My Goddess is Good at Pretending

Imagination was the eye of the soul, the beginning of creation. Despite her immense power, the Supreme Goddess of Mysterious Origin had to seal herself after saving the world from the threat of destruction. However, she was sent to another world by the universe's will. Ely was a girl suffering from partial memory loss. She was known as the shrine priestess of the Sacred Mountain. One day, she received the holy mission to unseal her Goddess Master. She got her priorities straight. However... The pets she adopted became the Demon Kings, capable of suppressing the world. The tree she planted became the World Tree, forming a bridge between heaven and earth. The passerby who received enlightenment from her became the Sage who led the entire generation. The disciples she nurtured became bigshots known across the three worlds. When she looked back... The street painter who pestered her for her handicrafts and paintings turned out to be a God. The young priestess she recruited was actually the number one saintess from the Divine World. She was known as the holy saintess. Yet, she still referred to herself as a mortal.

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First Major Operation

Ely looked at her disciples like they had spent a long time together. They were already grown into mature and strong warriors.

On second thought, her STR reaching the limit might not matter because she has many reliable disciples to clear the obstacles, not to mention the non-mentioned minions.

He-Dao once said she couldn't get stronger but could try to become more sturdy. The requirements for her to unseal her Goddess Master also didn't demand strength-related stats.

After all, her primary mission was to purify the mysterious heavy curse that sealed her Goddess Master within that kaleidoscope-colored white crystal. Therefore, she would also need a lot of magic power reserve.

And to achieve that, she was blessed with many blessings from heaven and the worlds. She was also provided with hundreds of valuable treasures and artifacts.

'Yes, I can do it easily because I'm not alone. I have many variables that can help me. After all, a successful boss is someone who can manage her resources well, and that includes human resources. My subordinates will do their job well for me. I need to remain a mighty boss and pillar of support, hehe...' Ely chuckled when she imagined herself becoming a prominent boss figure.

Even so, she still had to maintain her perfect image well because her disciples were stronger than her by a large margin. It would be her disadvantage if they discovered she was weak and chose to leave her.

"Master, where shall we start our first cleanup operation site? We have spotted several places that seem to be their headquarters." Rafaela spread out a map of Terra World on the table.

'Oh, that's it. Silly child, I overheard your conversation earlier. Didn't you say that the demonic cult's influence is spreading worldwide? It's the same with church, magic academy, or righteous sect. Any major city will actually do! There, surely we can find random evil fish in the murky water and beat them up to satisfy your desire~'

Ely then threw a table knife at a particular city marker on the map.

"Lumina City? The Holy Church's influence there is deep, not to mention it is one of the major cities in the Great Yan Empire. It's fairly close to the capital city and the Northern Realm's border. It also has great military power. Are those demonic cults possibly moving in the city's shadows?" Gabriella put her hand to her chin, deep in thought.

Among the information they have, Lumina City was still reasonably clean because they have yet to delve deep into the murky issues.

However, their master chose that city as their first place for their major operation. So, something big was clearly going to happen in that city.

"..." Rafaela's complexion turned pale, but she regained her composure immediately.

Yet, Ely noticed it. She didn't throw that knife at random. She aimed right at Lumina City, Rafaela's hometown. Something clearly happened there.

She discovered a secret by accident when she purified and saved her disciples with a more elegant method. Their brief past. Among her core disciples, only Gabriella's past story remained unknown to her.

'Everything is fine, my precious disciple, Rafaela. Even if you say, you have let go of your tragic past and started anew to punish the evil, something like regrets still exist. Your master will find the bottom of that incident. You don't have to tell me, but you will thank me later. I am truly a loving teacher.' Ely spoke in her mind with pride and care.

"You may have noticed it. Something has happened. Pack your things and be alert around that city. This will be a major test and operation for you." Ely faintly smiled as she made a steeple of her fingers.

"Affirmative!" The disciples saluted and rushed to carry out their masters' orders.

As their master said, this would probably be their first bloodbath.

"Raf-chan, you will move with me. Gab-chan will take the lead in this operation." Ely raised her palm before her disciples excused themselves.

"E-eh?" Rafaela was stunned for a few seconds. She didn't know whether to be happy or sad, but she knew her master must have known everything about her past. After all, her master was the omniscient Goddess despite loving to pretend as an ordinary mortal.

"Good for you, Rafaela." Gabriella tapped Rafaela on the shoulder. She then represented her juniors for excusing themselves. "Milady, we will await your orders in Lumina City."

Gabriella led her juniors to leave the humble abode after receiving a response from their master, leaving Rafaela behind.

"Uhm..." Rafaela felt a bit awkward. She did wish to be beside her master longer. She was also jealous of her senior sister's privileges but felt restless instead!

"Raf-chan, something will come to light in time. Everything that has happened was not your fault, and that is why we will uncover the hidden truth down to the bottom for you. Do you remember the oath you made before me?" Ely stood before Rafaela, put on a dignified posture, and stated her motivation with a tender smile.

At that very moment, Rafaela was enlightened. She felt uneasy for nothing. It didn't matter who it was. She would punish the evil with her own judgment.

Her past was dead on that bloody night. The current her was Rafaela, her master's second disciple. Lumina City was just another city, and she didn't need to avoid it. She had to face it and cleanse the plague nesting in that city.

"Disciple understand, master." Rafaela was touched as she felt her master did this for her.

"Help me get ready then. It's my first time going far from Sacred Mountain. I am actually feeling a bit nervous, hehe~" Ely had a gentle, relaxed expression to soften the atmosphere.

"Ah, let me help you, master!" Rafaela couldn't contain her happiness now. Her master's first experience of going out of seclusion was for her sake!

"I'll be gone for a few days. Please look after the garden and house for me, Sakura." Ely stroked the Sacred Sakura's trunk.

"Rua." A tiny human-like pink spirit popped out and waved her hand.

Ely raised her palm, then prayed to the Goddess statue for a while. After that, she went down the mountain with Rafaela beside her.

She expected something great, like another fortuitous encounter that would come naturally due to her insane luck stats.

The Northern Realm's white autumn sky was bright, and the gentle breeze was refreshing. The beasts and demons that inhabited the Sacred Mountain escorted the shrine priestess to the foot of the mountain.

Birds chirped melodiously, and nature spirits danced as they accompanied Ely's journey. Ely then asked them to return since letting those creatures follow her wasn't good.

Unfortunately, the pleasant mood didn't last long. As the day approached late afternoon, Ely was tricked, kidnapped, and transported to somewhere unknown. She had just crossed the Northern Realm's border for the first time...

'Why did it suddenly become like this? This is not the so-called fortuitous encounter that I wished for!' Ely groaned in her mind as she sat in the corner. She was tied up like a prisoner, just like Rafaela and others.


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