My Goddess is Good at Pretending

Imagination was the eye of the soul, the beginning of creation. Despite her immense power, the Supreme Goddess of Mysterious Origin had to seal herself after saving the world from the threat of destruction. However, she was sent to another world by the universe's will. Ely was a girl suffering from partial memory loss. She was known as the shrine priestess of the Sacred Mountain. One day, she received the holy mission to unseal her Goddess Master. She got her priorities straight. However... The pets she adopted became the Demon Kings, capable of suppressing the world. The tree she planted became the World Tree, forming a bridge between heaven and earth. The passerby who received enlightenment from her became the Sage who led the entire generation. The disciples she nurtured became bigshots known across the three worlds. When she looked back... The street painter who pestered her for her handicrafts and paintings turned out to be a God. The young priestess she recruited was actually the number one saintess from the Divine World. She was known as the holy saintess. Yet, she still referred to herself as a mortal.

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Kidnapped and Sacrifice

Ely recalled the event about how she fell into this embarrassing situation. After she and Rafaela crossed the border, they encountered a group of the merchant-like entourage who happened to be heading southeast.

Those merchants greeted the lost beauties, and Ely returned the greeting out of courtesy. They then offered to go together until they were out of the forest.

Ely considered it. She had the intention to dig up some brief info from locals. Thus, she agreed with caution.

The merchants responded with a warm welcome. They guided her toward a particular big wagon, but the first thing Ely got was a silver rope that could move on its own like a living thing.

Ely and Rafaela were tied up like prisoners within one second and thrown into a horse-drawn carriage, which was a cage in disguise.

The victims were not only the two of them, actually. There were about ten young girls, and that wagon wasn't the only one transporting victims.

'This merchant isn't carrying goods, but they kidnap people to enslave them!? I was already wary because their intentions weren't good, but who would have thought they were worse than I thought. Don't they notice Raf-chan's aura?' Ely glanced at Rafaela's situation, but that silly girl was staring at her with sparkling eyes as if everything was still in their plan.

'Please beat me! She disguised her aura and power! She also plays along as if this is according to my plan. Oh no, calm down. I have to remain calm in this situation. We can easily extricate ourselves and escape from this situation, but I'm already involved. I can't close my eyes to ignore these scumbags.' Ely made up her mind. She decided to punish these slave merchants when she got the gist of the entire situation.

"Well, who would have thought we got two top-tier beauties on our way back so effortlessly. Their breasts are plump, but why they're dumb."

"Their skin is so well maintained, and their gorgeous faces... Uh, they also smell like delicious virgins. The rich ladies lost in the woods... I got a boner looking at their assets earlier."

"Heh, I would have almost done them on the spot without the boss blocking me."

"Shut up, fool. You will make the goodies' price drop. They can be sold for a very high price. Our customers will be very angry if they find their goods contaminated by your dirty lowly seeds."

"Wait, have these goods been purchased?"

"Only the down payment, but the more, the better, he said. Each goodie will be priced very high."

"Woohh, I've heard about it. That's why we're going with an expedition team with a few Elites. Who are our current customers, by the way?"

"Pssh, I didn't say it. I heard they were demons."


"Shhh, are you new recruits? We've been dealing with the demons since they pay us well."

"Holy shit, I thought humans and demons were always at odds, but there are some dogshit people like us. Well, I'm included. No money, nothing to eat. Whatever."

"Tch, you're a shithead. Just shut up and keep moving. We're close to the meeting place."

Some particular merchant-like guy, mercenary, adventurer, and Elite knight spoke in whispers up front.

'Demons?' Ely smirked behind the cloth covering her mouth. She was weak in the world's strength standard but could become unbeatable before any evil-related creatures. She was their natural nemesis.

The wagon suddenly stopped. Some people were discussing with another group some distance away. Ely could hear the so-called demon customers transacting with these human scumbags.

Ely took a knife from her hidden storage pouch and cut the rope bounding her hands and feet. The living rope died on the spot within that second.

She then took out a tracking talisman and slipped it somewhere hidden. She intended to punish those scumbags later.

"Hmmgh!" A particular victim made some noises when she noticed that one of them could break free.

"Sshh..." Ely pressed her finger to her lips, then took a rope from her storage pouch. She tied her hands and feet by herself with a simple yet pretty loose knot, causing everyone to fall silent in bewilderment.


When the wagon started moving again, Ely felt a bit dizzy for a second. It was like a slight shock from the dimensional upheaval during the teleportation.

It was late afternoon some time ago, and it suddenly became pretty dark.

Ely looked up at the ceiling. The cloth covering the wagon had a small hole, and what she saw there was the red sky. It was no longer the turquoise sky of the Human Realm nor the white sky of the Northern Realm. They had already arrived at the Demon Realm.

"Forty-nine goods and two top-tier ones in total. Send them near the altar. The twin moons shine bright. The offering ceremony will begin soon." A fancy-looking cloaked demon ordered his men to escort the goods.

'E-eh? This isn't slavery? Offering ceremony... but to whom? Sacrifices? It escalated so fast.' Ely was stunned for a moment. She immediately devised a plan to salvage her predicament and then made some eye contact with Rafaela.

About one hundred and twenty-one demons were visible within her sight, and an unknown number were hiding. This place was probably the secret headquarters of a demonic cult, where their heinous activities were carried out.

A few moments later, Ely and the other victims gathered in a small cage near a pyramid-like monument.

The demons looked at the sacrifices like objects rather than living beings. Unfortunately, a particular girl and her subordinate were prepared to exterminate these evil demons when the time was ripe.

"Heehee, we hit two jackpots. Top-tier virgin beauties among sacrifices. Our great lord will be pleased and probably awaken sooner than expected." The cloaked demon with goat horns observed the black-haired human in a unique white and red outfit more closely.

He thought this gorgeous human girl was a saintess from somewhere because of her beauty. Nevertheless, he threw that thought aside because this human girl had no cultivation base. She didn't even possess any aura. This girl was just an ordinary human with a good look.

"Our great lord fondly feasts upon the most delicious ones first. Throw these human girls into the awakening chamber." The cloaked demon with goat horns pointed to the two most beautiful girls among the sacrifices.

"Yes, sir!" The two bull-like cloaked demons carried the first batch of sacrifices like objects that should be handled with utmost care.

Ely found a rather deep hole in the middle of the square altar at the top of the pyramid.

"Hng!?" Ely was shocked when those demons threw her into the hole.

*Thud* *Thud*

She landed on something soft. The bottom of the pit was just like soft jelly, but her complexion turned pale instantly when she saw many bones and skeletons scattered around her.

At the same time, Rafaela widened her eyes to the ominous-looking large purple egg with hundreds of blood-red spiral-like runes.

What her master once said came to mind, something related to the Heavenly Demon revival plan. This ominous egg was something that her organization had to destroy. The things that inflicted the heavenly curses upon heroes of the past and made her life into a living hell for years just because of her bloodline.

Anger and killing intent surged. Rafaela severed the ropes with ease. She finally realized her master's real purpose of pretending to be kidnapped as a helpless victim. It was all to spot these evil demons' hideout and eliminate this egg!

She already sent a request for reinforcements to her current location. So, these demons would meet their demise today for sure.

'Everything is according to master's plan. We must destroy this ominous demonic egg at all costs!' Rafaela mustered up her 6th Rank power to launch a deadly strike.

Yet, before she unleashed her ultimate attack, her master was pulled to the ominous egg.

"Master!" Rafaela tried to catch her master, but she was a step too late. Her master was sucked into the ominous egg.

"Evil demon, an abomination." Ely spoke in a cold intonation. She was angry and already determined to kill.

The terrifying demonic embryo before her didn't even cause the slightest change in emotion on her face. She already considered this evil demon as good as dead.

"Flawless sacrifice. Be a good girl. I will show you a perfect paradise~!" The demonic embryo moved his hand as he tried to touch this top-tier human sacrifice. His indigo aura shone brightly because of his excitement.

Yet, he was astonished when he discovered he couldn't muster any strength. His qi was still there, but his power didn't work according to his wish.

Ely took out a bright red killing talisman and her reliable wooden wand. Yet, several sudden bright red warning screens popped up before her vision.

[SSS Rank mysterious sword Celestia is awakening]

[Celestia showing extreme hunger]

[Celestia salivating upon the dense demonic energy]

"What the-" Ely couldn't figure out what was going on.

A particular dark midnight scabbard suddenly stuck out from her cleavage. It stabbed the demonic embryo right into the chest.

"Ghak!? What is this? Who are you!?" The demonic embryo clutched the sheath and tried to pull it out from his chest, but that was futile.

*Plop* *Plop*

The demonic embryo was reduced to sticky black liquid within seconds. The remnant energy gathered into particles before being absorbed by Ely's body automatically.

Ely covered her mouth while staring at the dangerous sword from her cleavage. The sudden change in events shocked her so much.

This ultra-dangerous sword was dormant inside her inner space all these years, but why had it suddenly awakened?

The dark midnight sword returned to Ely's inner space.

[Celestia is singing]

[Celestia is sleepy]

[Celestia has fallen asleep]

"Are you perhaps protecting me?" Ely muttered softly as she touched her upper chest with a complicated feeling.

Whatever it was, she immediately came back to her senses. She then took out another artifact to help her break the eggshell.


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