69 Help

Hello everyone, once again I come to ask for everyone's help, be more active in the comments, tell me your opinions, this story is being written together with you.

No one answers me when I ask questions, the views are always great, but a lot here, not even reviewers left on the profile of the work. I know that spelling mistakes drive many people away, but those who still make an effort to read, and who somehow like it, give me a go, be more active.

This work will follow 3 things in relation to the plot.

1. Harry will perform fetishes and impregnate his women.

2. We will have themed arcs from time to time, we had Naruto and Marvel's Black Superheroes and we will have the next one now.

3. Actress nominations, those who have already nominated I am very grateful, all will be taken care of, but Harry will be traveling to many countries and I will ask for help about local actresses, as well as I asked from Greece who referred me to Inna Innaki who I did not know , as from France that no one responded.

You have the power to help me guide this story and make it more personal for everyone.

I intend not to give up on the work, there are many things to explore, I have been trying one chapter a day, thank you for your support and ask that you continue to support me.

Have a nice day/night.

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