My Glacier

Author: Kinoko
Fantasy Romance
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What is My Glacier

Read ‘My Glacier’ Online for Free, written by the author Kinoko, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Having been brought back to life thousands of years later by the magical snow-covered forest, Hyreona started her new jo...


Having been brought back to life thousands of years later by the magical snow-covered forest, Hyreona started her new journey in a new world. With no memories and just a forgotten language, she makes her way through life. Meeting new people, learning how to communicate with them, and falling in love. Not everything good lasts though. Forced to leave, and being chased down by a Prince, she escapes hoping that she would not be found. He relentlessly continues to chase after her in hopes that she will marry him. But what happens when she falls in love with someone else? Or will she eventually give in and love him? ———————— This is my first novel. Feel free to leave constructive comments and to point out any typos or grammar mistakes. COVER DOES NOT BELONG TO ME

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My name is sandeep arora I'm frome india determination, fear, resentment, independence and cruelty. Taken from his Selected Short Stories collection the story is narrated in the third person by an unnamed narrator and after reading the story the reader realises that Anand may be exploring the theme of determination. Dev is determined not to eat or to do as his parents ask him to do. He is being stubborn yet the reader doesn’t know exactly way. It is possible that his father has already hit Dev with his cane. This might help explain why Dev is so stubborn. There is nothing that will entice him to eat his dinner. Which may lead readers to suspect just how upset Dev is. There is also a sense that Dev wants revenge on his father and he exacts revenge when he goes to bite his father before being pulled away by some of the neighbours. Dev’s mother is also at a lost as to what has happened and she attempts to bribe Dev when it comes to eating but Dev is not having any of it. He is sticking to his principles and refusing to cooperate with his parents. If Dev has been hit by his father than it shows how cruel Dev’s father can be. He may be a school teacher but he does not have to hit the children. It is as though he might enjoy it rather than looking for a kinder solution. Dev’s father and his stick seem to rule the roast. Whether they deserve it or not. It is easier for a grown man, with a stick, to hit a child. There simply is no sense of fairness and it only ends up breeding resentment among the children. Though this is not necessarily something that Dev’s father would see. He believes in his own self-importance and as far as he is concerned he can do no wrong. He rules the classroom and every student is answerable to him. It is also interesting that Anand does not bring the reader into the classroom to see Dev’s father in action. In reality there is no need to when we see how he treats Dev. There may also be some symbolism in the story which might be important. The cane the father threatens to get from the school acts as a tool of discipline and frightens Dev. It is as though the father is unable to discipline Dev without the use of force. Which says a lot for his parental skills. The food that is being offered to Dev is plain (in Dev’s eyes) and he doesn’t want it. He wants something nicer if not unhealthier. As any young boy would want. The fact that there are no tears in Dev’s eyes when he is wrestling with his mother also shows just how determined Dev is. He is acting independently and does not want to mix with his mother or father. He is standing on his own two feet and is ready to attack his father who has threatened him. If anything Dev is not only being defiant but he is acting bravely. Though there is a price to be paid. The end of the story is also interesting as after Dev attacks his father he runs into his mother’s arms. This too could be significant as Dev knows that his father will retaliate if Dev does not run into his mother’s arms. He feels safe in his mother’s arms and that says a lot. Dev is not afraid of his mother and knows that she will love him and stop his father from hitting him. If anything Dev has found solace and peace in his mother‘s arms and one feels as though he is now prepared to eat his dinner after his tantrum and attacking his father. As for Dev’s father he is at a loss as to what to do. He knows he can’t hit Dev while he is in his mother’s arms and the moment will soon pass when he is able to hit Dev in retaliation for hitting him. In reality Dev’s father has handed the situation badly, threatening Dev with the cane. If he had been patient and talked to Dev things might have worked out better.

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1 Chs

Mystic Null

"In a world where magic and mystery are woven together, There exists the Trinity, The Ultimate Reality made out of nothingness, an empty existence that holds the Barrier Of Fiction. Everything was made out of it, behind a realm called False Reality. As the war progressed with humanity in the crossfire, legends appeared from across the world to defend humanity, they were known as the 12 Havens. They were the first ones to use the powers of divinity also known as Law and Authorities. Every story that had been created continued to become reality... ...Every human who is capable of wielding magic, no matter how weak it is, will become the center of attention. There is no end to their destiny and every human is a character to the eyes of the gods. A single life can change the whole history as they are the main actors of this world. Taiji Kameoka is one of the weak humans that was given a chance to become a legendary figure, but his fate was unexpected... The Barrier of Fiction that surrounds the reality of the world is the first and ultimate barrier created by the trinity to separate the ultimate reality from the false reality where all concepts came from. The Barrier Of Fiction contains all the fictional worlds that are created from stories and has no concept of time. Inside the Barrier of Fiction, there are beings who try to escape through stories to the Ultimate Reality and destroy it. And there are also beings who create stories to protect the Ultimate Reality... The Transcenders and Archives are lower than the Barrier of Fiction and are the final defense for the Ultimate Reality from the beings of False Reality. They are beings who control a certain aspect of the Barrier of Fiction and keep the stories within their domain safe. They are considered to be the last resort against invaders."

KoroXXToki · Fantasy
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the charaters are described pretty good. i like the concept of the yukionna type FL The world setting is unique and although there arent many chapters yet i am exicted to see how this story turns out


very nice story yeah very nice I like the white hair and the A/N and the big old wolf yeah the prince is cute and very caring for the white hair girl yeah


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