221 Leaning About The Former System Holder

Unlike the last two free days they had, Norman decided that they were going to have a morning training session today before they face off against Dynamo FC on Thursday.

The training was set to last for ninety minutes only and right now the players were having their forty-five minutes break.

Most of the players were sitting on the sidelines getting some rest but Dave had not exhausted enough energy and stamina to be resting yet, the goalkeeper was still on the pitch practicing his long-range shots.

"His stamina is quite abnormal for someone who just stays in between the sticks," Roland said before turning his gaze to Mateo who was sitting beside him. "He has what it takes to be a forward, don't you think?"

"Yeah, but his spot is in between the sticks, that's the position he has trained in his entire life, it's his favorite position and he's currently one of the best in that position." Mateo expressed.


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