13 Spells

A bright light flashed and the words from the spell book which was floating on its own travelled into Alan's head. It was a tingling feeling. It was not a painful feeling but an uncomfortable one indeed.

The book in front of Alan vanished, and Alan tried to recollect his thoughts.

"Woah!" Alan exclaimed in surprise.

Alan knew how to use the spell in an instant. It was like the process of using the spell has been transferred to his brain. just like transferring files from a USB.

"What happened Alan?" Catherine quickly held Alan's hand as she saw him standing there without any reaction.

Alan wasn't in pain. But he was definitely in shock. He had a lot of questions going on his mind but seeing this piqued his interest in magic.

He wanted to learn about magic so badly now. In his past life, he used computers, which was not a big deal since the technology just kept growing. Alan always wanted to create something new.

He wanted to learn a skill apart from management or how to run a business which he naturally inherited from his father.

He was a brilliant student in his school. He loved inventing something new. He did many projects when he was a teenager. There was a project he did which won first place in a science fair.

It was about how to use the signals going to your brain to control robots. He was always a genius student. 

[Alan was a genius in all fields I guess]

He always thought there was nothing better than science and technology so he immersed himself in learning multiple computer languages. He wanted to create something revolutionary but he never could… unfortunately.

But he never thought magic would be something this amazing. When he came to this world, he has seen his mother use healing magic. It was indeed amazing, but he didn't show much care since fighting with Adam was rather more interesting.

Now that he has experienced it firsthand, he wanted to know more.

His lips curled into a loving smile, and he turned to his mother with a surprised look on his face "Mom dad this is amazing. Magic is amazing"

He clenched his fists while A weird smile appeared on his face "I can't wait to try it... no no, I want to try it now"

He looked a William with that same crazy smile and said in excitement "Dad, I want to train now"

How could William stop Alan now, Alan had that same crazy smile he had when he first spared Adam.

William knew its impossible to stop him now.


"Ok son, follow me "William quickly turned back and walked.

He went into a room which had a very high ceiling. Alan slowly followed his dad while Catherine followed them holding Mia's hand.

Alan looked around; he was just amazed to see different types of weapons. Long Swords, great swords, rapier, claymore, a small sword etc.

To his surprise, there was no katana or a gun.

There were bows, spears and some round black balls which Catherine warned Alan not to touch as they were some types of bombs.

He wanted to try out everything in this room, or we could say he wanted to learn to use everything.

The room was filled with various training equipment and lots of dummies.

Some were wooden and come in different types of metals. It was clearly noticeable since the metals had different colours obviously…

"Alan, "William said as he pointed his finger towards a wooden dummy in front of him.

"Try your skill on it"

Alan stood in front of the dummy about ten meters from it.

He stood in an attacking position and gathered mana in his hand.


A gust of wind blew as a sudden white line appeared in midair moving towards the target at a very high speed.


The dummy was horizontally sliced in half and the upper half dramatically fell to the floor.

He turned back to see his parents' comments but to his surprise, both William and Catherine stood there with their mouths shocked open.

'Is this something they have never seen; they always stand shocked no matter what I do' Alan thought to himself.

Alan thought perhaps it was how his parents cheered him on.

Alan thought since he was only thirteen his parents still treated him as a child.

But no one knew he was mentally twenty-five, of course, he couldn't tell his parents his real identity and that he was reincarnated here.

It was a secret he decided to take to his grave.

But that wasn't the case here, his parents have no intention of pampering him when it comes to training and improving himself. It was something William and Catherine decided after Williams saw Alan fight against Adam.

They want to protect him, but they can't always be with him. they didn't want Alan to depend on them.

They were surprised since it took at least a week for someone to comprehend the way to use a spell even if they knew how. No one knew how to gather and condense mana as Alan did in a minute.

And the power of the spell. What? It just cut the dummy in half. A thirteen-year-old boy did that. They knew their son was a genius when he awakened his powers but who knew there really was a genius with brains? Not just awakened powers.

As they saw Alan glaring at them with a dry look on his face, they quickly reclaimed their composure.

"A- ah, son you did well" William continued "But I did better at your age"

A cold gaze fell on William he quickly looked at Catherine who stood beside him.

Every husband knew what their wife was trying to convey just by looking at their face.

Catherine's face just said 'How could you say that with a straight face'

William quickly turned his face away

"awwwww… Alan that was awesome "Catherine quickly hugged Alan "What was that spell it was really powerful"

Alan scratched his head trying to remember the spell name but never read the description in the book. He was so curious to know what was written inside the book that he never bothered to pay attention to the description.

"Ah Mom, I didn't read the description," Alan said with a weary smile on his face.

"it's ok you could just give it a name" Catherine suggested.

Alan rubbed his chin trying to think of a name, after pondering for a while Alan suggested "Ah what about 'wind slash'".

"That's a fancy name," Catherine said holding Alan's hand.

William nodded in agreement fearing Catherine's wrath.

"Ok you can train more if you want" William commented and continued "Remember to replenish your mana "

Mana has to be filled his heart to be able to use it for such attacks. Alan could feel that his mana has only gone down 1% after that attack. His mana was 20% before.

People would regularly refill their mana after they have trained and absorbed the elemental mana. It becomes full but they can't level up by drawing another mana circle.

Some nobles with money buy mana stones to level up faster but they become crippled in the process since their body won't be able to handle a large amount of mana.

So, no one just draws mana circles easily. Even if their mana becomes full, they need to train more to reach the bottleneck. They would get the feeling of their body getting ready for the next circle.

"Dad I will train my wind element later "Alan frowned and continued "So teach me a lightning spell"

'He is so serious' William thought as he walked towards Alan and stood about ten meters in front of him.

'So, he noticed huh!'

Allan was not simply running around in the library searching for the heavenly spell book, but he was also searching for a lightning spell book.

He never found them…

"Let me tell you we don't need spell books since we have the power of lightning in our blood" William continued "whereas for the other elements, we need to learn spells to use them"

Alan immediately questioned with curiosity "So will you teach me how to use my power"

William shook his head and spoke "No I won't, you have to learn how to use your own power"

"I will help you understand, close your eyes and feel the power of lightning as a part of your body," William said in a neutral tone.

Alan shut his eyes taking deep breaths he could feel the lightning particles around him. it was everywhere, it was running through his veins. After multiple tries…

Alan slowly opened his eyes,

His eyes which were crystal blue were now golden, and his hair was disobeying gravity, he opened his hand to find golden lights jumping between his fingers and sparks were flying out of his body as if they have been freed. They looked like dolphins breaching in the water.

He turned and aimed his finger at another dummy.

He thought of hitting the dummy in his mind as he concentrated his power on his finger…

A small marble-shaped ball of lightning gathered at his fingertip.


A small bolt left his finger at a speed faster than sound and hit the dummy.

Bang… bang!

A thunder-clapping sound echoed in the room.

It passed through the dummy and crashed on the wall behind it leaving a crack mark shaped like a spider's web.

'I am like Thor from that movie' Alan muttered to himself as he started listing out things he wanted to try with his new power.

"Hahaha I can't wait to try out new techniques" Alan whispered to himself.

Alan stopped laughing and spoke in an excited tone "Can I show my awakened powers to Victoria and… Ashley "and continued in the same tone "I haven't seen the for a long time"

Catherine rolled her eyes and said with an annoyed look "You can't meet them now, Victoria is awakening in three days so she needs to train" Catherine kept her fingers on her chin "Ashley will be awakening in two weeks, so they need to train"

Alan's excitement levels hit rock bottom after listening to his mother.

Catherine tried to motivate her son after seeing his sad face "Ahhh… come on I will send a letter to them to come to visit you once they have finished their training"

Catherine added " I am sure they wouldn't have any problems while awakening, they are pretty strong girls"

"Mom, how long would they have to train?" Alan questioned out of curiosity.

"At least for six months"


'sorry son' Catherine felt sorry for lying to Alan. It wasn't going to be six months...

Author's thoughts: Alan has finally learned a spell for his wind element.

For lightning I wanted him to use a variety of techniques. Let your imaginations run wild. I used 'Thor'

Since Thor was from Norse mythology.

As For hellfire, you will see it in the coming chapters.

Hope you like the story development so far. I know the plot is a bit slow but I wanted to have a proper foundation.

For the mana levels, I wanted readers to actually know the level of mana he has.

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