My Grandpa Hercules

Time changes everything, isn't it?! The true example, I ever deemed to see was him, my Hercules who had been a boy filled with adventure to be filled with shame, then becoming an ox who would later become an alcoholic also a wife beater but suddenly, he turn out to a man of a gentle heart... A story that show's the tides of reality hits the boat of life yet how could you face the tide with an iron heart like my Hercules!

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My grandpa hercules(Chapter30th *Driving crazy*)

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"Both knew that only this so-called painkiller was the reason behind this whole chaos and pledged whatever happens they will not ever touch any of the intoxicants again.

However, that profoundness of that taste of freedom that had made its way into their soul and spirit was unforgettable.

But still, they hold theirs craves every day, every hour, every minute, every second-every moment of their days driving them crazy.

Now, they can witness a change-a gigantic one.

More their attitude evolved wild and opposite, now they were fighting and blaming each other.

Like two dogs barking and bitting each other for nothing.

Or maybe this nothing was 'nothing' in itself-it was the anger that was holding inside them until one day it overflooded because of that one bad thing they did in secrecy, and now they want to do it again badly...

It wasn't good at all!!!

because one more time meant questioning their parent's parenting..."

"Did they do it?!"

Sagar Dimanh, a strange yet engaging boy of my class who shares a seat in the front column, asked with his twinkling eyes calling for an answer in his Kashmiri ascent.

"They did..." I replied, cooling his anxiousness in a sigh.

"However, it is awkward that I feel very relieved by this because if they didn't do that, again maybe they would have either killed each other or killed themself in frustration..."