My Grandpa Hercules

Time changes everything, isn't it?! The true example, I ever deemed to see was him, my Hercules who had been a boy filled with adventure to be filled with shame, then becoming an ox who would later become an alcoholic also a wife beater but suddenly, he turn out to a man of a gentle heart... A story that show's the tides of reality hits the boat of life yet how could you face the tide with an iron heart like my Hercules!

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My Hercule grandpa ( Chapter7th*Real treasure*)

(Hey readers,

Still feeling the sorrow in my guts yet as I promised so no backing off!!!

Well, The only thing I want to say is...

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"He would answer with his smile which would have been as wide and angelic as always ... 'Times makes unexpected changes!!!'

, and would add in those good old childhood days of his although to many (my little brothers) it was just some old boring stories however to grown it was a gold mine.

He's the true wealth, the treasure which is more than the treasure which is found buried under the soil cursed and covered with the blood of many dead.

And as the very well-known writers say

the rarest and purest of all is born in chaos...

In a deep shady village of the land of gods, he was born to a very well-known family of the brahmin from the village which was believed to be built either by the immigrants centuries ago or was once home to some local pastoral groups but then it was originally a village of the farmers, the true people of that unborn India. This village was neither at touches the open cold foggy sky and nor was so deep to touch the bottom of the high large dense hills which were common during that time. It was like a middle floor of a very tall building. His father, whose name has still stayed in a circle of many misspell at that time, Vashvanand was a very strong believer of Gandhian ideas and was a known figure of his society because of his ancestor's unwashed honor not only in his village but also in the surrounding village."