My Harem Is Not What I Expected!

MC Rune Argentus wants to leave his village for a more exciting life as an adventurer, only things turn out a lot different than he thought they would. A power he shouldn't have, a bloodline hidden from him by his parents, and various women vying for his affection. Rune learns that not everything is as it seems as he's slowly dragged into an ancient conflict. Sexual Content warning: this novel contains content of the R-18 nature and might not be for everyone. All characters appearing in this novel are 18 years and over, despite what the text may say. I do not own the cover image. If you are the original artist and are unhappy then let me know and I will change it.

Tasty_Dragon · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
300 Chs

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The response the guild receptionist had given was not the one he wanted to hear. Rune's expression fell, and he looked down slightly. He felt Luna and Raya grab his hands in an attempt to comfort him.

"Keep working hard. You have already achieved much more in a shorter amount of time than most others could hope to. I'm sure one or two more big achievements will be enough to prove to examiners that your party is worthy of advancing to A-rank."


"What a joke..." Rune muttered.

Off to the side, Luna sighed and reprimanded him. She didn't want him to get into his old habit of rushing ahead. It was understandable why he was anxious, but they were already doing everything they could. "Try not to let it get to you. I'm sure things will work out," She said.