safe, it's best that you don't host a party. Thanks Calvin. We're going home."

"Don't thank me. Just paying for what you two did back then... I'm off, thanks for inviting me to this.... wonderful party." Calvin said, he's voice monotone.

The two walks away while one is being carried, and only Kristine is left.

"Sigh. At least stay until the end..." Kristine mutteringly complained.

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