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Right in front of the Mayor, Jem noticed a nameplate. The nameplate bears the words Mayor Kahn Bei Silva.

So it seems it was the mayor's name. 

Till this time, it was the first time he encountered a mayor. Surprisingly, it just didn't seem to matter to him. Maybe if it happened before, especially before the tragedy in the Desolate Region, he might be anxious in front of such a high-profile person. But this time, he didn't feel any anxiety. The only things in his mind at these times were the little details around him that could be a big factor later on.

It had become Jem's habit to pay attention to the details around him no matter how small or large it was.

As of now, as the mayor speaks, his attendant seems to be restless and sneaking glances at Jem. Perhaps trying to appraise him and his personality.


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