10 Awakening (1)

Six months passed in a blink of an eye:

"More…. Hit me more" Alan groaned as he got up from the ground.

Slash Slash

Alan and Adam's swords clashed against one another, as they stood in the middle of the arena.


The arena filled with crazy laughter. These two were fighting with smiles on their face.

Alan pulled away to create distance between Adam and himself.

He held the sword by the handle like a spear and threw it at Adam as he rushed toward him.

He blocked it, of course, he would, who do you think is Adam? The name 'CAPTAIN' wasn't for a show.

'It's this weird fighting style again' Adam thought to himself 'Where did he even learn this from…'


Alan never gave time to his opponent. He just kept throwing punches, it kept missing Adam's face by a hair's length.

Alan swung his left arm...

'After training with him for six months I can finally see his punches clearly' Adam praised himself silently.

Adam raised his hands for a block.


Alan shifted to his right as he bent his right knee a little.

He twisted his hips and using his abdomen he gave a powerful blow to Adam's chin.


A perfect uppercut!!!

Adam stumbled back out of balance. He felt dizzy, as he felt a shock in his brain.

He could see three Alans standing in front of him… 'What?'

Alan didn't want to miss this chance, as Adam let his guard down.

Alan went in for the Superman punch as a finisher.

He has been training for six months under Adam but couldn't even push Adam back. That's when he knew Adam was never using his full power, maybe it was just 5% of his power that he used against Alan on the first day.

Well in the first spar, Alan was lucky that he caught Adam off guard by his punch.

Almost everyone used weapons in this world, they use fists only to brawl.

It is weird since they didn't develop any fist technique.

'Yes, finally I pushed him back, now let's finish this with a Superman punch' Alan thought as he went for the final punch.

Just before Alan could touch Adam's chin.

Adam flashed a smile on his face…" did you think I will get hit by the same thing twice…" Adam said as he swung the sword at Alan's chest.


Just like that, a human rocket flew to the other end of the arena.

"Hahahha, u caught me there," Adam said rubbing his chin "What was that punch it did take me a sec to recover"

Alan who was laying on the floor sat up and checked his chest plate which had a deep cut.

'If I hadn't worn this chest plate, I might be dead today' Alan thought as he got up and stood there exhausted.

Adam stood with the sword on his shoulder with a curious face. Of course, he wanted answers.

"That was an uppercut "Alan answered with a smirk on his face. Alan tried all types of punches in the past six months of his training but not an uppercut. He was saving it as a trump card to surprise opponents but he used it today… That doesn't mean he does have any trump cards left. There is still more to come.

"I am defeated by just a swing, shit! He is really powerful" Alan spoke to himself while clenching his fists while staring at Adam who was walking towards him.

Alan loved fighting and never gave up until he fell unconscious. That was how he was training for the past six months with Adam.

He would pass out every day and Catherine would heal him after he woke up. To his surprise, Catherine never stopped him from training although she would scream at him for getting injured.

There wasn't a big mystery behind her attitude,

Catherine knew one can only get strong with experience. The deadlier the battle the more experience one would gain from the fight.


Alan was breathing heavily…

"Come on why did you stop… let's continue" Alan glared at Adam and continued "I am not done yet as you can see".

A smile appeared on Adam's face "Come on that's enough for today" Adam continued " There is a big event tonight right; I don't want you to be injured today"

Alan may talk as if he is not injured right now, but his body is covered with scratches and cuts and a pool of blood is formed on the ground where Alan is standing.

It was nothing rather they wouldn't even call this an injury, Alan's body has completely recovered and he is no longer weak.

It is only considered an injury if Alan was cut on any vital parts, had broken bones, or falls exhausted, unable to move.

A normal human would definitely run away from this hell of training but this was nothing for Alan. Whenever he felt like giving up his past memories flashed in his mind, this was nothing compared to it.

Alan stood up straight and he grew a crazy smile on his face "Yes, you are right "Alan walked to the exit with his path covered by blood.

"Huh? A monster is being awakened today" Adam spoke to himself.

Just before leaving the exit "I can't wait!" Alan and Adam muttered in harmony with a smirk on their faces.

In the hall of the mansion while Alan was training:

William and Catherine were having tea while they watched Mia play in the garden.

Catherine looked like a Withering flower, she was silent most of the time and only spoke when necessary. She put on a forced smile on her face when William glanced at her.


'Augh, she is a terrible actor' William thought as he looked at Catherine.

"Ahh honey, are you feeling all right?" William asked with a gentle smile.

"Ah... yes, I am fine" Catherine tried to justify herself.

William stared at her with a dry look on his face.

William locked fingers with Catherine and said "Don't worry he will be fine "and continued "He is our son after all"

William tried to comfort her.

A smile bloomed on her face when she heard William "Thank you" She gripped William's fingers tighter "Yes he will be fine".

Alan walked to the tea table in the garden after taking a bath and changing into casual attire.

His cuts and bruises were still visible but he doesn't mind since he was used to it. This is what happens if you train with your life on the line for six months. Of course, William wouldn't kill Alan but that doesn't mean he will be going easy. That too after what happened when they were spared.

"Hello, you guys seem to be having a good time" Alan spoke as he sat on the empty seat near Catherine.

Catherine poured in some tea and asked "Son, why don't you have som-"

She muttered in a broken tone "Won't you skip training at least for today" Tears started to drop from her eyes.

She grabbed Alan's hand "Let me heal you first, you idiot" and continued "You have to be in your best condition today for awakening but youuu..."

Catherine wanted to say something but she stopped as she felt it was useless. She quickly healed Alan.

Catherine was a healer with five mana circles, the healing attribute is very rare and she was one of the healers to reach five mana circles. Her healing speed was very fast. Alan's bruises healed in mere seconds.

Alan flashed a smile "Mom" he held Catherine's hand and asserted in a solemn voice staring at her crystal blue eyes "I will be fine; I am not weak anymore"

"You better be" Catherine muttered in a convinced tone as her whole body was visibly shaking.

It was Alan's time to awaken, he had no idea how it works but just had to follow the instructions given by his father. When one awakens their elemental attributes, they need to gather the mana from the air and draw their first circle in their heart. It was a very difficult process of awakening. They will feel as if the circle is drawn on their heart with a knife.

It would be best to draw their first mana circle alone without any disturbances. If one can't overcome the pain and loses concentration that will result in an injury. a very serious injury indeed, which doesn't allow them to form a mana circle for the rest of their lives.

There haven't been any serious physical injuries when some failed to awaken, there was a case when a boy coughed out blood. But the problem is their body becomes weak since their soul is injured in the process. It may take them months to heal. Everyone trains themselves for this occasion from birth.

To awaken without any problems, one should have a strong body and soul. And the most important thing is the 'will to succeed.

The people who fail will have a hard time surviving in this world when the strong rule the weak.

For example, if Michelle is to awaken. The water mana particles which are most compatible with his body will flow into his heart as he gathers mana normally. The attribute particles slowly form the first circle which will cause immense pain to the body and soul.

This was the reason Catherine was worried. Alan had a weak body since birth even though he is fully recovered now. How could a mother not worry about her son when he will be facing a life-and-death situation?

There are about 20 % of the population whose body isn't compatible with any attribute. Those people who will awaken absorb a large amount of mana from the aim. These are not elemental mana, just pure natural mana.

They draw a circle in their hearts. It doesn't mean they have failed to awaken; these people train with weapons. The mana circulates evenly throughout their body. This type of mana circulation enhances one physical ability greatly. It heightens your senses, intelligence and most importantly strength.

These people can train in various weapons and grow faster compared to mages.

Adam is a swordsman, that's the reason he was able to overpower Alan's punches and kicks. He had brute strength. Those who do not awaken as a mage attend the martial academy in the capital which teaches them to fight with weapons.

There is a third and very rare case when awakening. It's the magic swordsman. Only 5% of the population awaken as a magic swordsman. They absorb both the elemental mana and normal mana from the air.

It causes immense pain compared to the other two. Since both elemental mana and normal mana form one circle together in the heart. If it is failed it results in serious soul injuries. It takes years to recover from those injuries.

William is a magic swordsman. They are very powerful. They have enhanced physical abilities and elemental magic too. No one would dare to stand against them.

11:30 pm

In Alan's room:

Alan sat on the floor cross-legged while William and Catherine sat on the couch in Alan's room.

Everyone in the room kept silent as William and Catherine were staring at Alan with serious faces.

'Why are they staring at me like that, ugh, I feel anxious' Alan felt uncomfortable with his parents staring at him without blinking an eye.

Alan tried to break the pin-drop silence.


"When will Victoria be awakening?" Alan asked as he flashed a smile on his face.

But they didn't care to answer, they kept staring at Alan with a cold look on their faces.

'can't they hear me?' Alan thought to himself as he waved at his parents.

William shook his head a little "What Alan?" he asked.

"Augh, I asked you when will Victoria be awakening"

"Hmm" William pondered for a minute and answered "Maybe next week, she was born a week after you"

"Oh ok!"

Catherine confirmed William's answer "Yes she is just a week younger than you " and added as she rolled her eyes "She came to visit you today in the morning but… I sent her away since you were resting" Catherine confessed.

"Huh what, I wanted to meet her mom. You could have woken me up" Alan suggested

Catherine shook he head wildly hearing Alan's suggestion "No, I don't want her to cause a distraction "She paused for a sec and continued "Today"

Pheww ….

'I guess only for today' Alan sighed inwardly 'That gave me a shock'

Alan had thought his mother was not accepting their relationship as 'friends' or whatever they are.

William interrupted Alan's thoughts "Son open the box in front of you"

There was a medium-sized square-shaped box kept in front of Alan.

Alan moved forward and slowly opened the box in the front.

"Wow!" Alan yelled in a surprised tone.

The box was filled with small golden-coloured 'stones' no rather we can say 'diamonds'

There were golden rays when the light fell on them, they look like gold but not exactly gold.

They looked better than gold in every way.

"Dad, was it sent to us by Zeus "Alan asked with a curious face.

Both William and Catherine facepalmed at the same time.

'Why would Zeus send some azure crystals' William thought to himself.

"These are Azure crystals... "William took one from the box and held it in his as small sparks were coming out of it.

He continued "These crystals contain lightning mana particles; these are very rare to find"

"These crystals release lightning mana "William thew the stone he held at Alan and continued "These will help you in gathering lightning mana easily"


"Ok son we are leaving, take your time," William said as he held Catherine's hands and walked to the door.

"You can do it; I believe you my son" William immediately stopped at the door "if you can't withstand the pain think about your…mother…"

Catherine didn't say a single word the whole time, she just kept looking at Alan with a worried face.


The door was shut, and Alan kept staring at the clock.


Only the clock's ticking sound was heard….






"let's begin," Alan said with a smirk on his face.

Author's Thoughts: the coming chapters will be awesome since he will be awakening his power.

Spoiler: Lightning is not the only attribute he will awaken, try guessing the other attribute and comment your guess below.

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