My Grandpa Hercules

Time changes everything, isn't it?! The true example, I ever deemed to see was him, my Hercules who had been a boy filled with adventure to be filled with shame, then becoming an ox who would later become an alcoholic also a wife beater but suddenly, he turn out to a man of a gentle heart... A story that show's the tides of reality hits the boat of life yet how could you face the tide with an iron heart like my Hercules!

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My grandpa Hercules (Chapter 83rd *The sin which was never committed*)

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Like a slow poison, the gloominess of days was creeping into the house of happiness, but it was not until when I was speaking the whole sentence and my younger brother by 2 months was still trying to figure out the basic words,

Although I know girls are mentally more active than boys of the same age.. .but this thing wasn't just holding up to this point because he seem a little too inactive, without any momentary motion for longer than predicted-

Not even grabbing properly,

That put doubt in some minds-

As they tried to ask- "What if-"

But, no one was ready to hear 'what if here' how could a mother ever accept this 'what if' which has happened to her child? the apple of her eye!

That can't be true, they are all just throwing pebbles blindfolded, until one time, when Meena knew that she was one who have blinded herself,


What happened?!" Neeraj, my bestie asked me arousing a doubt- everyone had that!

And I sighed,

"His brain wasn't developed due to lack of oxygen during the developing period in her uterus, this thing was confirmed by the doctor but Mamaji - the husband of meena bua was absolutely against that doctor's report!

And even said-" He is nothing but a fraud, he is just befooling us that's not even a doctor! " but he was befooling himself, cause the truth was the absolute truth...

That was the day, Every single one in the house was crying, banging their head!

"What sins have we done?! "

Even my grandma was very proud that it was a boy, was now cursing every single one she could remember- thinking that they put some dark spell or ominous glance on the family out of jealousy for the birth of a boy!

How stereotypical?!

Yet this mentality still sustained to live!

That this was the same statement my bua, who has been a science teacher seems to cry on!

However, whose sin was it?!

No one's! That's the ultimate truth!

What was he still blamed for?!

The sin he never committed, the" sin " happened as an accident, but still, he was yet blamed saying-

"Why was he ever born?!

He took away our bliss!"

And these comments even if he had a cc less than any average child of his age or even less than that, he too is human!

They seemingly ignored that fact but...one warm hand fell over the little infant's head, gently moving his fingers through them, and said in a hush-

"No matter who is there... I will not leave your side... "

It was Hercules's lines out of solidified sorrow yet with an immense angelicness!

That changed everything!