12 Chapter 11

After eating and getting my revenge to Riri, we went to another store where we could buy anything that we need for the party. Riri buy so many things! I'd try to stop her from just putting random things and just bought the things that we really need, but Riri being Riri, she didn't listen to me and reasoned that we have many guests and what she is doing is right, because she's the 'party expert'. Ari is outside the store, sitting with the bags.

Then after buying the things that we need, me and Ari went back home to get ourselves ready for Riri's party while Riri went to her house to prepare the food and stuffs.

When I look at the time, it's six p.m. now, two hours before the party....and I'm still here choosing what clothes to wear! Ugh! Why does Riri have to buy so many clothes? Now I have so many options to choose from... Should I wear the adult-size baby's clothes? What it is called again? Jumper? They said that I look cute in that... Yes! To look cute! I want to impress those two and to look good too. This is my first party and I don't want to mess up.

Should I go and wear a tuxedo? It's too formal... Ugh!

Now I'm just pacing back and forth in my room.

Someone knocks the door. "Young master?" It's Norvyn!

I hurriedly opened the door and let Norvyn in.

"Norvyn, good timing! I really need your help!"

"What can I do for you young master?"

"You know that I'll be going in a party, right? And Riri bought—well I payed for it, the clothes, and I don't know what to wear! Can you help me choose Norvyn? Please~?"

"Of course young master. Let me see what you bought."

Norvyn walks towards my bed where clothes are haphazardly scatter in bed... I'm panicking okay?! I don't have the time to organize stuff.

"Let's see... You can just be casual, young master. I remember that party in that kind of stuff doesn't need to wear anything fancy. Just be yourself." Norvyn said, taking a blue t-shirt with a print that says 'I'm cute' and a stretchy skinny jeans that have holes on it. When I first saw it, I'm like: a defect? But when I asked Riri about it, she said that it's the style.

"Why that clothes?" Maybe he's just teasing me. Everyone's teasing me...

"Even though it is simple, you look good on it. Everything that young master wear, looks good on him."

"But... isn't that a bit... direct? I mean, the print—"

"Young master, it's ok. No one will insult you, if that's what you're worrying. It's just a shirt, no one will care for that. Everyone's had been wear something like that."

"Even you?"



"Young master, that is not the point." ....so he did wear something like that. I can't imagine Norvyn wearing...cute stuffs.

Well, after Norvyn convinced me to wear what he picked, I went downstairs and wait for Ari.

It's 6:30 now.... it's still early. Should I play some games while waiting for Ari or I can call him right now and tell that—noooo. Sigh. Waiting is boooring!


"—oper. Cooper, wake up."

Hm? Haaaam. I didn't know that I fell asleep.

"Whaa—Ari?" I stretched my body. That's a good nap!

"What time is it now?" I asked.

"It's 7:45 p.m. now Cooper."

"Oh... Wait what?!" Oh no! We're gonna be late!

"Why didn't you wake me up?! Now we're going to be late, aish!"

"It's because you look peaceful and relax when you sleep. I don't want to disturb you."

"But now we're going to—"

"We're not. Kristine's house is near, we'll be there in ten minutes. Now, stop you're tantrums and then we're going after you fix yourself okay?"

I'm not throwing a tantrum! I'm just nervous and panicking!



"Woahhh." Riri's house is huge!

I can hear the loud music even though I'm outside. We walk towards the door...there's a doorbell.

"Should we ring the doorbell? It's rude not to." I said to Adrian.

"Go ahead, press it." annndd that's what I did. I love ringing the doorbells. I don't know why but I find it fun.

The door opens and we see Kristine with uhhh... good red dress though it's short.

"Oh Cooper! You're here! And Adrian. Come on, go in."

"Kristine, you shouldn't wear that. The thing that shouldn't been seen...is seen. Change your clothes." I advised.

"Cooper, it's fine. We're on a party, almost all the girls here wear vulgar dresses. My clothes are even better because I'm just showing my beautiful legs not like those girls." she said, pointing at those group of women wearing little to nothing. Cover your eyes Cooper! You shouldn't see those things!

"Aww Cooper can't take the stimulation and need to cover his virgin eyes, hahaha!"

"W-well we should! Only those who's married can see their partner's body."

"Cooper, in this era, almost no one cares about that. They even lose their v-card to someone they didn't know."


"Virginity." Ohhh.

"...Are you?"

"Are I what? Oh, lose my v-card? No! I am not that kind of girl. You hurting my feelings Cooper." she said, making a sad face.

Ayyy! Why did you ask that kind of question?! Ugh! Because of that, maybe I'll lose my first friend!

"Sorry Kristine! I didn't mean it, I swear! I-i just want to know—no I'm curious about—Ugh! Sorry Riri! I didn't—"

"Okay, stop the drama now. Don't be sorry... well a little bit is fine. I am little hurt that you think that I am that kind of girl. Is it because I wear this short dress? Cooper, I'm just confident with my body that's why I'm wearing it. Maybe you need to rein your curiosity because that's what killed the cat. Sigh, I'm gonna go and attend the other guests. Don't worry about that, okay? I want you to enjoy this night. Can you do that Cooper?"

"Okay. I'm sorry again Riri. I really didn't mean it that way."

"It's fiiiine. Now go and let yourself loose. Ba-bye!" she said, walking away.

Sigh. I look at Ari. "You're not saying anything."

"What am I supposed to say? I don't want to meddle to your argument. You need to learn your lesson. Did you learn it?" Even in the party, I need to learn something?! I'm tired of learning and studying!


"Anndd, what did you learn?"

"To not just say anything that my mind is thinking, don't ask questions that might offend someone and don't be always curious."

"Good boy." He said in a proud tone... Why do I feel like his praising a dog?

"Now, let's enjoy this party."


Sigh, might as well.

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