My Grandpa Hercules

Time changes everything, isn't it?! The true example, I ever deemed to see was him, my Hercules who had been a boy filled with adventure to be filled with shame, then becoming an ox who would later become an alcoholic also a wife beater but suddenly, he turn out to a man of a gentle heart... A story that show's the tides of reality hits the boat of life yet how could you face the tide with an iron heart like my Hercules!

Thedarkhattie · Realistic
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109 Chs

Unfinished line

Hey readers,

How r u all?


Honestly, I don't know!

It is like a disease that has caught me...

I don't want to pick up where I left and want to draw another line instead of my unfinished line.

This is the worst...I want to have my earphones plugged and songs listening like Talking to the moon and dancing with your ghost kind of things...

Well, I think I know what I am...I am depressed again

The same condition...No one to love and to speak her sorrow to-I have become an atom boom which will destroy everything!!!

Just I need is one shoulder to cry and hold one hand ' Dusk til'dawn ' to love and never lose again like I lost my one valentine-My grandpa...



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