218 +10 Boosts And Still Nothing

"Things aren't looking good for Unique FC here, they just got their equalizer and now the most crucial player in their team is being sent off," Jim said.

"No way! That ball didn't touch my hand!" Dave asserted before walking closer to the referee. "The VAR is there for a reason, right? Why don't you go get a clear look at the footage?"

"Yeah," Adolf said.

The referee was about to say something when he heard one of the video assistant referees say something through his earpiece.

"Looks like Dave Richards won't be going out just yet, the referee is heading to the VAR monitor now to confirm his decision," Dave said.

"It looked like he was telling the referee something about the ball not touching his hand there, maybe it didn't touch his hands, let's get a closer look," Steve said.

After rewatching the footage carefully on the VAR monitor, the referee quickly made his way back to the pitch and called off the red card.


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