My Grandpa Hercules

Time changes everything, isn't it?! The true example, I ever deemed to see was him, my Hercules who had been a boy filled with adventure to be filled with shame, then becoming an ox who would later become an alcoholic also a wife beater but suddenly, he turn out to a man of a gentle heart... A story that show's the tides of reality hits the boat of life yet how could you face the tide with an iron heart like my Hercules!

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My grandpa Hercules (Chapter 34th *The castle of sand's devastated*)

(Hey readers,

back after a month or two...

and many of the things have changed for sure.

there was some realization that some part of story has got flaws

but now we are again back with daily-daily release and also I am going to release the book into it's flawless verse here only

so fingers crossed let's rewrite the legend but now in the righteous manner

however let's stay put to finish what we started



But now his father's head was all banged of shame.

his beloved sons were into alcohol...all drown...

he stood there in silence with his damp eyes .

he had words but his tongue won't allow him to speak.

What could he possibly say to them?!

With a quite haste he ran off from there in his crying condition and boarded the first bus which would go to the village back even if there was no bus available he boarded the first bus which left that city of shame.

Still trying to control his arising tears, he step into the village.

but nothing could be hidden for so long.

And this thing come too early this time when great grandfather trust fully shared his pain to some trustworthy people of family and society

but this news spread like wildfire through hay of dry forest line.

And another blaze of humiliation which seized the lineage although from the village they did belong it was common for people over there to drink and smoke for either entertainment or keeping themself warm at that high altitude, although his father being an exception in the flock never let them do either of this.

The villagers would call him mockingly as an over thinker.

but now,

the castle of sand was devastated